Best Free WordPress Invoice Plugins 2023

Free WordPress Invoice Plugins

Looking for the best free WordPress invoice plugins for WordPress?  There are hundreds and thousands of free WordPress invoice plugin that can be utilized to turn your WordPress into an outstanding customer invoicing and billing system.

Perfect plugin will take your new business to another level of success and will also maintain your business. Also, one of the most important features is keeping your clients and invoice payment in order. But it is difficult to find the right invoice plugin for a freelancer and startups.

Invoice plugin helps you to generate, edit, send customized and itemized invoices for your clients without having to leave your WordPress website’s cPanel.

A good invoice system also includes features like PDF invoices, recurring billing, customer management, and many others. Managing the follow-up payments with these invoice plugins is easy.

Best WordPress Invoice Plugins is basically a tool that gives information about a deal or cost of the product and services provided by the vendor to the purchaser.

These plugins should be easy to utilize so that you can setup it at once and can easily integrate into your work.

Given below are the best WordPress invoice plugins of 2021 to invoice your customers, which can be used for gathering and managing invoices.

The plugin needs to be easy so that customer can easily understand the information on what are they being billed for, it should show the payment option clearly.

Checkout Best Free WordPress Invoice Plugins 2021

Sprout Invoice:

Sprout Invoice

This easy WordPress invoice plugin enables you to easily create beautiful custom estimates and invoice templates. It is well designed and standardized template can increase your business brand.

This sprout invoice plugin improves your business workflow with task like project details, estimates, etc. It is flexible to its core and notification customization is available where notifications can be plain text or HTML and editing the entire content is very easy with shortcodes that add dynamic content.

Sprout Invoices have a free version, a pro version and also offers a number of paid extensions.

  1. It enables you to accept payments from PayPal, Stripe and more.
  2. It is integrated with over 300+ other apps around the web, including Quick books online and WooCommerce.
  3. Create a payment schedule for your customers with specific payment amount, due dates and past due fees.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Labels

woocommerce pdf
WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Labels plugin helps a WooCommerce store owner to easily print invoices, packing lists, shipping labels, and delivery notes all from the WooCommerce Orders dashboard.

This is one of the most user-friendly plugins that can help create customized invoices and other shipping documents.

Invoices are, without a doubt, the most important document required in an online store. The plugin also provides a premium version to help with their WooCommerce invoice.


1. Customize your store logo and store name on the documents generated
2. Download PDF invoice from WooCommerce order page
3. Auto-generate customized invoice number
4. Send PDF invoice to customers by email
5. Allow users to print the invoice from their accounts page when logged in

Invoice King:

invoice king

Invoice King makes creating and sending your invoice easy. The receipt creation interface gives you full control over each word on your receipt. Select a different template to give your invoice the look, style and design that you need for your business.

In the event that there is not any design that suits your necessities, then it can be created. In the setting area you can set some information that will be common in all your invoices, so that you so not need to enter it every single time.

  1. Customer data is saved and is also editable in the system, for creating invoice quicker.
  2. You can email the invoice to your customer directly from WordPress.


WP Invoice:

wp invoice

It is the most popular, flexible and one of the best invoice plugins that enables for accepting payments and sending invoices. This plugin allows WordPress owners to send itemized invoices to their customers.

The WordPress user management database is in ties with the WP invoice to keep track of all your users and their data.

When an invoice has been created from the WP admin section, and email with a unique link is sent to the customer, the user then follow the link to the invoice page, and pay their bills using one online payment system.

  1. It enables customers to pay partial bill with less amount.
  2. You can create users directly from the WP-invoice.
  3. It also provides receipts, pages with invoice log.


WooCommerce PDF Invoices:

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

This WooCommerce PDF plugin creates bill formatted PDF invoices and PDF packing slips. This plugin can easily be utilized by anyone and can also be modified.

The invoice is attached to the WooCommerce email types of your choice and then sends it to your customer’s Google drive,OneDrive or Dropbox. The PDF invoice is automatically generally and attached, you can manually create and delete the PDF invoices.

  1. It generates PDF packing slips for more details.
  2. It connects to Google drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.
  3. Multiple clean and highly customizable PDF invoice template.
  4. You can also mark invoices as paid.
  5. Date format customization options.


Sliced Invoices:

sliced invoices

With this sliced invoice WordPress makes it easy for you to design receipts and send to your customers at the same time. You can also send quotes to your clients as per-defined items and smart user interface make creating quotes and estimates very simple.

It is easy to use, well-supported, flexible and also one of the best invoice plugins. Your clients can also pay invoice online using PayPal.

This plugin is free to download and it additionally offers a variety of paid extensions for adding functionality. Extensions integrate things like Client Area, Discounts, Partial Payments, PDF Invoices, Different payment processors, Tax, etc.

Free plugin with extra modules like this will in general function great as you are paying for the exact additional extensions that you need.

When you get paid, you will receive notification that is nicely HTML formatted. You can set a global tax rate and can also rate per line item.

The sliced invoices are translation ready, so you can translate it into nay language you want. With the designing template you can design your own invoices and quotes or can utilize pre-designed templates.

  1. Get paid online.
  2. Predefined line items.
  3. Customizable email subjects and content templates.
  4. One can also add a logo and business details.
  5. It is well organized, quick and easy to use.


Given above are the best free WordPress Invoice plugin 2021 for your clients as well as for your business which can be used for managing and generating invoices.

We hope that you liked this article and it helped you to pick the right invoice plugin according to your needs of your business.

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