MilesWeb VPS Hosting Review: Professional Web Hosting with Loads of Extra Features

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Review Professional Web Hosting with Loads of Extra Features
In order to reduce the operations cost, most business websites plan to start off with web hosting which is affordable and that would be shared hosting. But shared hosting is also limited in several ways and a time might come when you need to think about an upgrade.

Sensibly, the next step would be to select a web host that offers additional benefits which can help websites with heavy traffic to manage their traffic or other requirements. VPS hosting is the popular option while comparing the features and prices.

Prior to diving into details about this and checking the benefits of VPS hosting, let’s check the limitations of shared hosting to get a clear idea about the key differences as compared to VPS hosting.

The Limitations of Shared Hosting

Basically, shared hosting is the first step when you are planning for your online business and it is found with every web hosting provider that exists. It is one of the simplest plans and includes a web server with several websites hosted on it.

All the websites have access to the same features and also share similar resources which include disk space to CPU power. You can consider shared hosting as a communal hall where all live in one huge room and share a common kitchen, washroom and other facilities.

Due to the limited features that come with shared hosting plans, websites that grow bigger might find it hard to adjust with these plans.

Here a question arises that how will you know when it the right time to upgrade?

When to Upgrade to VPS Hosting?

After reading the benefits of VPS hosting as compared to other options, below are usually the general indicators which help you to know that it is time to switch to VPS hosting.

Your Website Traffic is Increasing Significantly

If your site is newly launched, you are eagerly waiting for monitoring your hit rates to check if people are coming on it. But as time passes the website traffic increases and there are hundreds or thousands of visits per day. Each of the website visitors consume resources and in case your shared hosting account uses too much of those, it’s the time to move.

You Want Higher Security

You might want to increase the security of your website to keep your users’ data safe. In terms of an e-commerce site, this might be for various reasons such as processing or storing the personal or financial information of your customers. Since VPS hosting accounts are separate, the data is stored and processed much safer as compared to shared hosting. VPS hosting also enables you to install additional firewalls or lay down better security rules and restrictions.

Want to Seek Better Reliability

This is again similar to comparing shared hosting versus VPS hosting. If anything goes wrong on your shared hosting account, all sites that are hosted on that server, face downtime or crash. VPS hosting offers robust performance as its environments are configured in such a way that in case there is a fault in your VPS account, the management software will reassign your website to another instance and rebuilds it rapidly. You might experience a slight downtime but it is certainly not as bad as shared hosting.

Want More Control

You are restricted to make configuration changes to the servers. Though your web host allows the changes required, you will basically need to contact technical support and request to make the changes on your behalf. This can lead to frustration sometimes and you may feel overly restrictive. For example, if you want to install some extra tools for your website.

You will need to have administrative access to the server, if you are on a shared server. VPS hosting offers you full administrative access/root access without considering the OS your account is based on. Customized plans can also be requested such as specific amounts of resources which include processor cores or memory. Additionally, these plans are scalable and in some instances, these resources can even be adjusted at any time.

If You Run an eCommerce Site

In case you are running an online store or eCommerce site, you will need to face too many restrictions in Shared Hosting and won’t be able to meet your website needs. You get more options with VPS hosting that are better suited to hosting eCommerce sites just because these sites get high traffic and are very demanding. With VPS Hosting, you will also get enhanced security needs that come along with accepting online payments.

For an ecommerce website, you need to serve up pages with multiple products lists to meet the increased queries to your database.

Now let’s check what MilesWeb VPS hosting offers and whether you get enough features to cope up your website demands.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting

MilesWeb was founded in 2012 and offers all types of web hosting plans such as shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller, WordPress and cloud hosting.

Their VPS hosting plans are based on cloud infrastructure that offers great scalability and flexibility. Furthermore, they offer managed VPS hosting which means their team takes the complete responsibility of managing the servers without your involvement.

VPS Hosting Plans
vps hosting plan
vps hosting plan
• Cloud Infrastructure
• Solid-State Drives
• Free VPS Management
• SSH and Root Access
• Resource Monitoring Dashboard
• Global Datacenters
• Host Multiple Sites
• Instant Provisioning
• No Setup Fee
• Robust Infrastructure

Customer Support

MilesWeb customer support team is proactive and helps to resolve issues just within few minutes. You will find them available 24/7 via live chat and email.
Summing Up
You have now learnt about the right time to migrate from shared to VPS hosting. Also, you can see that MilesWeb vps hosting offers you all the essential features required to run your high traffic website. Just sign-up for their VPS hosting plans and manage your website traffic easily.

MilesWeb was founded in 2012 and offers all types of web hosting plans such as shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller hosting, WordPress and cloud hosting.

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