6 Common WordPress Theme Errors and How To Fix Them

Common WordPress Theme Errors

There is no denying that WordPress is the biggest blogging platform used by millions of users. It has grown its reputation as a content management system over the years and has been able to survive in the big industry.

It is an open source platform that allows the users to multiple support and products. The results are a higher number of satisfied users, but there are still certain situations when the platform throws some difficulties with the use of the themes or the plug-ins.

Many users find it hard to deal with these errors. The solution that most of them resort too is the use of the online community that helps them overcome most of these errors.

Even with the support, it can become a little frustrating when the users have to face these errors as they think that they are alone.

When one has the knowledge of the most Common WordPress Theme Errors and how to deal with them the situation becomes a little controlled.

Think of the ease when you will be prepared to face something and you also have the right solution to it at hand. Not many might face the issue but since it is common the users will find it useful for sure.

Here are some Common WordPress Theme Errors faced by bloggers with the steps that can help them do away with them. They are simple and can be applied by the people who do not have any prior experience.

1) WordPress Syntax Error : This is commonly shown when the users are using the WordPress themes. It is easy to deal with.

It is shown in a situation when the users are thinking of using an old version of the theme or there is an effort to modify the code which does not go well with it.

This is not a difficult situation and the users have many simple ways to deal with it. The users must be assured that the codes are in place.

This is especially when the codes have been added. These should be in accordance with the language required and standard accepted by the theme.

The users can debug the code or reupload the original file. The forum also is very helpful when you are not sure about the code and do not want the old version.

There will be help provided by the experts which can be followed step by step. One can also use the premium version of the theme if it persists. choose the right syntax error free WordPress templates.

2) Automatic Upgrade Fails : There is no doubt that WordPress is making an effort to upgrade the themes every now and then. If the update is available the users can make an automatic update as suggested.

There are cases when the upgrade fails to process and does not complete it. In such a case the users will be required to take the process manually and follow each step to manually improve the version. The WordPress users get an easy access to this by using the manual guide for the same.

3) Sidebar Out of Context : This is generally when a new theme is used and the sidebar is not being displayed properly. This is also a common problem and easy to fix.

This is a problem which should be redirected to the creator as it is mostly linked with higher coding and HTML elements.

There is also an option to Google the theme name and see if others have faced the same problem and check what they have done. You can quickly check the open codes which can be closed in the HTML tags to solve the issue.

If the problem arises after you have entered a code then it is quite easy to understand what the reason behind it is. The code that you have used is not proper and thus requires a little adjustment.

You can make a change here and create a file with proper codes that are in accordance with the standards or use the original file.

4) Plug-In Error : You are allowed to use so many plug-ins with WordPress and thus you must carefully choose the ones which are compatible with the theme.

The choice of Plug-in which is not compatible will show an error. The older versions of the plug-in will not work with the updated WordPress themes and this means that the users will have to choose a new plug-in or a newer version of it.

If the plug-in chosen has a bad coding then also the same issue arise and the users cannot do much about it apart from complaining and using another one.

The conflict arises when two plug-ins do not go well with each other in such a case the users will have to check for the compatibility and if it does not match then they should change one of these plug-ins.

5) Can Not Modify Header Information : This is a very common error that is often seen by the WordPress users. This error is also very easy to fix. The users will face the errors when there is an ‘empty space’ left in a file.

This space is the reason for the error and can be fixed immediately without much knowledge of the coding. The users can open the broken file. They must remove all spaces from the before and after the tags.

It is important to use this step. Now save the file post the changes and then upload it again. Check for it, the problem should be resolved and file should be now in up and running condition.

6) Broken Homepage : This is not an error but more like a failed expectation. It is not possible to know what the website will look like unless the theme has been downloaded, installed and activated.

There are times when the users do not like the way the home page looks and this creates a huge problem. To solve this they can go to the settings and change the latest blog posts to the suitable way they like.

These are simple problems that have common fixes but become difficult to deal with when the solutions are not known.

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