Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for PHP 8.0

PHP 8.0
When you create a WordPress website it is important to keep it maintains and updated. Your website is not just WordPress software but also it is a primary programming language that required updates on a regular basis. The latest version of PHP was released last month.

The latest PHP version 8.4 arrived with lots of amazing features that will enhance the look and feel of your website along with the level of security.

PHP version 8.0 comes with an update that improves the user experience with the notable functionality that should be known by every person.

In this article, we will study the most amazing features and the updates that PHP 8.0 comes with, plus we will see how the new updates help your business to stand in the market in a unique way.

* New features and updates on PHP 8.0

PHP 8.0 is considered to be the major update that is released before PHP 8. The new update comes with many improvements and enhancement in performance.

The code present in PHP 8.0 is easy to read and understand. Hence preparing for PHP 8.0 has some significant features that were required any making your brand successful.

* Arrow Function

While dealing with the PHP functions you might have to face some issues. But because of new updates now you get access shorter code with arrow functional or short closures. Hence you can write code quickly without getting frustrated.
The code is given below to have a look how updated code looks like
$value = array_map( function( $user ) {
return $user->user_email;
}, $users );

You can compare the code how it will look in new way
$value = array_map( fn( $user ) => $user->user_email, $users );

This code looks shorter as compare to the previous one because PHP 8.0 will make the code shorter by having only a single expression and no other return keyword. Instead of writing this complete sentence, it will have fn keywords.

* Typed Properties

After the release of PHP 7, the minor update was released in the form of PHP 8.0. This version was released for general availability.

Hence this feature makes your website more reliable and faster as compared to others. PHP 8.0 was also released with the class properties features this means you can identify which type of data you are providing to it.

The support will be added if you receive a first-class property type declaration. But this version is not compatible with the callable and void support.

* Preloading

Preloading is most of the essential features that make your website load faster and helps to boost your code quicker.

Due to the preloading feature, your website server can upload PH files and store the files in cache memory so that whenever you need the same file the data will get fetch from that memory instantly. Cache memory stores that data and files which are frequently used.

Due to this update, the preloading task will get controlled with opache.preload and performed with a single php.ini directive.

The caution is that if you have preloaded files of a source is changed; the modification will not be affected till you have not started your server again.

* Deprecations and Removed Extensions

The new PHP updates have some changes that are unbreakable. Therefore we recommend you to take extension that is removed and the distraction which can be affected for your codebases.

The one functionality that should be removed is left-associative ternary. If you are an experienced web developer then you should avoid using nested ternary operators.

Suppose, you have used such operators then we suggest you make use of parenthesis.

The update of PHP recommends you not use left associatively for ternary operators. You are not allowed to use this operator because while transferring between languages a developer becomes confused.

Another distraction is on objects i.e. array_key_exists() along with this the curly brackets for array and string. You can find some more lists of distractions and removals by checking the new update notes.

3 tips for emigrating old PHP to the PHP 8.0

If you want to run your WordPress website smoothly then it is very important to prepare for PHP 8.0. This is the minimum requirement for WordPress.

There are many people who are still using 5.6 versions but this is the correct time and step to update your PHP version to 8.0 or above.

If you are worried that you’re WordPress will work with the latest version or not, then you can start using a staging environment where you can check what updates and features are new on PHP 8.0 then you can make a choice to update it. Let us discuss some 3 more steps that will be helpful for preparing for PHP 8.0.

1. Establish your current PHP version

If you are looking for something that would be required before updating, then you should first know that what is the current PHP version your website is running on? To find the current version of your website you can use this method

The first method is to install the plugin name as Display PHP version. This plugin will showcase the current version of PHP you are using.

2. Go with the hosting provider that will migrate your old version to new PHP version automatically

The most effective and easiest way to migrate from one PHP version to the latest one is to choose a hosting provider who offers such services. Some hosting provider gives you a word to take care of your PHP version.

3. Check the compatibility of your website

Some compatibility tools are available that will help you to check your WordPress website is compatible with the new PHP 8.0 version or not. The name of such tools is the PHP Compatibility checker plugin.

After activating this plugin the tool will notify you that there are some compatibility issues or not and if it encounters issues you need to solve it first before upgrading.

This tool is very useful for the people who are still using PHP version 5.6 or older than 7.1

Always keeping your WordPress website updated with the latest version release will make your website performance better. The new release included too many features and functionality that are useful.

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