10 Best Free Plugins for Adding Captcha to WordPress Blog

As the name itself can define the meaning CAPTCHA means finding the correct users, not robots. WordPress captcha plugins protect your website from bots. Though computers are more technically fit as compared to human beings still human minds are much stronger than computers.

To analyze the difference between computers and human beings or robots we use captcha. Captcha is also used for protecting the data from unauthorized users and spamming. All over the web forms, CAPTCHA is used.

WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins

Forms are utilized to fill data that confirms who the client is, yet spammers are dependably watchful to break into sites. These days all site proprietors ask for captchas for their forms. Be it enrollment, remark, sign in, lost secret word, or sign up/in form.

Below listed are the top 10 useful WordPress CAPTCHA plugins. Though there are many, we have listed the top 10 that you can use to protect your website from a virus, spam, and bugs.

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1. Really Simple CAPTCHA

  • With millions of internet users, captchas are used daily. WordPress plugins make use of these catches to protect the website from damage. Really Simple CAPTCHA is one of the most widespread and popular captcha plugins used by WordPress.
  • More than 1+ million users actively install this plugin. Simple as the name stands is very simple to use and it contains temporary files, which is the best captcha plugin for WordPress.

2. Google CAPTCHA

  • Google CAPTCHA is another one of the best CAPTCHA plugins used in WordPress for security purposes. This captcha is also used for comments form, password, recovery, registration, login, etc., Google CAPTCHA is a free captcha plugin used for WordPress security purposes in web forms.
  • It helps to deny access to unauthorized users. Google Captcha utilizes the all-new Google reCAPTCHA innovation to protect your site from spam and undesirable clients. To utilize this plugin, you first need to enroll your site with Google and get the Site key and Secret key.

3. Anti-Spam Pro

  • Anti-spam pro-WordPress captcha plugin helps to block spam in comments. Anti-spam Pro is a strong and extended version of captcha plugins and a widely used plugin in WordPress. This plugin supports all the default WordPress forms. This plugin is congenial with Akismet, BuddyPress, and WPMU.


  • Another captcha WordPress plugin with 100 % responsive and effective WordPress plugin used by thousands of active users. Math captcha helps in removing spam and bugs through mathematical ways.
  • Mainly used for registration, comments, sign-up, forget the password, contact form 7, and so forth. This captcha follows the steps of mathematical operations. Math Captcha supports multiple captchas in one-page support, also, this plugin includes .pot file translation.


  • Captcha code is another captcha WordPress plugin used for entering the correct code while filling any form, registration, new users, password, login, comments, etc., this plugin helps in removing spam from unauthorized access and prevents security.
  • In this plugin, translation is enabled. In captcha code, the user has to select the code from alphanumeric, alphabets, or numbers.


  • This CAPTCHA WordPress plugin is different as compared to other WordPress plugins. It is a little bit hard as compared to other plugins which were easy to handle. Unlike others, this captcha plugin comes with so many options to customize such as layout settings, display settings, security settings, etc.,
  • Captcha Bank is a shot confirmation captcha validator. It enables you to include an additional layer of security over you in manufactured assurance. This will keep the spammers away from accessing the data. Captcha Bank supports WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and Contact Form 7.

7. WordPress ReCaptcha Integration

  • This captcha WordPress plugin supports no captcha or old-style reCaptcha. Integrate ReCaptcha is also one of the most popular WordPress captcha plugins with thousands of active users on WordPress using this plugin.
  • This plugin supports old as well as new reCaptcha. ReCaptcha integration supports and works with WP multisite, bbPress, BuddyPress, Awesome support, etc., This ReCaptcha Integration provides box integration for login, signup, comment, etc.,

8. Conditional Captcha

  • As we move step by step the WordPress Captcha plugins let us know their importance in WordPress and WordPress websites. Conditional captcha is yet another popular WordPress captcha with thousands of active users.
  • This plugin will serve as a captcha to all the commenters and never repeat the captcha for the previous users. Every time it generates with the new captcha options. This WordPress captcha plugin supports Akismet. In this, a captcha only will appear after the comments are submitted.

9. No CAPTCHA ReCaptcha

  • This is most likely the easiest captcha plugin for WordPress accessible with which you can include the new NO CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA accessible by Google for your WordPress enrollment, remarks, or sign-in for locales including BuddyPress enlistment structure.
  • This plugin offers theme options for the captcha. In this plugin, user language is auto-detected. This plugin supports WooCommerce which helps to protect from spam, bugs, virus, and unauthorized access.
  • This plugin gives access to money providers such as PayPal, WePay, and Authorize.net. Due to the support of the WooCommerce the stores buying and selling services by using these money providers makes the plugin more simple to use.

10. Uber reCaptcha

  • To state, that this is one of the best WordPress Captcha plugins is putting it mildly. This is presumably the most helpful Plugin of all. Uber deals with spam directly to its foundations.
  • Uber reCaptcha plugin supports audio and images. Provides support for WordPress comments form, password recovery, form filling, signup, etc., this WordPress plugin captcha helps to protect from spam.


The above 10 listed are the best and most useful WordPress CAPTCHA plugins. All of their help to protect the site from unauthorized access and spam. Vary with different support and functions each one of them consists of some special key factor to fight against spam. Blocking spam and bots from your site is critical, for your site as well as the clients also. Now and again data is taken from clients like their email IDs. Spammers are dreadful for you and your site clients. With these plugins, you can destroy spam and secure your site giving a protected ordeal to your clients.

Presently in the wake of examining all WordPress Captcha Plugins, if you are hoping to verify your site from spammers to avoid the inescapable loss of your Brand Reputation, have this blog and experience the usability and knowledge of WordPress Captcha plugins.




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