The Best Resources To Supercharge WordPress Theme Development

supercharge the WordPress theme
One best way of having a clear insight into the work procedure of the world’s most famous CMS is to generate your specific theme on the platform of WordPress.

By undertaking the task, you can also get the opportunity to customize the settings as per your requirements and linking.

It also allows you to avail of your preferred style and scripts while designing the website. And if everything goes well, you can expect a theme which efficient as well as lightweight.

If you are new in the field and want to know the advanced skills, probably you have hit on the right article. Here, you will know about some resources to supercharge the WordPress theme that could help you to accomplish your desired WordPress theme.

Why would you opt for creating WordPress themes?

You might wonder the reason behind creating a new theme when there are a large number of readymade themes available on the platform. Thus, before learning about the measures to supercharge the WordPress theme, let’s first discuss its facilities.

If you are a professional website developer, you would definitely require for framing your theme. The other available theme might lack that one thing that you specifically need for building a website.

But when you choose to create a theme with your own, you get the blank canvas where you can uphold your thoughts and imagination. You can tailor your plugin tools, widgets according to your choice and taste.

Moreover, building a website will be a way easier when you incorporate your own created WordPress theme. It is because as you will write the code yourself, you can easily fix it when required without any trouble.

Besides, it gives great satisfaction to create a new theme over which you can give your tag or label.

Lastly yet most importantly, you must be aware of the fact that the demands for readymade and commercial themes are amazingly high in WordPress.

Can anything be more satisfying than seeing other developers availing of your creation? If your theme has all the favorable functions and features, it might catch the attention of multiple website developers.

The resources that help in developing WordPress themes easily

Now that you are acknowledged about the benefits of creating specific WordPress themes, let’s come to the core part of the article and discuss the resources that you use to supercharge the WordPress theme conveniently. All these sources run the array from code assets to plugins and offer something exceptional.

WordPress Reference Guide

The documentation called WordPress reference guide can teach you how to supercharge the WordPress theme conveniently.

In this template tag documentation which is specially made for WordPress 4.0+, the users can come across an orderly classified list of the accessible WordPress themes. You need to hit on the tag option to acquire the explanation along with a code snippet example. – theme development theme development can be another ideal platform from where you can begin your journey of creating an advanced WordPress theme.

The documentation will surely guide with several essential information about the layout and formation of a WordPress theme, customization, and also about standard coding.

Believe it or not, the help that you can attain from, you cannot expect the similar anywhere else. Most probably, you will keep revisiting it again and again. Also, you can go through the Theme Handlebook for further transparency.


In order to supercharge the WordPress theme, the free service of Hasty can be your greatest support. It assists the users to produce a custom for the newly created theme.

With Hasty, you can efficiently create a code for the custom post types, menus, taxonomies, sidebars, and other configurations. Moreover, Hasty has aimed to integrate query and metabox generators in the imminent future.

Log Deprecated Notices

This plugin tool is the creation of one of the lead developers in WordPress Andrew Nacin. The new developers would find the tool extremely favorable as it will inform you if there are any denounced folders or functions that are availed of in your on-progress developed theme.

Theme Check

Theme Check

download button

The next crucial plugin that can help to create your own WordPress theme is the Theme Check tool. Created and utilized by the theme review team of WordPress, Theme Check helps in examining the code of your theme.

The sole purpose of the tool is to ensure the standard of WordPress. It is because, with the evolution of WordPress standard, its privacy and security concern modifies as well.

Thus, to take care of the fact that you are not working with insecure or outdated code, using Theme check is obligatory.

Integrating jQuery Scripts to WordPress media correctly

Are you aware of the fact that WordPress includes jQuery script? You will be amazed to know that you can use it to incorporate the UI elements of jQuery and lots of other things to your website.

However, for that you need to know its procedures. To help you out and guide you about the process, Daniel Pataki has inscribed an easily comprehendible reference.

Using scratch to develop a WordPress theme

For generating a WordPress theme through scratch, you can check out Tania Rascia’s tutorial for beginners. Here, you can learn a lot of advanced tricks and techniques to undertake the task of creating WordPress themes.

Some tricks for the theme files

Regardless to mention that the theme file in (functions.php) WordPress is full of thrill. It allows you to combine numerous fascinating features, enqueue scripts, form navigation menus, and whatnot!

For assisting you to supercharge the WordPress theme, the WPBeginner folks have created several code snippets.

Tips to create power WordPress themes

The utmost aspect to look into while developing a WordPress is the accuracy of the written code. If the theme has poor coding might not be desirable.

In fact maintaining it also becomes tougher. Therefore, you can check out the tips of Damian Logghe to eliminate the potential mistakes.

If you are determined enough, developing a WordPress theme would not be that hard. Once you grasp the basic techniques and procedures, you can easily produce your theme in a short period.

However, while executing the task, make sure to keep your eyes on WordPress’s tags and features.

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