5 Steps For Content Marketing Strategy of Your WordPress Website

Content Marketing Strategy of Your WordPress Website

WordPress Content Marketing Strategy

Without any doubt, we can say that WordPress is the most popular platform widely. WordPress has the best user interface that enhances user experience.

No matters if your customer and users are technically strong or not they can access the WordPress website very easily plus with minimum computer knowledge a person can create a fully functional website without wasting an hour.

Thus you can manage your WordPress website on your own and do not need technical expertise.

The main motto of a WordPress community is to provide an easy platform to create a website and content very easily.

But it does not mean zero technical knowledge will help you to take complete website authority and to manage by yourself like a professional. Thus to manage websites like a pro you need to know some technical terms.

Let us consider that you have chosen the right theme and installed it to start creating a website plus you might have added some plugins to it.

Now the most important step is to develop a winsome WordPress content marketing strategy. The proper and unique content strategies will help your brand to get recognized, it will help to get the desired ranking on search engines and it will increase conversion rate that is important to increase your brand reputation in the web world and real world.

Some steps are listed below that need to consider

Steps for winsome WordPress content marketing strategy are

1. Content Research

Remember one thing that without content research and content audit you cannot strategize the content. Without knowing any stuff you cannot create a new path because you won’t be aware of some mistakes that are done previously.

So it is important to know which type of content will suit your brand plus it will stand out in the online web crowd or not.

With proper content strategy you will not only able to find the topics for writing the content but also you will be able to find out how your competitors are working on it and what type of content is most trending.


As per your business niche, you can start researching which topic and which type of content is top-performing. This is what you are looking up to. You will be able to find a keyword that suits your business niche and your content.

You don’t have to copy their keyword or you don’t have to copy their content you are just searching for the idea because the content that works for them might not work for your business niche.

Instead of copying their strategies you need to search for your own that will work best for you. After researching you can add your own idea to it to make it a unique and overwhelming WordPress content marketing strategy.

Another thing you have to research your competitors and what topic will appeal to them. The main focus should be to go deeper into every topic to provide exact details.

You can perform a SWOT analysis to find which type of content will help you. Once you have the proper analysis you can start organizing your content marketing strategies.

2. Set up Your Content Schedule

Some organizations like meticulous are considered to be winning content strategy for WordPress. So you should be aware of a good time for posting content, the location you will be posting, and the process for engaging your customers.

You should maintain the calendar with all the details of posting content or a blog. No matters if you have just started with a small WordPress blog or a marketing agency with large scale business you need to maintain an editorial calendar.

If you want to maintain your calendar with some easiest way then there are some plugins available that can help you. Some of them are Nelio Content, Editorial Calendar, PublishPress, WP Scheduled Posts, Essential Add-ons for Elementor, CoSchedule, and more.

These plugins are available for free of cost and accessible through wordpres.org/plugins. Before choosing any plugin check its features and functionality whether it suits your content requirements or not.

For example, it should provide support for guest blogging, promotion, posting, ongoing sharing, and dissemination.

3. Build content by considering SEO

After following first and second step you will now feel amazing because you will be now creating some amazing content till now you might have research about everything and you might have got the idea that top-performing website content is always engaging because the content that is creating explains you all business niche in details.

And this is very important as per the SEO practices.

To get higher ranks on search engines it is important to follow SEO standards. And thus you need to optimize your website content for general and local searches.

Language and cultural context are the most important aspects that need to consider if you are looking to improve website rankings in various locations.

By utilizing the method of content transcreation you will make sure that your content is understandable by your audiences.

To particular customers, this content will provide actual value and this is very important to get desired rankings.

4. Create a mailing list

Another step for WordPress content marketing strategy is to make effective and efficient content. it is important to create your own mailing list.

Spreading your content thought the world by social media is a good alternative but it is also important to create a direct line communication between your audiences and brand. And this can be done with an email marketing campaign.

Dozens of newsletter popup plugins are available some of them are Popup Builder, SKT Popup plugin, Newsletter, MailChimp, and more.
Your content will be more appealing and engaging if you offer some discounts on a free trial or signup discounts etc.

5. Track your customer action and check on the performance

This entire scenario describes that knowledge is power. Once putting your WordPress content marketing strategy and start working on it. It’s important to track your customer’s behaviors.

You should check your website performance because bad performance can decrease the conversion rate and increases the bounce rate which is very bad for your website.

You can use Google Analytics plugin or any speed checker tool to observe your website and your customer’s behaviors.

For digital marketing, content marketing plays an important role. So it is important to consider content as a crucial factor for getting the desired search ranking and huge traffic.

Deepika Sharma

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