Free Theme Installation

Free Theme Installation

At SKT Themes India we handpick our templates so that you can buy WordPress themes for Indian market and client demands and current market trends. So responsive, fonts, and theme options make our themes easy to use with page builder.

Why Choose to buy our WordPress themes?

Represent all themes with an outstanding responsive design:

This is a digital era and mobile is dominating the whole online marketplace. Most of the people are making use of mobile phones for browsing the web. All our dynamic WordPress templates are pliable so that your visitors can have a terrific look at your websites on any device. It will augment user experience and thus inflate traffic rates to your website. All Our WordPress professional themes are 100% responsive. Hence, your website can be viewed with greater efficacy on mobile, laptop, desktop, or any other device.

Industry Leading option panel is used by all WP Themes:

You need not possess good technical knowledge to design elegant websites using our WordPress blank themes. With code changes for customization and mystifying configuration, other themes are just confounding. But, with our WP themes, this is not the scenario. With the use of our options panel which is persuasive yet simple, you can conveniently customize your website just the way you want. You can see your magnificent website just like a demo within a short period. We have also incorporated dummy data with our themes to make things easier for our customers.

Encompassing shortcodes with all WordPress Themes:

If you are muddled with enormous code and do not know how to design a call-to-action button on your website or any article. So, we are here with the inclusion of numerous shortcodes in our exquisite and most customizable WordPress themes. From designing a small call-to-action button to an amazing contact form our reinforced shortcodes will help in every chunk of designing your marvelous website. You can incorporate any ancillary functionality with the use of shortcodes.

Endless Background options are made available with all WordPress Templates:

Background color plays a vital role. Bright colors with gaudy images will be disappointing for your website visitors. So, you can select the background of your website as per your choice. We made you available with ample alternatives using which you can tweak the background image of your website. You can also change the background color with just a click of a button. You have to just select the color and then have to click on it. And, then you are done with your task. Can also add a customized image as per the type of your website.

Color option is provided to make a color selection:

Do You want to change your website color and give it an individual look? It is a much easier task with our themes. If you want to design your website with a similar color just like your brand color. Then, you can do it effectively with the use of our customizable WordPress templates. You can design your website impeccably with your logo or your brand color by making use of a color picker option. You can tweak the color with just a few clicks. Within no time you can view your WordPress website with a contrasting color combination.

Selection can be done from 600+ Google fonts:

To design the best-looking WordPress sites you have to incorporate eye-catching content. When you are writing content fonts play a vital role. So, to make your content readable by your visitors we have incorporated 600+ Google fonts. You can select fonts as per the type of your website. You can select serif fonts for simple websites while for some other like photography websites, you can use some decorative fonts. We assure you that the availability of numerous fonts does not thwart you from giving your website a personalized look and feel. You can represent your website with a unique look.

Various Inbuilt social sharing buttons:

Are you tired of using slow, feature-heavy, and old social media plugins that make your website load slower? If this is the scenario then you need not worry we are here with lightweight WordPress themes. All our flexible WordPress themes are incarnated with various social sharing buttons which are lightweight. Hence, you can use social media widgets or icons in any section while designing your ravishing website. You can also share your content on various social media platforms. With this, you can ensure that your posts or articles will get social popularity.

Our elegant themes are affable with all major browsers:

We have designed all our themes to be compatible with all major browsers. Instead of incorporating contemporary, sumptuous web tricks in our themes for various browsers. We have made our WP templates congenial with all popular browsers. If you select a theme that is browser-specific then, your website can be viewed only in that specific browser. No matter how elegant the design your website will have, with numerous animated effects and hover effects. If people view your website on other browsers it will look ugly. So, we are making sure that with our themes this will never be the situation.

Designed to fit well with mobile:

According to a survey, it is proved that the ratio of people who are using mobile for browsing the web is inflating to a great extent. Over time, it keeps on increasing. So, our user-friendly WordPress templates are designed to be mobile-friendly. Hence, if you design your website using our WordPress templates then your website can be viewed on mobile and tablet with ease. With this, we assure you that the user-friendliness of the website will not be compromised at any cost.

Developed with HTML5 and CSS3:

You need not worry about the Standard and professional look of your websites. We have coded all our WordPress templates professionally as per HTML5 and CSS3 markup standards. Both are the latest programming languages. It ensures that your website will make you stand out from the crowd in the marketplace. Your website can be used well for the long run, it will not be outmoded soon. As it is designed with the latest technicalities it is propitious for you as you can make use of the latest plugins and technologies to make your website more functional.

All our themes for WordPress are incarnated with a Contact form:

It is better to make your website secure from all malicious aspects. It is not favorable to use a contact form plugin as it will not be good from a security perspective. We have incarnated a contact form that too is lightweight so that it will not abate the loading speed of your website. We try to provide you with full security with our themes. You can use the contact form which is incorporated to amass leads on your blogs. It safeguards your website from hackers as well which is not provided by other contact form plugins.

Make your website’s appearance more Professional and captivating:

If you feel that your website is obsoleted and you are thinking of redesigning your website. Then, besides updating some features on your website it is better to redesign your website from scratch using blank WordPress themes. It is advisable not to hinge upon expensive design companies to make your website appear more aesthetic and professional. Our themes are made available to you at a low cost and also bundled up with various latest features. All the themes are immaculate and elegant – not only this you can get much more with our magnificent themes.

Light-weight theme design to enhance loading speed:

It is a known fact that customers do not like to wait long for a website to load. It is recommended to keep an eye on the loading speed of your website. If your website loads slower you will lose your potential customers. For example, Mozilla found that by reducing their loading time by 2.2 seconds they could Increase conversions by over 15%, leading to an additional 10 million downloads over one year. Have you ever checked if you are losing customers with your website’s slow speed? We have designed all our WordPress fantasy themes to be lightweight, so websites designed with this theme will load faster.

We provide you with 24×7 support:

If you are designing your website with our Fabulous WordPress templates and in between, you get perplexed regarding any function or anything else. Our 24×7 support team is here to make you available with 100% satisfaction. We are here happy to help you. You can contact us and we will provide you with support via chat or call. Our expert designers will solve your skepticism in anon. We never disappoint our customers, we have a notion to keep our promise.

Augment Google ranking by inflating the number of pertinent internal links:

You should neglect some of the things which are not true. Specifically, indoctrination. They only mislead you. Content is the main part of any website. So, internal and external links play a major role in your website search rankings. The opulent brew of internal linking and readability assures you that your website will not be lost among millions of websites in the same domain. Design your website with our WordPress media themes and take control of your website ranking.

Our themes are designed with neat code and comments:

Have you seen that or not that most of the themes on the internet are shoddy or convoluted? It is much more complicated even for web proficients or search engines. Hence, we have designed all our Web themes with neat and well-commented code. Therefore, you can do editing conveniently.

Why Should You Choose Our WordPress Themes?

WordPress Themes are frameworks that can be used as a guiding platform to build great websites. There can be many child themes that can be added to this one but the actual functionality for the same should be left on the WordPress. What makes WordPress themes so popular above others is that they are made by professionals who have studied the market and made efforts to create something for it. They are an easy platform that allows an easy development of the website without any burden on the website owners. The plethora of opportunities is what attracts more users to these WordPress themes

  • Indian gateway

    Most of the WordPress themes are compatible with Woo-commerce and this is most important to websites that are planning to sell products or services using the platform. The WordPress platform has made all efforts to ensure that it includes great Indian payment gateways that can make transitions easy in Indian currency. The users can buy themes that are compatible with the gateway in the same currency and can manage all kinds of transactions. The number of options for this plug-in compatible with the website is not limited and thus the users are relaxed as they are bound to find something compatible.

  • Multipurpose Responsive – Buy WordPress Themes India

    What multipurpose WordPress themes do is create a fast and modern website which is created at the lowest cost possible. Using the feature many websites for different needs and purposes can be created. The importance of responsiveness in today’s world cannot be overstated. The number of users has increased and the number of different devices that they use has increased manifold. This requires the website owners to create a website that works fine on all these devices and does not waste time while loading. It is a known fact that the websites that do not respond well in time are the ones that lose customers just like that.

  • Browser Compatibility

    Browsers are the windows of the web and every website that is well designed should be compatible with them. Any WordPress themes that are not able to cater to these browsers are known to be incomplete. Cross-browser compatibility is not a luxury but a necessity. The website owners should use or choose the themes which have these features. The latest WordPress themes that are latest come with tested browser compatibility. All the old themes are making efforts to add functionality to the importance of the same realized by the market.

  • Supported Plugins

    Websites that are designed with simple WordPress themes sometimes ask for added functionalities at a later stage. The website owners cannot change the whole website and thus the role of plug-in becomes important. The platform has its plug-ins which are highly functional and add to the functionality of the website. Along with that, the WordPress themes are compatible with third-party plug-ins as well. The addition of –WooCommerce, Widgets, and social icons can all be done with the simple use of the plug-in. The website cannot function without plug-ins as the world is changing at a fast pace and new things come up now and then.

  • Translation + Multilingual Ready

    Now the websites do not have any physical boundaries, anything that is popular online will find its way all around the world. It is common for many countries like India which creates its websites in the most spoken language-English. The users of the local area might not find it relevant and the need is realized for a translation-ready and multilingual-ready website/page. There are two options with the WordPress Themes users they can use plug-ins and have the Google translation change the content to the desired language or they manually change the content. This is not a big task but will require precision and effort.

  • SEO Friendliness

    Well, there is no question that every website that wants to enjoy a good ranking by the search engines should be SEO friendly. The WordPress themes are a platform that can support the sites in every way to ensure they are SEO-friendly. There are supported plug-ins and flexibility options that give the owners a choice to make a great website. The content, the keyword use, the plug-ins, the visitor’s experience, and a lot more are what make a complete website. The WordPress themes are a source and they alone cannot create a lot of SEO impact but what they do for the users is that they create a platform for them which is useful in any situation.

  • Ratings and Reviews

    WordPress has been the winner of many awards and recognition. It enjoys a high ranking compared to its competitors when it comes to being an open-source platform. This open-source platform has been the critic’s favorite too. The users find it easy to use and highly supportive.

  • Regular Updates And Upgrades

    There is no doubt that one should always use the latest version of the WordPress themes. The platform is always effective and releases timely updates. These take a few seconds and do not change the websites at all. They are mostly related to the bugs that were reported or to add functions. WordPress users get regular updates which keep their website at par with what the market demands it, even though it is an open source platform it works in a competitive spirit which motivates the developers to be on their toes and create and upgrade the product whenever needed.

  • Guaranteed Support

    WordPress has many forms of user support. There is an online community that is always available for small and big issues. Along with that, there is a support system that ensures that all your queries are resolved in the designated time. If there is a bug in the system then you must update the provider. Since it is a competitive market all the WordPress developers ensure that they are providing quality products and services. Even when the users are making use of the free themes they get the support they desire.

  • 1-Click Install

    WordPress is known to be user-friendly. It provides themes, and plug-ins with just one click to install. There is no huge procedure with codes and multiple steps that will waste the user’s time. The download takes just a few seconds and the installation even less. The users get all the simple instructions with the installation and all the processes are identical so that they are not caught in the web of multiple steps.

  • Save Time And Money

    WordPress is an open-source platform it has all products and services available for free. The users who opt for premium themes and plug-ins also get a good deal as they save a lot of money when compared to the other expensive resources there are. The themes, plug-ins, and support are readily available thus WordPress users just have to create an account and get started. There is no waiting time and thus a website with simple features can be completed in just a few hours.

  • Solid Code Quality

    Even when the users are using free themes the codes are of prime importance. As stated this open source is a competitive market for developers. The users are aware and they choose wisely. Anything which is not of the required quality is not accepted by them. This is the main reason why the code quality is maintained with great effort. Low-quality themes do not find any place on the shelves and they lose existence in no time.

  • WordPress themes are created to ensure that the users get a complete package. What started as just a blogging platform has responded to the market needs and has been responsive to the demands. It is only because of the innovative nature that the platform has stood the test of time.
  • The users get assured support and quality products each time this is the reason why a huge portion of the website market is filled with only WordPress websites.

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