How to Create a PayPal Donate Button for Your WordPress Site?

create a PayPal donate button
Countless donation plugins are available on the internet today, but still, the most efficacious and straightforward method to collect donations is to utilize the features of the PayPal donation button on your website.

It does not matter whether your business setup is for small scale based or for the long term, small financial support will always take your business to your goals.

Even with a very small donation from your visitors will assist you to manage your website and will provide you adequate motivation to build more informative, fresh, and quality content.

It would be beneficial to your business if you add a donation button on your website if you are offering free services.

Before checking how to create a PayPal donate button, first, we will see what is PayPal donation button and how it works.

What do you mean by the PayPal Donation button?

Instead of adding heavily weighted plugins on your website, you can make a use of PayPal to make your website light weighted and accept donations from faithful viewers.

Most of the people around the world use PayPal. However, you will be able to provide valuable services to your users very easily. The good part of the PayPal button is that it can be placed at any location of your website for example it can be added to the sidebar, footer, header, etc.

Once clicking on the PayPal donate button, the visitors will be redirected to the desired page i.e. payment gateway where they can do donation by choosing credit card options or PayPal account. An extra layer of security will be added to your donation process because of the PayPal donate button.

How you can create a PayPal donate button on your website?

With two different methods, you can add PayPal donate button on your website. You can use PayPal official website or can use a plugin to do so.

Method 1: With the help of the PayPal website

The code will be generated for the PayPal donation button with the official website of PayPal to use the button on your website. A simple process to do it is given below

1. If you have not signup for a PayPal account then do it. During the signup process, they will ask you to select between a business account or personal account. On the basis of your preferences, you can fill up the forms that are marked as required and click the button i.e. Sign-up.
2. Go to the ‘PayPal Fundraising page’ after once you created an account and then click on “learn more about donate button”. After clicking, popup box will be generated.

PayPal website
3. You will find some steps mentioned in the popup window. Click on the first step i.e. create button. Now you will be redirected to the page where you need to create a PayPal donate button by simply adding few details.

create a button
4. From the drop-down list choose the Donation option under the button type. Now you need to select an option to accept a fixed amount or flexible amount from your visitors.
PayPal donation
5. You need to select a secure merchant account ID or need to select a primary email address.
6. After this, click on step 2 i.e. menu and save the PayPal button.
save button
7. Now click on step 3 i.e. customize the features which will help you to improve your donor’s experiences by adding a few messages and features such as Thank you note, special message, etc.
8. After selecting the required options, now its time to click on “create a donate button”.

Once done with all these steps, you will get access to the code that can be used on your website. You just need to copy that code to create a PayPal donate button and add it wherever you want to. You can also create separate page for implementing a donation facility or you can add that code in the widget area.

Method 2: Take the help of the WordPress plugin

If you think that method 1 would be a complicated or lengthy process for you then you can integrate WordPress plugins. On the internet, you will find too many plugins but the easiest and popular plugin for donation button is PayPal Donations button . This plugin is developed by Johan Steen which has more than 50,000+ active installations. This plugin has given with 5-star ratings. First check it is ok with your WordPress themes.
PayPal donations

Steps to integrate plugins

1. Go to the WordPress admin panel and enter your account by adding login details.
2. Now navigate to the plugins and click on “add new” and then search for PayPal donations plugin. Once you find a plugin with the same name install and activate that plugin.
paypal donations setting
3. Now to set up the plugin you need to go to setting then click on PayPal donations. Now fill-up the form with other details like the email address of PayPal account, etc. Now you will be able to customize page style, modify the currency or you can add a redirect URL under the return page. In the default section, you can add a specific donation amount or you can add a message.
paypal donations setting1
4. Once done with all these changes make sure to save settings.

The two different ways by which you can add a donation button is mentioned below

Via widgets
The best way to add a donation button to your website is to take the help of the widgets option.


1. In your WordPress admin dashboard panel go to ‘appearance’ and click on ‘widgets’.
2. On the left side, you will be able to see ‘PayPal donation widgets’.
3. Now select that widget and drag into the section where you want to display button. You have an option to chose such as the secondary sidebar, primary sidebar, header, footer, etc.
4. Now you will be able to customize the look by modifying heading, text, etc.
5. Now save all changes that you made.

Via Shortcodes
You can add donation button wherever you wish to because shortcodes comes with so much feasibility options. To any text field you just need to add shortcode i.e. [paypal-donation]. You can post this shortcode to any WordPress post or can build seperate page.

We would recommend you to add donation button on your website to encourage more visitors. By following any of the method mentioned above will help you to deliver the same results.

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