Psychology Derived From UX Analytics Used in Web Design

UX Analytics

What does a UX designer really mean?

The UX is an abbreviation of user experience. UX design is a small approach of creating a design in such a way that it will be informative and knowledgeable to the user.

In short, the user should have a positive experience while using your services or products. The design should appeal to your thoughts. Its UX designer duty to focus more on usability, design, functionality, product and more.

The main role of UX designers is to find out a way to attract more and more customers towards your business and encourage them to click on a button to navigate from one page to another. In order to fulfill user need you to have to understand them.

You have to design a website in such a way that the number of users will be spending their valuable time on your business.

So you must have a strategy to impress them in the first look. To achieve all users need you to have to think about the users’ behavior, what they like, motivation and more.

This is the stage where we are focusing more on psychology rather than the website stuff. But it is also important to learn the user’s minds.

The psychology study will guide you to understand the user’s point of view. And then you can apply UX analytics and strategies as per their point of view to get a positive response.

The Psychology of Choice

Psychology of Choice
The main duty of a UX designer is customizing the website and personalizing as per user need. The good idea to customize is to think for a solution that will give various options to a user to make a choice from them.

As many choices presented for them will give you a chance to prove yourself. After much research, we came to the conclusion that yes users like the choices but not more options because too much option can confuse them to make a perfect choice.

There is not any UX analytics or a single formula that will tell you how many options should be there on your website. Some website has a solution to provide less than five options. Just keep in mind never make a user more overpowered else they will leave your website without performing any action.

Substance Overlooks

You can not consider a UX like just a package because with some designing you can attract users towards your business but if they don’t like your content they will leave your page and will never return back to your website.

Therefore always remember that the content of your website should be of high quality and unique to engage users for a longer time.

So by considering the above two points, it is very important that your website should be visually strong. Just make a study that what exactly your users are looking for. Which type of content do they like? Reason for creating a website? And how your website will be helpful for a them?

Create a Visual Hierarchy

Did you know a simple website has always chances for getting more leads and potential users? Therefore it is essential to have a proper strategy for your designing. Remember the concept of big and the bold. Make an element visible on the homepage that the user is looking for.

Plus highlight the text that is important. If you wish that user should click on a specific button or a link than highlight them with a new color or give a hover effect.
Visual Hierarchy
The top-rated WordPress developer from different countries has given some advice that you have to make sure that a website should not have much design. Your users should go with your expectations such as they should click on the call to action button, click on the shop now button, etc.

Always try to give a call to the action button on the homepage at the top or at the bottom so that they can jump from one to another. Even you can provide a navigation button just below the product or service listed.

People rather scan than read

As per the psychology research and UX analytics, we come to know that most of the users do not read each and every line of a website or a page they just scan the pages. For this, you have to create a design in such a way that most of the important points must be highlighted with the color or bold text.

Hence, the website homepage should always consist of important information that gets highlighted and visible for all users.

This type of content is usually known as a piece of anchor information. Actually user will leave your page because you might be a person having a business that others too have. You must be offering the same services that your competitors offer.

Give a reason why the user should only prefer your website. For this, you can create a website that consists of images to attract more user’s attention. The same approach should be used for colors and fonts.

Get in touch with users

Usually, humans are considered as social creatures, that help you to trust other humans. When we are talking about the website designing process or online marketing it is important to take advantage of human faces.

With the human faces design, the user will be able to trust on you. You can make use of such faces to showcase your emotions like sad, happy, feeling good, etc. Utilize such images to showcase your product testimonial. This will pretend like your customers are happy with your products or services.

Do not try to examine your user’s calmness

Most of the website has a form for registration or newsletter. Never include such fields in the form that are useless and will make your users irritated while filling it.

Just try to create a simple form that will have a limited field with useful input options. Furthermore, the verification process should be simple so that the user can get verified quickly.

In short if your really want to fulfill your user need with a proper UX analytics you should always think about psychology. Think about your user nature and their behavior. And never to ignore a quality content.

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