Page Speed Insights: How Important is a Good Performance Score

    Page Speed Insights

It is important to understand about page speed insights if you are an owner of the site and you have little or no knowledge about website development.

It gives the score to the website on which we can determine that the website is working well as expected or not or is there any technical issues which can be addressed and solved to achieve good performance of website.

To properly understand about the different aspects we have listed the description in following points:

1. Introduction
2. Why is it required
3. Issues With this tool
4. Opulence of the website
5. Necessity of good score
6. Significance of page insights
7. Conclusion

It is an important tool which is provided by the Google to test the performance of a website in terms of speed and usability. It analyze that how responsive a website is.

Means how well can it work in different devices like mobile and desktop. After proper analysis it gives a score to your website(between 0 to 100) for each that is mobile and desktop.

There are different rules made by the Google itself. The rules have been divided into two different sections as mentioned below:

A. Usability
B. Speed

The rules have been applied by the tool to test the website. As the name suggests these are for checking the usability of website like we can say in different devices.

And for checking the speed of website like how fast a website loads when the user requests for the website.

Why is it required:

This is related to some extent on the above described point. People uses this tool to increase the performance of their website by analyzing it in proper manner. Appropriately for how well it is responsive and how fast it responds to the user.

Any of the business like any popular hotel or any kind of business, they made their website to increase their profit, to increase the traffic for their website and to earn more as the competition is increasing more and more due to globalization and many other factors as well.

So, main objective behind developing a website itself if not fulfilled, that is increasing the business, then there is no use of website.

So, it is necessary to use some kind of tool which gives indication of performance of website.For this purpose this tool is very useful.

One more important point to consider is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is useful for increasing the traffic to the website. Both the aspects i.e speed and usability is of a website can be increased by using this tool.

Page Speed Insights1

Issues with this tool:
There are some disadvantages also of this tool. It only tell us the technical issues lies within the website but does not tell in what way that issues are affecting the website.

It does not even tell about the time which is required by a page to load when requested by a page.

Opulence of the website:
It can not exactly tell about the success of the website as it not gives us proper analysis of page loading time and how the issues affecting the website, it only give list of the issues by which performance of the website is affected.

So, by only using the page speed insight score we can not check the opulence of website. Only thing we can do is that to increase the score of the website by removing the issues which are listed by the this tool.

For doing this, that is to increase score we have to continuously check the website, if there is any issues.

And after removing those issues it is important to check the usability and performance of the website, for testing that whatever changes we have done is working properly or not as expected by us. By doing this we can improve the score.

But for checking overall success of the website we have to use other tools provided such as Google analytic and other marketing tools as this tools not tell us the overall traffic of user showing interest to our website.

Necessity of good score:

As discussed in above mentioned points getting a good score is not give us a proper idea of website success. So, getting a good score is not only a necessary requirement we can say it is only a part of checking performance.

Other factors plays an important role in checking the overall performance of the website.Some of them are discussed below:

A. Search engine optimization : It is necessary that a website is well optimized so that more traffic is being attracted towards the website and more people get converted to the website.

In return it increases the revenue of the particular business, which is the main objective of any website.

B. Responsive : This is one of the most important factor as everyone is using mobile these days and they browse using the mobile device.

If the website is not responsive then there is a difficulty for the people to browse it through the mobile device, it gives negative impact to the user towards the website.

C.Content : Specific content is necessary for the website which is as per the requirement of the user and not as much ambiguous.

Content should be relevant and easily understandable by the user as if content are not as per user requirement then they pay no attention to it, they just go through it at a glance and then browse for some other website.

Now it became very clear that good score not play an important role,isn’t?

Significance of page insights:

As per the discussion till now you all have understand that this tool is not much relevant for using to test the website success and overall performance.

It is not mean that the tool cannot be used at all, for any work, it can be used but it can not give expected results which are necessary to measure the overall performance of the website.

Means instead of giving more attention to score good we have to pay more attention to other issues like slow loading time of page, low conversion and many more like this.

The conclusion to this is that instead of focusing on score we have to focus on overall website opulence.

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