SKT Themes Affiliate Program

Now, you can earn more by promoting our WordPress themes! As soon as you join an affiliate program of SKT Themes you will be provided with a wide range of text links and banners that can be added to your website. If any user end-up clicking on that particular link, they will be redirected to our website i.e. By our affiliate software, all those activities will be tracked. You will earn 50% of the sale if they signup for the account.

The supreme commission percentage

Affiliates will behave as a partner of us and we will help them to make money. This is the reason we are providing supreme commission percentage of any WP themes available on the web. 50% of each sale will be provided to All our affiliates. This commission percentage is actually double as per the industry standards.

Promote well-known themes

Promoting our services or products will be easy for you because they sell themselves! This is the reason our WordPress themes are well known on the web world. We will do the rest of the process, you just need to send us the WordPress users who are more interested in buying our themes.