Where is the Best Place to Buy WordPress Themes Online in India?

In order to create a WordPress based website it is important that you choose to buy WordPress themes online in India from reliable sources. Deciding on and freezing a WordPress template can be difficult. Here are some of the steps which will help you determine the Best place to buy WordPress themes Online in India.

Buy WordPress themes online in India

Best place to buy WordPress themes Online in India

1. Indian Payment Gateway

The first criterion is the website should be Indian should sell WordPress themes in Indian rupees and should allow an Indian payment gateway.

Major websites online that you will see allow only a USD payment gateway and it becomes difficult for a customer to hence buy because only by using select Debit cards or Credit cards which have online international payments enabled you can buy the theme.

Whereas in this website since it allows an Indian payment gateway you can easily buy using UPI, NetBanking, and Debit cards to purchase the theme of your choice.

2. Customer Support

Customer support and friendliness are of utmost importance when considering any service online. In this case, while deciding the best place to buy WordPress themes online in India you should check for active customer support.

For Indian customers, the best way to reach customer support is via WhatsApp. Check if the company allows such a messaging service. If the company is foreign located then check for social media customer support. Many companies do allow the same to revert via social media platforms. If that is also not possible then check for active support forums which are maintained and replied back to regularly. And lastly, check the contact page where customer support tickets can be raised and then check email response time.

Many companies do have a robust sales team and when you do raise sales tickets they jump on to it and respond back quickly but lack customer support for technical solutions. Or have less technical developers and they take a lot of time to respond. Please look out for those issues before considering the company.

3. Regular Updates to the Theme

Regular updates are essential for any software or online product. Hence while looking for the best place to buy WordPress themes online in India, you should check the copyright of each of the themes as to which year they were updated. You should check the changelog and check when was the last update carried out. You should ask the sales team or presales team about the compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and the latest plugins.

4. Documentation

Documentation of any template is important. Why because of the step-by-step procedure on how to install the theme and its plugins. How to set up each part of the theme. How to edit anything if needed and how to customize the theme as per client or customer requirements is also necessary.

5. Demo Import and Installation

Demo import is one of the most look after features by any customer while choosing the best place to buy WordPress themes online in India. Why because demo import takes the piece of cake amongst other features. If the demo looks like what has been shown, half of the work is done and all that remains is editing the existing content.While many companies offer 1 click demo import sometimes it might be a problem too. There can be issues due to server level as servers limit the execution time. There can be issues in importing the images from the demo server.

While 1 click demo is a desirable feature it is mostly not possible due to the above reasons. Hence it is important you check whether the company in question also offers for free installation support. Free installation would mean that you need not worry and just send the WordPress login details to the company and they take care to install and set up the theme. You may change the login details and security credentials later on.

6. Scalability and Reliability

Check if the theme you choose is reliable. This means it has been in the market for a long and does it support the requirements you are looking for. Does the theme work with a page builder and is the page builder as well as the theme scalable?

  • Can we plug and play the eCommerce section, blog, forum, social media, and other items?
  • Can the WordPress template be scaled by changing different layouts?
  • Is the layout change possible or does the theme offer a very rigid layout?
  • Do you need layout changes or just a few text, images, and color changes?

So all of these questions and their answers need to be sought after before consideration of the best place to buy WordPress themes online in India.

7. Online Reviews

Many large companies nowadays buy good reviews online and hence it is for you to check the genuine negative reviews online. By checking the negative reviews and how they have been answered one can understand whether the company cares or not.If the negative review is not being replied to then the company doesn’t care about its customers. If the company responds to negative reviews and tries to offer a resolution then the company is genuine and cares for its clients and customers. You should always look for such companies while choosing the best place to buy WordPress themes online in India.

8. Choosing between a free vs paid WordPress theme

The free theme offers the solution for free. It comes with demo content nowadays and with limited documentation and if you are able to set up the theme and get going and edit the site then there’s no better solution than to save some money by not having to buy a paid theme.

However, for complex websites, it is recommended to go for a paid theme because the amount of hard work and time you will put into searching for resources to change something in the design is far more than what you will pay for the paid template.

The paid WordPress theme comes with support and updates backed by the company which offers extra services like free installation and other essentials. Many times the documentation for the paid theme is detailed and comes with a step-by-step procedure which seems lacking in a free theme.

9. If free then consider the default

WordPress.org is the best place to buy WordPress themes online in India in case you are searching for a simple free theme or template. If you want a very basic and simple website then better check out the free theme demos and suit the one that goes with your requirements and needs. Check the one that suits your style and then choose it for your next project. Install it and then set it up. Once done you will have to follow the documentation given with the theme and edit the content on the website.

10. If paid do consider SKT Themes India

A lot of competition is online for paid WordPress themes but if you are choosing the best place to buy WordPress themes online in India then SKT Themes India fits the bill in all respects. It allows Indian payment gateway and sells items or themes in Indian rupees.

It allows for WhatsApp support and other easy communication for customer support. All the themes on its store are updated to work with the latest WordPress version. They provide regular updates too and check for incompatibility.

Fast website is a dream for all customers and care has been taken for website themes to not use bloated scripts and be compatible with cache plugins.


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