7 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Website

Designing A Website

In today’s world, we all uses the internet via mobile phones, tablets, and computers for performing some tasks or searching for our needs. The internet is taking us a world in an upward direction.

We can say that the internet has become an essential need to do our daily tasks. Because most of our work is depended on the internet only.

With the growing world and technologies, you will be enabled to get your business progress without creating a website.

To get success, it is very much important to show your business online. If you want to enhance your business presence through the internet or the world, then the website is the only solution to your problems.

Your business should have a website to give a tough competition to you oppose one. But, designing a website is not only sufficient to brand yourself. To get your website reach to every corner of the world, social media marketing is also very important.

There are more few things that you should be aware of while creating a website. These will help you to take your business on the top of the search engines.

The most top reasons are listed below that you should keep in mind while developing or designing a website for your business.

1. Responsive Website

responsive e-learning
There are thousands of mobile devices that have different screen resolutions and sizes. Every mobile device is connected to the internet for doing daily tasks, for example, chatting, video calling, messaging, searching, etc.

Do you know one thing that some proven results shows the business gets more interaction through mobile device users than desktop or tablet users?

For this reason, your business website should be responsive as well as mobile-friendly. Responsive features mean the website will look perfect on all devices whether you are using a laptop or a computer.

Suppose your website does not fulfill the user-friendly and responsive features then most of the customers will leave your website and will move to your competitor’s website.

You can hire some professional designer that will redesign your website with a responsive look. Ultimately it will help you to reach the top of Google.

2. Branding your business

The main objective of designing a website is to brand yourself and to create your unique identity on the web.

Some researched has shown that more than 66% of customer gets attracted to those businesses who have some unique and best branding experienced, such type of customer buy the product from them only. Therefore it is very important to create a logo with the proper font and color option.

3. Domain name

Domain Name For Your WordPress Website
You should choose a proper domain name but keep in mind that your logo name and domain name should be same so that the user can remember your business name. Your brand name should always convince the meaning and motto of your business.

While choosing a domain name make sure that the name is simple and short, try to mention atleast one keyword in a domain name.

Avoid to select misspelled domain, hyphenated domain plus never include numbers in the domain name

4. Hosting

The hosting you choose should be always reliable. Check the capacity of a hosting that you will require. Check the price before buying any hosting services, check the disk space, website requirement, control panel, and customer support.

5. Quality of an Image

Brand images play an important role when it comes to trustworthiness. Images can express more meaning than the plain text therefore if you are using some images that are downloaded from the internet that means you are doing totally wrong.

You should hire some professional designer who can create some unique images for your that will suit your brand. All WordPress themes accept high-quality images because of retina-ready feature compatibility. This will help you to leave an impact on your visitors.

If your website is WooCommerce based then images are the very important aspects because customers first check the quality of images and then make a discussion to buy or not.

6. Proper Content Management System

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It is true that you should prefer the correct platform for designing a website. Complex CMS should be ignored for creating a simple website because it may take much time to load and the non-tech people will unable to handle it on their own.

In the same way, if your business is WooCommerce based then you much choose a secure platform so that your website will never get hacked.

Many CMS platforms are available but WordPress is the best CMS platform among all. You can extend the security level in the WordPress by installing some security plugin and SEO plugins.

7. Display contact details

To build the customer trust you should mention some contact details on the website if you are a solo business person then you can mention your personal contact details such as email id or skype id and if you are a team then you can mention customer care number or easy chat box option.

The genuine contact details on the website will help you to build trust with your customers. If you want your customer should be able to find you locally then you can integrate Google Map plugin to your website.

In simple customer will never buy your product or services if you have not mentioned any contact details.

8. Drive the customer attention

When we talk about the elements, the content is considered as a king for all the elements. The content of all elements makes a website perfect form every end.

Ensure that you are creating unique content on your website along with the uniqueness focus on content quality. The best content will enhance your website’s user experience also it will improve the search engine ranking.

9. Your website should be GDPR compliant

Suppose your most of the users are from Europe hence you are collecting their information such as email id and contact number then you should make sure that your website is GDPR compliant.

If you failed to follow GDPR guidelines then you can face some heavy losses and fines in return.

Deepika Sharma

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