Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress

Website on WordPress
Whether you have just started a online business to show presence in the internet, you must be thinking about improving your brand to get a unique identity.

You have a website for your promoting your business services or project but you are not happy with its functionality and design. Hence you are unable to get extra revenue.

WordPress Introduction

Did you hear about the word “WordPress”? Did you wonder, what is WordPress? In simple WordPress is a platform where you can create a website or a blog on your own.

It provides greater functionality to customize the website very easily. Millions of people are using WordPress for branding their business products or services.

Some of the top listed companies are also using WordPress such as People Magazine, Ford, PlayStation, New York, CNN, and Times Blogs. So did you got the reason why to use WordPress.

Top 9 reasons are listed below that why a non-tech or tech person should prefer WordPress for branding their business online

Reason 1: WordPress is an open-source

Because WordPress is an open-source CMS platform i.e. content management system, people widely prefer to use WordPress.

From the total number of 172 million active websites, around 75,000,000 websites are created by WordPress as per the survey was done by Netcraft.

WordPress is the first choice of most of the developers and designers. Even a non-tech person only prefer to use WordPress because of the easy to use feature. This the only reason why WordPress is so popular among others.

Do you know? WordPress version 4.7 has been downloaded more than 19,700,000 times and WordPress 5.3 has been downloaded more than 14,927,930 times.

The figure mentioned above is just the download number, the total number of active professional WordPress websites are more than 196 million downloads.

So you may get an idea that how much WordPress is so popular.
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Reason 2: WordPress is a platform for creating blog and websites

A few years ago, if someone said WordPress, then everybody thought that we are talking about blogging.

Yes, WordPress is the best and foremost alternative for blogging but in the same case, it is the best content management system used for creating a wide range of websites.

It is possible to create a website for job boards, online shops, classified ads, small or large corporate business websites, etc.

Reason 3: Choose WordPress because it is cost-effective. It is free to use

You can save your money by creating a website with WordPress because it does the same work that other paid CMS does. You even dont need any extra tech resources to build a website.

Some themes are there that are developer free. You dont need to write a code for creating your dream website.

The Best WordPress themes are available on the internet with free of cost just you have to pay if you require some extra functionality and support.

WordPress plugins are also available for free. Some plugins are not only free but also they are open source. This means you can update or modify the plugins as you want.

Reason 4: WordPress is flexible in nature

We have mentioned one point above that WordPress is open source that means the public can make use of source code that is available by WordPress.

Any person can access the code without any problem and can modify it as per their choice. They can create a website using Best WordPress themes with the same feel and functionality they want.

Hence, the plugin and themes you are using are also open sources that can be modified. Seems like all person can contribute their knowledge and efforts to enhance the WordPress functionality and features.

Reason 5: WordPress is SEO friendly

Search engines ranks the website quickly which is made on WordPress. This is because the code written on WordPress are well organized and SEO optimized.

If you are really looking to get a higher rank in search engines then you should only prefer WordPress. Best WordPress themes are good to go for creating websites and blogs.

We also recommend WordPress for digital marketing strategy because it gives you higher chances of adding content that you want. With hassle-free you can add some fresh to it.

Which behaves as your business is up to date and alive. Therefore the chances of getting higher ranks to get increased. Hence the search engine results will be found as organic searches.
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Reason 6: WordPress has some free and paid themes at reasonable cost

You can have an access to all the advanced features by purchasing some best WordPress themes at a reasonable cost. For example, SKT THEMES provides you access to more than 57+ web templates at a single cost i.e. $60. Along with the cost, you will get access to free support and regular updates.

Reason 7: WordPress allows to access the plugin

With the help of plugins, you can extend the functionality of any business website created with WordPress.

You can install the plugin in one click and it will get installed in the WordPress dashboard very easily. Thousands of plugins are available that you can make a choice from.

Reason 8: WordPress Community is there for support

Hundreds of people are working continuously for making some advancement in WordPress. Many of the WordPress developers from worldwide are contributing their precious time to support WordPress community.

2 times in a year WordPress conference is done plus in major countries and city, Wordcamp and WordPress meetups are conducted.

Reason 9: WordPress is very easy and handy to use

This is true that you dont need to have a technical background or any technical course to create your own website using Best WordPress themes.

If a person knows how to handle a computer and have some basic knowledge about Microsoft word then also he/she can create a website without any problem. With the use of thousands of shortcodes you can enhance the functionality of a website.

Therefore it is said that WordPress is the best content marketing system that should be preferred by every business owner willing to start their online business.

Deepika Sharma

Writer and WordPress blogger at SKT Themes. Handling content partnerships, doing outreach, and making sure is up to date.