Highest Paying WordPress Affiliate Programs for Bloggers – Hosting Themes Plugin and Fonts

Highest Paying WordPress Affiliate Programs

A one of its kind marketing strategy where an online webpage pays commission to a blog/site for boosting traffic or generating sales through its referrals is termed as affiliate marketing.

In other words, it is a practice of promoting products of websites on your blog to generate traffic. You get paid a certain amount if the visitor redirected from your site makes a purchase.

One should always be careful about the product and the company that you will be promoting. You must thoroughly review the products and services.

The product must be suitable to the niche of your blog/site so that marketing to the potential audience can be carried out easily.

Pay and payments terms in the market and the ones offered by the company should be compared before making a deal. This article will discuss the highest paying WordPress affiliate programs for bloggers about themes, plugin, fonts and hosting.

  1. WordPress Affiliate Programs –  Hosting

Hosting means managing the technical parameters of WordPress like scalability, updates, speed, security, website uptime, and daily backups. SiteGround is undoubtedly one of the best and highest paying WordPress Affiliate Programs for hosting.


Any blogger will be satisfied with the commission offered by this company. For sales up to five hosting packages in a month, you get a commission of $50 per hosting package.

If the sales figure ranges from six to ten in a period of thirty days you are paid $75 per hosting package. In a case where eleven to twenty hosting packages are sold in a month from the affiliated marketing of your blog, you are rewarded with $100 per sale.

And if the sale of hosting package is 21+ in a month you can negotiate the commission amount with the company.

  1. WordPress Affiliate Programs – Themes

WordPress is a platform which can be used to create websites for different sectors. Hence themes play an important role. Themes are usually selected based on the content of the webpage.

Themes are basically faces of WordPress. One can easily use free themes but they are confined in terms of features and have no support. Paid or premium themes provide regular updates, dedicated support, and limitless features.

Hence, most of the users opt for paid themes and promoting those themes through your webpage can enable you to earn a considerable amount. Best WordPress theme companies with highest paying WordPress affiliate programs are listed below for your ready reference.

  • Acme Themes

One of the most accredited and highest paying theme company is Acme Themes. One can easily find themes related to varied niches like corporate, photography, e-commerce, education, and others.

The best part is that you get an instant 50% commission on each sale. One also gets enough resources for promotion and the payment medium is PayPal.

  • OceanWP

This is a trusted and one of the highest-selling themes. One can generate good returns by affiliate marketing of the extension of this theme. The company easily provides 30% commission on each sale and hence decent revenue can be generated.

  • AccessPress Themes

This is one of the reputed companies in the WordPress market offering dynamic, graceful, and responsive themes. One can easily find themes related to any business or a miscellaneous sector.

They offer 50% commission on each sale but the payout is only after you have earned $100 or more. They have a dedicated affiliate management department handling all operation of affiliate marketing.

  • Astra WordPress Theme

Astra is amongst the leading themes on WordPress with 200000+ active installs. The company pays relatively well in the marketing of their themes.

Due to a dedicated support team and varied options it has a higher conversion rate compared to other themes. One can easily earn from $15 to $200 on every sale. More information on the same can be obtained by visiting its affiliate program section.

  • Superb Themes

Superb Themes are amongst the highest paying WordPress affiliate program for bloggers. It offers content-based themes with an initial commission of 40% on each sale which is gradually increased to 60%.

The signup is free with convenient payout options making it a win-win deal for the blogger and the company.

  1. WordPress Affiliate Program – Plugin & Themes


Nobuna is amongst the trusted and secure platforms to purchase Plugin & themes related to WordPress. Content that requires professional layout and the related plugin is easily found here.

Nobuna offers 30% commission on the total purchase value which is extremely good for the bloggers. It charges $15 per month for club membership and offers recurring commission.

Envato market

The biggest market place for plugin and themes for WordPress is Evanto Market. One gets an option to purchase from thousands of available themes. One can easily search for the required plugin and buy the same. It provides an opportunity to redirect clients for bulk purchase. The signup process is quick and simple. It provides a 30% commission on each referral.

  1. WordPress Affiliate Program – Fonts Plugin

The most convenient plugin to use Google fonts is Font Plugin. It enables adding Google fonts to your webpage irrespective of the selected theme. The user interface is simple and easy. It provides 40% commission on the generated sales.

All it takes for an affiliate program to run successfully is traffic on your blog and addition of affiliate program related to the blog niche.

Affiliate programs have been running successfully since considerable time and have turned into one of the major sources of passive income for bloggers.

Visitors are bound to purchase quality-oriented products with excellent customer service. The above mentioned highest paying WordPress affiliate programs for bloggers are one of its kind opportunities for marketing the best products in the industry and earning a commission on the same.

Visitors buy what they see. And to attract visitors you must have an impressive blog with quality content. Making necessary efforts to promote the blog, directly contribute to increasing traffic on the affiliate products webpage.

The conversion ratio of clients is promising. Hence, affiliate marketing is and shall remain one of the best paying sources for online services.

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