10 Best Free WordPress Lightbox Plugins 2023

Best Free WordPress Lightbox Plugins
Lightbox is an approach to display the media files through a popup window. It improves the user experience by showing social media icons in a large area.

One can engage the users by creating some web design. Images, forms in the newsletter and email lists can be integrated with the help of lightbox. The main focus is only given to images and videos.

There are many other ways to add a lightbox to your WordPress website, But the lightbox added via plugins is the most efficient and effective way. Mainly WordPress lightbox plugins are created for a photography business.

All lightbox plugins consist of different features let us check all the plugins one by one. These plugins work well with your requirement and your WordPress themes as well.

1. Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery is the most popular WordPress lightbox plugins that are available at free of cost. It enhances the user experience by viewing the photos and images stylish window. The window will get created separately.

This WordPress lightbox gallery plugin is fully customizable and user-friendly that a non-technical person can also handle this plugin very easily.

a) 8 different responsive lightbox scripts are provided.

b) You will have an option to display post pictures as a gallery.

c) One can easily make change size of images.

d) In Lightbox, one can also add an image’s description, images, captain, etc.


2. Meow Lightbox
Meow Lightbox
Meow Lightbox plugin is much responsive and lightweight that is specially created for photography-related websites to display the EXIF information.

This theme is designed very beautifully and works faster. Hence it is very easy to configure. This plugin works with a single photo as well as with gallery images. Inbuild selector has been set for different classes.

a) Responsive Layout

b) Responsive Images

c) Display Images

3. Responsive Lightbox
Responsive Lightbox
Another topmost free WordPress lightbox plugins is Responsive Lightbox. This plugin permits users to add lightbox at free of cost. More than 6 different lightbox scripts are available that are most responsive in nature. The images or galleries can be viewed as a larger inbox or pop-up lightbox layout.

It supports WooCommerce functionality to add a product gallery. You have full permission to add title, captain and description.

a) WooCommerce Cooperative

b) Visual Composer

c) Most Customizable

d) Widgets are available for gallery and single images.

e) Free of Cost


4. WooCommerce LightBox
WooCommerce LightBox
This plugin is supported by WooCommerce functionality for eCommerce products to show details. This plugin is used to add quick story popup for WooCommerce product.

It helps to increase the conversion rates and user experience. This plugin is compatible with WordPress version 4.0 and higher. Tested upto WordPress version 5.2.2.

You will also have permission to edit something but in the pro version. The free plugin does not support setting options.

a) Responsive

b) Developer Friendly

c) User-Friendly

d) Easy to handle

e) Supported by all WordPress themes


5. WP Video Lightbox
WP Video Lightbox
WP Video is the perfect free WordPress lightbox plugin. One can easily add videos, images, posts, animations, etc. This plugin allows you to display the content, images, video in the most attractive way.

This WordPress video lightbox plugin is very easy to customize so no need for technical or digital knowledge. All kind of lightbox can be created very easily. Plus very simple to customize the size, width, and height.

a) Highly customizable

b) No prior permission needed

c) Full control for display setting

d) Available with Autoplay option

e) Responsive


6. Gallery Lightbox
Gallery Lightbox
This plugin is simple but the designing part is beautiful with a fresh look of a lightbox. It is very easy to install within some click the plugin will get installed. Gallery lightbox plugin is supported by WordPress version 3.3, also higher version and supported.

Without using any other plugin WordPress supports the image galleries. It will assist to create the thumbnails in the grids with large images.

The best features is that the slideshow will be played automatically, able to hide or show thumbnails, able to change the color of sliders, and many more.


7. MetaSlider Lightbox
MetaSlider Lightbox
MetaSlider Lightbox is open source software that has more than 10000 active installations. Hence tested upto WordPress version 5.3. This plugin is also available at free of cost.

It is supported with different plugins that allow sliders to get open in a lightbox. Plugins supported are Easy FancyBox, Simple Lightbox, WP Featherlight, WP Colorbox lightbox and many more.

8. Easy FancyBox
Easy FancyBox
Easy FancyBox is available at free of cost. Its current version is 1.8.17. This plugin performs the same as WP Featherlight does. Featherlight is also a WordPress lightbox plugin just they use various types of lightboxes. But this Plugin uses style i.e. FancyBox.

It supports YouTube, flashes Movies, Vimeo, etc. Also cooperative with WordPress media Plugins.

9. Simple Lightbox
simple lightbox
Simple Lightbox has the highest number of downloads on wordpress.org. Simple Lightbox plugin is used to create a fast and easy lightbox for your posts and pages. Different settings options are not available. But it is best if you are looking for a simple lightbox creation.

You have a choice to get images viewed in slideshow form or single-page form. Hence the best lightbox plugin WordPress is lightweight, easy and quick.


10. Foobox Image Lightbox
FooBox Image Lightbox
If you are willing to create some innovative or creative lightbox then Foobox Image Lightbox is the best option for you. This plugin is responsive and attractive that you can gain the attention of customers very easily. Meta box, color scheme, control options are available.

This plugin can be used without investing money. But the paid version is also available with advanced features and functionality.

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