WordPress Increases Dominance as CMS of Choice

WordPress increases dominance as CMS of choice
With over more than 60 million users that is no disagree that WordPress CMS rules the internet. As WordPress now is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world today for everyone looking to build a website for their brand or business.

WordPress has grown and progressed with the demands and requirements of the users. WordPress is one of the most preferred ways to publish content and it also powers 26 percent of the world’s website’s, that is almost 30 percent of the entire web is running over to WordPress. Also, this platform titles almost half of the total CMS market.

Want to know why it is the most popular CMS in the World? There are many reasons for this. WordPress CMS helps one to update, create, organise and manage the websites and blogs by utilizing the various number of tools.

There are many big brands that utilizes WordPress, as it is accessible, simple and very easy to use. There are many other benefits of WordPress CMS that has enabled it to stay ahead of other CMS available on the internet.

Let’s discover the critical factors that have helped WordPress to maintain its rule in the internet.

WordPress is Open Source and Free to Use

One of the key advantages of this platform is that it is an open source CMS and will always remain so in the future. This is undoubtedly the biggest reason why WordPress CMS is the most popular.

As it is open source a private company cannot choose to remove your content on its own. That is, one will not lose its content when it is published via using WordPress. Using this platform, you are saving a lot of money as it is free to install and free to utilize.

You can create any type of blog or website using it. One can connect it to their own servers, extend it, download it and experiment as per your wish.

It is constantly up-to-date and upgraded. It has new version released in every 5 months on an average, since its beginning there has been almost 32 major versions.

It has probably been around 14 years since it was initially released, but still it is the fastest growing CMS with over 500 new websites and blogs being developed every day on this platform.

There are 17 users every second that press the publish button on their new blog post they have uploaded to WordPress.

WordPress Increases Dominance as CMS of Choice

It is Very Simple to Utilize

WordPress is the simplest platform among the other entire platform on the web, as it is very user friendly. It is very easy to create any kind of websites with WordPress.

The biggest benefit is that it only requires a little knowledge of coding that is if you have any information about HTML then you can perform any task you want with WordPress.

Users find it extremely easy to change the layout and the content of the site that is built on WordPress.

Anyone can just simply install it and can start utilizing right away, thus this makes WordPress the most popular CMS. Hence there is no doubt that WordPress millions of websites across the globe, anyone can utilize the standard dashboard.

Search Engine Optimization friendly nature

WordPress is great for SEO. Any professional development company will suggest you to make your website using WordPress as it optimizes your website for SEO. The permalink structures, the options of making your URL keyword rich and other options will make your WordPress website SEO rich.

One can also utilize some of the free SEO plugins to create sitemap. It is generated automatically and then WordPress submits it to Google.

All templates of WordPress have a clean code and a seamless integration of HTML and CSS background. You van modify meta tags, title tags, image ALT tags, descriptions and more to make your website more user friendly.

For utilizing it you don’t need to be an expert for installing plugins and make them work. The WordPress CMS guides you through everything and it is a 100 percent SEO friendly.

This Platform is Highly Customizable

This WordPress CMS platform offers hundreds and thousands of themes for each profession. Each of these themes comes with numerous designs and feature personalization options.

It is used to create any type of website one can think of. It is fully customizable as it is an open source and the templates and plugins are made flexible to suit different needs.

This platform has powers 15 percent among the top 100 websites in the world, that comprises of CNN, Time, Fortune, and TechCrunch. Thus, one can utilize it for building any kind of blog, website or portfolios.

WordPress has Plugins for Mostly Everything

There are more than 50,000 various kinds of plugins that one can download to add value to your WordPress website.

This is what makes WordPress the most loved CMS. The plugins are regularly updated and are redefined to suit the various needs of the changing times.

One can find a plugin form everything like SEO tools, inactive image plugins online, popup plugin and many others.

Plugins can be updated individually, without affecting any other component in the website. Many plugins are also free and one can update them as per their needs.

Easy Accessibility

WordPress is easily accessible across all platforms. One can install WordPress very conveniently on any server like the Windows or the Linux, as it utilizes free license server.

Your website can be seen on all kinds of mobile devices as it utilizes HTML, CSS and PHP to extract websites pages.

With all the points given above, there is no doubt that WordPress is the best CMS. And in the coming years, it will only grow bigger. Thus, anyone can build their website very easily, without the need of any expert with the help of WordPress CMS.

As there are over 70 million websites live today utilizing this platform, this WordPress has kept the Security game up-to-date. WordPress enables you to experience the CMS better than ever.

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