10 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge

best outline Fonts
An outline font means the number or an alphabet that has an outline with no fill inside it. These type of fonts are created to make your content attractive.

It is mostly used to highlight the headlines or titles. Many stationery designs such as business card, office suppliers letterhead, and logos also utilizes the benefits of outline fonts.

The outline fonts are used to create posters, greeting cards, flyers, etc. The list of best outline fonts are mentioned below that will make your content more attractive and captivating. Some fonts are available for free whereas some are available at a premium cost.

Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge


The playbook outline fonts are used for designing posters, banners especially for the fun or play purposes. Therefore playbook is considered to be the best outline fonts for children’s book cover or storybook cover.

These fonts are available in 3 different types i.e. Playbook Outline, Playbook Regular and Playbook Fill. The Playbook font is limited in choices therefore the font is more enjoyable and artistic.

This is sufficient to divert or center the user’s attention towards your website. If your website target audience is the children then the Playbook font is the best option.

The design of its will seems as someone has a sketch this typeface with the marker or pen. That is why it is giving a genuine and attractive look.

2. Library 3 AM

library 3am

Library 3 AM font is available for free. This font has an elegant and creative look. Usually, Library 3 AM comes with 2 different style that is soft and regular.

The most unique feature of these fonts is that it supports different languages. Library 3 AM font follows the one-line structure. This is known as Neon font which is available totally free of cost.

The font can be used for commercial and personal work. Headlines and banners are the best applications for the neon font. It is widely used to design casinos and nigh club banners.

3. Potra


This font has a very modern design that feels like cutting edge or visionary. The character used in this style has rounded lines plus all the characters are written in capital letters.

Plus number, symbols are allowed to use. The main use of these fonts is for logotypes, headlines, badgets, labels and also used for prints.

The font is visually more appealing and available for free which can be used for personal and commercial use.

4. Exodar


Exodar is the best outline fonts that are considered to be pioneering which gives elegant look to every single character. The stylish look of fonts makes content more science fiction, innovative, smart and readable. The font is very easy to use.

This font is specially used for commercial activities for example headline, poster design, logo, album cover, etc.

Exodar has a best design to create a business card, magazine, social media product design, t-shirt and album cover. Any type of design can be created with Exodar where you have to give futuristic look.

5. Altero


Altero is also a modern outline font that follows the new approach. It avails you simple and elegant design plus it follows the bold design approach the font is divided into 2 different categories i.e. Outlines and Regular.

The alphabet on it has a capital letters, 505 glyphs, numbers, and symbols. The Altero outline font supports 91 languages.

This font is best for writing headlines, banners, ads and posters. Hence the font is also available for free to use for professional or personal use.

6. Neon Neon


If you want to set fonts to 80s mood that Neon Neon is the best choice to go. These fonts make use of line art in a unique way. The character designs are not closed completely, all the character has an exit point and an origin point.

The Neon Neon fonts are considered to be the best outline fonts because it has stylish and creative look than the other.

The Neon Neon font is mostly used for poster design, advertising, packaging, etc. If you want to target audience of 80s generation or who likes 80s music then this font is best to use.

7. Metria Free Display Font


Metria font uses a different method to create a design and for styling website. The Metria fonts uses shapes and angles that were used in geometry subject.

Every single character has its own feature. Hence the fonts used in the design feel like unique and fresh. The design of this fonts are very flexible because it enables the rigid shapes of geometry.

The font looks more funny and attractive. This font is usually used by architectural and suits best for quiz header and textbooks.

8. Fakedes


Fakedes is the serif font. The fakedes font has a new design. Every single letter has a modern feature that duplicates incomplete font. Hence the design looks more refreshing and unique.

The Fakedes has mainly two different approaches that are Regular and Bold. The design follows the curved round shape so that it is easy to view and read. Fakedes is specially used for styling header, boarding’s and for children party invitation.

9. Paralines


Paralines are outline fonts that is mostly used for retro and future design. The font structure will address the modern design whereas its elements will address to the retro design.

The Paralines are the best outline fonts for posters like vintage films and product to showcase modern design.

10. Forsaken Font


The forsaken looks like craftwork. The fonts look like romantic to the users. The fonts are best for printing fonts on dresses and logos.

This font is included with a filled and outline version. With the use of these two designers you can create a design that looks more attractive and charming. The bottom edge of the design and elements look like painting strokes.

However, this design is the best to outline fonts for designing headers f painting exhibitions and art galleries. Plus the design can be used for designing art magazines.

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