Top Free HTML5 Animation Tools To Set Your Pages In Motion

These days there is a competition in each and every field no matter in which field you are. Just consider, you have designed your website but it is not much dynamic or up to date.

Then, of course, your website will not be in the top among your competitors. Your website will be such designed, that will keep users hooked up for a long.

You can design your website to be more dynamic with the use of animation tools. In this post, we will discuss top HTML5 animation tools.


It runs in the browser without requiring for additional downloads or plugins. As maqetta application itself is HTML authored.

Maqetta is an open-source project which provides WYSIWYG visual authoring of HTML5 user interfaces. Maqetaa created HTML pages can be used across all popular browsers including Internet Explorer.


It is an advanced and the latest app developed specifically for designers. Along with its beautiful appearance it also provides designers with endemic use.

You can design HTML5 banners but not with much large file size. It is best suited for coders as well as designers.

HTML5 animation tool

HTML5 Maker:

HTML5 Maker is an online animation editor. It suits for abecedarian and experts both. It made you available with a large collection of images.

You need not use Photoshop for creating astonishing text as it supports all the prominent text filters.

Also can use various images in your project and can also tweak its properties for spawning Instagram like effects. You can also generate a fascinating animation that supports extraordinary transition.


You can create a pleasant and aesthetic animated banner ad within no time. You can spawn your own designs or can start from over 1000 ready-made HTML5 banner templates.

HTML5 animation tool

Edge Animate CC:

Web designers can create interactive HTML animations for digital publishing, web, rich media, advertising and like.

You can reach to your audience no matter they are searching from desktop or mobile. Designs developed by this can be viewed well with any devices.

Tumult Hype 3.5:

You can see your content live, using tumult hype. It has a special keyframe-based animation system which made this possible.

Once you click on ‘record’ it starts recording all your moves and based on that it automatically creates a keyframe. Besides this, you can also add, remove or rearrange keyframes manually as per your need.


Mixeek is entirely based on HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. It is a software tool used for spawning web animations and interactive animated web applications. It is much light-weight and easy to use as compare to other HTML5 animation tools.

Google Web Designer:

Google web designer authorize you to create interactive, captivating motion graphics and HTML5 based design. Produced designs can be run on any device smoothly.

It consists of two animation modes one is quick mode and another is advanced mode. In Advanced mode, you can easily change the location of elements within the stack and animate individual elements using layers.

In quick mode, the tool will take care of frames in between and you can build your animation scene by scene.

Hippo Animator:

Hippo Animator is much persuasive yet is simple and easy to get conversant with its working. It works at its optimum in mobile, desktop or any other device as well.

You do not need any previous scripting knowledge. It is easy for anyone to get conversant with the working of this tool.

You can add MP4, YouTube or Vimeo videos to your animated movies. Also, can easily add animation to your web page with only one line of code. You can easily generate slideshows with the use of built-in image editor.


Efficient library of GSAP provides API efficiency, advanced sequencing and tight control over designing. You can design high-performance HTML5 animations which work in all popular browsers.

With the use of GSAP, you can use animation in an efficient way and it also enriched designing your animated effects.


It is one of the best HTML5 animation tools. You can design vector shapes and delivered them with live motions, shape poses, add images, patterns and text. You can also publish them as HTML content which is congenial with mobile phones, tablets and ebooks.


Mugeda allows you to create amazing casual games and web apps. It can be run on mobile and other devices with greater efficiency. Mugeda uses its own Cloud Studio and JavaScript API to do the game development task.


You need not do any sign up before starting with animatron. It is one of the best HTML5 animation tools among all.

You can generate stunning HTML5 animation and interactive content. It is simple yet is effective to design splendid animations on your website.


It is a powerful concoction of HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. It allows you to create animations in an aesthetic manner. You can get versed with it just like you are working with it for many years.

You do not need any installation you just have to use in-cloud image library to draw things as per your choice.

It is also made available with a one-click preview mode. You can check a preview of whatever you have created before finally implementing it.


It is much easier as compared to the other HTML5 tools in the list. One of its main features is, it fills the gap between a dilettante and a professional.

It provides efficient tools for creating feature-rich animations, with a simple, easy-to-use interface. You have to follow simple steps to get familiar with this tool.

First, you have to simply create a slide for each content state. Then, second is to choose an animation style. Motioncomposer will automatically create the animation paths, eliminating the animating content frame by frame.


Here I have presented a list of best HTML5 animation tools. You can design an elegant website by using any of these tools.

All are impeccable at its own place. You can choose the one which is perfect as per your requirement. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Deepika Sharma

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