7 Best Weather WordPress Widgets & Plugins

Weather WordPress Widgets And Plugins

A many times it is much useful when a website provides you the current temperature and weather forecasts. This kind of feature is helpful for restaurants, retreat centers, country clubs, and many other businesses and even large organizations.

Nowadays, a majority of websites make you available with weather conditions. Consider, you are planning a trip with family or friends then in advance if you are aware of weather conditions then it will be of great help for you.

But, when you are installing Weather WordPress plugins on your website, you have to keep in mind some points.

Along with the weather plugin which you are installing, you also required some other service like, Is your widget impeccable with the current website theme, Where you want the weather to be displayed on your website and the like.

The things you consider depends on the website you are designing. Therefore, along with above-mentioned aspects you have to consider additional aspects as well. Here, in this post, we are discussing 7 topnotch weather widgets and plugins. So, here we go.

1. Location Weather:

It is one of the topnotch Weather plugins. Using this Weather WordPress plugins you can add limitless weather widgets. And, hence can get all the information about weather in your website or sidebar.

It is designed with a user-friendly approach, therefore, can handled with convenience. It is designed to be much nimble so can adopt changes. Can fit well to any theme as congenial with all themes. Supports all major popular browsers.

Design approach adopted was a minimal design approach while designing this plugin. You can set a default location that is city and country.

Although these all are the features of free version you will get additional features with the premium version. Like display weather in Fahrenheit or Celsius, wind speed in mph and many others.

2. Weather Master:

This plugin is bombarded with the variety of widgets which you can publish on your website in any section. You can use this professionally designed plugin for any high-quality website. It can make you available with weather conditions by city level, state level or country level just like you see on television.

It provides you weather information automatically, depends on your current location. With the use of Geo Location(GeoLocation), it is possible. But, this feature entirely depends on the browser’s potency of interpreting user’s location.

Designed to be entirely mobile responsive. Advanced version comes with more features like Wind Speed, Wind Gust, Dew Point, Cool Emoji Weather, and the list goes on.

3. Weather Atlas widget:

You can easily use this Weather WordPress plugins in any of your themes and without any hassle. It is one of the optimum widgets for displaying weather situations. You will get detailed weather forecast with this weather widget.

That is you can get every minuscule detail about weather conditions. Responsive design so no matter anyone views your website they can see weather widget in the respective format. You can set weather location as per your preference. Also supports multiple languages and units.

You can set up this widget easily. Weather conditions icons are designed aesthetically but still simple and resilient enough. By exerting this you can place multiple widgets on the same page. It depends on you where you want to place either in the sidebar or in content.

4. giWeather:

With this widget, you can see weather forecast in a clean and sleek manner. You can select the source of your service, there are two options made available, OpenWeatherMap (Worldwide) and National Weather Service weather.gov (the USA only). Can display wind icons elegantly along with the direction and intensity.

You can tweak it as per your choice due to its customizable design, it is possible. Selection of fonts can be done, three size options are made available small, medium and large. Complete responsive layout so fit well with any device.

It is up to you that you want to display the detailed section of the module or not. You can make a selection for the time horizon of the forecast.

5.  Sunlight Weather Widget:

Best Weather WordPress Widgets And Plugins

It is one of the best Weather WordPress widget plugins for the weather forecast. Designed minimally to fit on almost any website. Along with the current weather condition it shows upcoming three days forecast as well. You can see temperature, both in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Can select from the two options that is Static weather and dynamic weather. One of the best features is support for all countries and cities. Use of competent caching system which minimizes bandwidth usage. Exert cookies in order to provide you with faster results.

You need not worry about security as it is tested for security purposes. It provides you with multiple widgets and various temperature options. If you are doing the selection for static weather then you can make selection for your favorite city.

6. WP cloudy:

It is a super easy and resilient weather plugin. You can spawn limitless custom post types and Open Weather Map API with the use of this plugin. You can customize look with just a few clicks of buttons. Just have to create a weather, choose a preferred city, select the options and you are done.

With the use shortcode which automatically generated by copy and paste in posts, pages, and widgets or directly in PHP files of your themes, you can embed it anywhere.

By exerting PO/MO files it is designed translation ready. It will make you available with upcoming 5 days weather forecast, pressure, cloudiness, current temperature and much more.

7. WP World Weather Online:

This widget shows the current weather along with the upcoming 3 days weather. You can design a weather widget in the sidebar or in your single pages or posts. Can display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

You can also select a color from different color options make available. It provides you with valid XHTML output. Support is make available for single pages or posts. And, all this are provided to you free of cost. You can also do any modification if you want as per your choice.

Wrap Up:
I have listed here some of the best weather WordPress widgets and plugins. You can select any of them in order to made your audience available with a weather forecast. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

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