How To Fix WordPress Contact Form Not Sending Email With SMTP

Fix WordPress Contact Form Not Sending Email With SMTP

If you have just configured your WordPress website and are yet to receive any email notifications from your website then chance are that your emails are being blocked.

This can be quite irksome especially if you happen to be using various contact form plugins on your website to enhance user engagement and not receiving prompt email notifications can actually affect the performance of your website itself.

WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send email notifications from your various contact form plugins such as WP form. But some of these mails are getting blocked because a few WordPress hosting server are not configured correctly.

And chances are that your email provider also double checks to see where the mail is originating from, which can also result in the email getting blocked before it reaches your computer.

This is why it makes more sense to use SMTP with your WordPress website so that you receive the all important notifications in the nick of time. Here’s how you go about it- just install some of the plugins listed below and that should do the trick.

WP mail SMTP: If you are looking for an easy way to set SMTP on your website, then you can go ahead and download, install WP mail SMTP plugin on your website.

This plugin is quite easy to use, and more to the point, all you have to do is to specify the SMTP ports, enter your login credentials and with it, you should be set. The only downside to this plugin is that you would be required to store your email credentials on your admin dashboard.

Gmail or G suite: WP’s SMTP option uses your Gmail accounts to send mails to prospective customers who may have shown an interest in your product.

Gmail utilizes Google’s API to securely access your mail. Therefore, you do not have to keep your Gmail account credentials stored on your website permanently.

Send grid: Unlike WP mail SMTP, Send Grid does not require you to store your email address and password on your admin dashboard. It is stronger and more secure; but it also does not list a free option with its tiered plans.

However, if you do opt for a free trial option, you should get an option to try out 100 free emails per day option as long as you register for the 30 day free trial plan.

Mail gun: Mailgun is a popular email provider who specializes in sending bulk emails and also happens to be quite reliable and dependable. What’s more, this email provider allows you to send 10,000 free emails for the first month.

That should make this plugin one of the top choices to use with your WordPress website. And since you are able to send and receive emails from various prospects on your website, you can always upgrade to a premium plan which comes with better features and more perks. But please note, this is a paid service.

Post mark: This is a great plugin to use with your WordPress website; it is an SMTP plugin and should be quite easy to set up. The only issue is that it does not allow for public domain emails such as Gmail or for that matter Yahoo, which can make it somewhat irksome.

But as far as reliability and dependability, Post mark certainly ranks as one among the best. You need to register for an account and you can only use an email from one of the domains that you own.

But the great news is that once you have set it up, you can start using your first 25000 free email credits. And once they are over, you will have to purchase new credits.

WP SES: Let’s start with the basics, you can set up free account unlike the few before and moreover, this plugin does not require you to store your email credentials on your website, which is great. But the plugin does require you to create a free Amazon web services account (AWS) tier account.

It does not require you to purchase anything from the platform but the account expires in 12 months, after which, you may be required to register again.

Additionally, you are required to enter your billing address, your credit card information when signing up. You will not be charged for anything until and unless your data usage is in excess of the free cap.

Spark post: Well, believe it or not, Spark Post actually allows you to send 100000 for free. Yes, you heard it right – 100000 free emails or around 500 per month. You can also opt for a premium membership instead of a free one depending on the volume of traffic you hope to get.

But there is a catch; Spark post does not allow you to use publicly available domains such as Google, Yahoo or those of any other mail provider. You are required to use emails that are registered to your domain.

How to fix WordPress contact form not sending email with SMTP

These are some of the top SMTP plugins that should enable you to receive your email notification in time. Missing out on an important mail can result in the loss of a prospective customer and these plugins should ensure that you receive all the emails in time, each and every time.

Whether you are utilizing contact form 7 or some other contact form plugin on your website, you can go ahead and install these plugins and in the process, make sure that you receive all your email notifications correctly.

You no longer have to worry about the fact that your website is not generating any emails. With these SMTP plugins, your emails should get through.

And of course, unless and until you know that a prospective client has expressed an interest, which you should as a result of the email notification – it will not be possible for you to capitalize on the same.

It goes without saying that a contact form is an essential part of your website and so are the plugins you install to maintain and regulate the flow of email notifications.

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