6 Top Tips For CRO Success In WordPress

Tips For CRO Success 

These days WordPress is on a boom. It is presented everywhere. The main reason behind this is various features and functionality provided by WordPress.

A well-featured set of plugins are also provided so that one can easily add more features. By using WordPress one can design their website easily and efficiently.

A large variety of WordPress themes are also made available. Themes can be used to design an elegant and splendid website which can be managed with ease.

Have you ever heard about CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)? Conversion rate is used to analyze number of people who visits your site and get converted to buy your products or services.

So, here we are discussing “how to escalate CRO of your WordPress Website.” We are enlisting here 6 top tips by which one can increase customer conversion rate effectively.

1. Keep Your Intention Clear:

Nowadays customers are continuously besieged by various offers from paid searches social media and other sources as well.

Due to this bombarding, user’s interest is keep on reducing and they do not pay much attention to any of these ads.

In order to grasp their attention, it is advisable that intention of your page or any of video or image would be clear and pithy.

It means that You have to focus on the main message which you want to convey to the user. You need not put your customers into trouble by inundating your page by so many images and content.

CRO is about optimization of each page in order to convert more customers. It is not about boasting each and every detail of your product but just giving a brief about it. CRO is optimization of goal conversion.

It incorporates optimizing calls to action and to make sure that user will focus on that conversion. Advisable not to use nebulous call to actions.

Tips For CRO Success

2. Don’t Depend Entirely On Templates:

As we all know that we have a wide range of WordPress themes and templates. It does not mean that you solely depend on them only. You have also to think out of the box.

The more digitally versed customers you have, the more you have to do laborious work in order to establish your brand in a unique way. It is good to maintain a control over each aspect of the landing page.

It will prove to be helpful in the later stage that is while A/B testing phase. WordPress landing page offers easily adaptable templates. CRO techniques can also be applied to your website by using this template.

So, one have to opt for various ways rather then solely depending upon templates.

3. Target On Design clues:

The design is the main aspect by which you can attract more customers for conversion. A design will have a momentous intellectual effect on your visitors. There are many practices by which you can indirectly appeal them for converting.

You can use multiple colors, various shapes and can make use of lines as well. But if you are using colors then it should be according to the background color.

That is if the background color is light then use dark shade to write content or to design something over it and vice versa. You can use various shapes in order to indicate product descriptions or anything about the product.

But one thing which you have to be focused on while designing is your primary content for the particular page. Whatever you will design it must be related to the primary content of that page. Design should be persistent to the identity of your brand.

4. Scrutinize various users motives:

If you want to make a clear analysis then it is necessary to take into consideration different users motive. It is not necessary that every user visits your website for the same purpose.

Some visits just because they are attracted by design of the site or some have interest in your brand. Some users visit really for conversion. So, you can analyze all these in detail, by adapting some strategy.

You can create various page variants for each of the categories of users intents. The temperature of various intents indicates by which motive the user visits your website.

Variant designed will all have different content and different call to actions. All may have a totally different design. The main idea behind this is to personalize user experience by which analysation can be done with ease.

5. Use of Animation:

Animation is the best alternative out of all the available options. As it is like giving life to a website as it adds live effects to a website. One can design their website by making use of WordPress themes.

As themes provides so many features and functionality. After designing website one can add animated effects to various sections of their websites.

Videos and animations plays a vital role in converting users. As by this user get a clear idea of the products or anything else you want to convey. But if you are creating a video it should be properly made keep in mind users perspective.

Present the video with proper content and eye-catching title. This way, it will be helpful to convert users. Video quality should be good, also after final creation give it a final check if editing is required. Take help of animation in order to explain something regarding video.

6. Spawn additional landing pages:

Call to action optimization is just the starting of the process. Always keep in mind one landing page is not sufficient to understand your customer behaviour. You always need more landing pages in order to maintain information regarding your customer behaviour.

Digital marketers collect data from various sources to detect customers conversion reasons.
So, these are the different measures by using which one can optimize conversion rate to a great extent. By using WordPress themes you can include various functionality to your website. Also, you can make use of plugins as well to add more features.

Deepika Sharma

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