Blogger vs. WordPress: Which Platform is Best for Blogging

In this technological era, many new technologies are evolving day by day. Even challenging tasks have become very easy due to the technological advancements. Social media websites are becoming more popular these days for posting and blogging.

Now, the question arises here is ”Which is the trending platform which gives you a better way if you want to start your blog”? Is it Blogger or Is it WordPress? If you are new to this stream then firstly you would have to decide is how to frame your site.

These days we have so many options for blogging. Technological development, on one hand, has given us the ease of doing things and on other hand make things troubling also.

As we have so many options it becomes complicated which option we have to choose from the given options, which choice will give us expected result. The two most prominent platform for blogging is Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger which was being used by many, after its development and WordPress which is trending one and much popular nowadays. In this article, we will discuss the distinction between these two platforms(Blogger vs. WordPress) for blogging.

blogger vs wordpress

Blogger vs. WordPress: The Competitors

If we want to decide the best of any two choices then the difference between that two choices is always a better option. So after their differentiation, we came to know about each and every aspect of them.

It becomes clear which one to choose according to our needs and it becomes easy which one has to be selected. We here comparing blogger and WordPress, Blogger which is provided by the Google and is free of cost and WordPress is self-hosted.

Both have some merits and demerits of their own which will develop into a conclusion after a detailed discussion about the two.


WordPress is an open source CMS(Content Management System), which is based on PHP and MySQL. site is in some way similar to the In WordPress, you are not the owner of the platform or paying rent to the server.

Everything is on the Someone’s other, which is a good thing also that you do not need to manage anything you just have to use and do your work.

As the name suggested “self-hosted”, WordPress is a self-hosted platform that is, by using WordPress anyone can host their own website, it is up to the user till what time they want to use it, there are no such rules of WordPress that you can only subscribe it for a specific time period only.

To use WordPress some simple steps you have to follow is as given below:
a. From a hosting provider, you have to sign up for hosting.
b. On that server install WordPress on the respective server.
c. In the next step, themes have been set up and plugins have been activated.
d. After doing all previous steps your own site can be finally run.

Blogger: is of more use specifically for beginners. It was launched by Google in the late 90’s and soon it has become a famous platform for blogging.

It is free of cost and reliable, but is not owned by you. Google provides this service by its own and Google has the right to denied the service at any point of time.

However, Blogger does not provide much functionality like WordPress, which provides plugins to add different features. It provides limited functionality and even it does not consist of any features by which we can add more functionality to it.

2 Points on WordPress vs Blogger

Setting up your own blog is very simple, just follow given steps as below and you are ready to use your blog.
a. You have to have your Google account ready for it if you don’t have one then create it, this is the foremost requirement.
b. Enter a name for your blog.
c. Then you have to choose a blog address through which blogger confirms that the blog address which you have been chosen is available or not.
d. Then the last step is to choose a theme, there are many themes available as you create your blog but you can also browse for more themes and you can also update it later on.Now, after this we can compare these two on different facets

1. Usability
2. Progress and SEO
3. Personalized design
4. Economic feasibility
5. Trends in future: Blogger vs. WordPress
6. Consequences: Blogger vs. WordPress


It is necessary to know that which one is easy to use. How simpler are WordPress and blogger? If we learn both, then to some extent both are easy.

But if we compare these two then we come to the answer that blogger is easier to learn then WordPress specifically for beginners. As in the above discussion we have discussed how to use WordPress and blogger.

Progress and SEO:

It is one of the most important aspects which requires more concentration. As you all came to know about WordPress and blogger. Blogger does not provide many features as compared to WordPress.

WordPress provides plugins, self-hosting and many more features which can be very useful for the further development while blogger provides limited function and also no one can expand its features.

Now, Every business needs branding without it good revenue cannot be generated.

Blogger does not provide any direct method to manage on page SEO task. One possible way is to copy the content and then import it to a self-hosted site, but it has some demerits with it.

It losses your search rankings, your potential customers and some SEO related task also. While in WordPress You can manage SEO work properly as it is self-hosted.

Here you are free to choose your hosting plans, import the site anywhere, change the domain name and many more. So, with a little attempt, you can manage SEO advantages.

Personalized Design:

With WordPress, you have a collection of themes which can be used for a different occasion in context to the specific purpose.

And if available themes are not fulfilling your requirement then you can also customize your own theme or can add features to the existing themes.

While blogger does not provide any of such factor. It provides very few themes. You cannot even add additional themes if you want you can only change the colour or layout of the existing themes.

Economic Feasibility:

WordPress is cost effective with the ultimate functionality. Only you have to pay for hosting a website. It is up to you if you hire someone for developing your customized website.

You can also spend money on adding new and premium plugins. Bloggers are totally free to use, except you have to pay only taxes if you are running a business to generate revenue through blogger.

Trends In Future: Blogger vs. WordPress

In WordPress, it totally depends on its customers using it, as they can add additional features, do customization and the like. With blogger it’s difficult to determine future trends as it is completely owned by Google.

Consequences: Blogger vs. WordPress

Now after this long analysis we come to the conclusion that WordPress and blogger both are good in its own way but WordPress provides more flexibility, customization and features.

It costs a little bit but in return, you can earn a maximum profit. If we analyze the WordPress vs. Blogger market share then market share of WordPress is more.

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