The Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins That Will Speed Your Affiliate Website

WordPress Affiliate Plugins

It is a much difficult task to monetize your blogs. Is it right or wrong? Obviously, it is right. This is the main reason for emanating of affiliate programs. With the help of them, you can earn some money for your content.

There are a large number of affiliate programs. Some are also designed by Amazon such as Amazon Associates. Only you have to become a member of affiliate program. Then, you have to quest for WordPress affiliate plugins.

This way you can make your blog affiliate affable and thus can inflate your sales. You can optimize your blog for affiliate content marketing by WordPress affiliate plugins. They act as a add-ons and provides more flexibility to your blog’s dashboard.

In this creaky competitive world, selling your products is not an easy task. So, affiliate plugins made at least technical aspects of this task easier. Let us see some of the best WordPress affiliate plugins.

List of Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

1. Pretty Link Lite:

Pretty Link Lite

You need not write a PHP script to control your link. So, do you need to give controls of your links to some third party? Answer is no.

To accomplish this task that is for controlling your links Pretty link lite is there. You can manage each and every link personally. Have with you whole list of links.

You can also replace keywords with some of the links with the use of pretty link lite. Just have to go to the admin panel and have to select from some options. And, you are done.

2. Thirsty Affiliates:

To maintain notoriety of your affiliate blogs, having enticing URL’s is must. You can hide your ugly affiliate URL’s and reverse them into good looks.

You can place your website’s domain in them, this is plausible with the use of thirsty affiliates. It also made available to you with an assortment of importing tools. It also provides automated keyword linking.

3. WP Auto Affiliate links:

It is one of the best WordPress affiliate plugins to replace keywords with the affiliate links. You have to just set the vital keyword pairs. And, WP auto affiliate links automatically insert all affiliate links in any text on the whole website.

One of the best features about it is that it works with all biggest affiliate programs. Some of them are Ebay, Shareasale, Amazon, Comission Junction, Walmart, Bestbuy, ClickBank, etc.

4. EasyAzon:

It allows you to link the products with the actual links in the text. As a result, whenever your website visitor hovers over a keyword, this plugin offer them to buy a product associated with that keyword. The showcase box looks very captivating as well.

5. iTunes link Engine:  

This is good linking engine if you are working with iTunes and App Store. It works same as the other affiliate plugins. It will direct your customers to correct localized versions of iTunes and App store.

6. Amazon links Engine:

This is one of the best WordPress affiliate plugins. It localizes your affiliate links. That is when your customer clicks on the link. Then, he will be directed to the certain localized version of Amazon, not only to Amazon.

Since it is directing customers to a localized version so it makes things more specific. As a result, you will get more international sales and also enhance conversion rates to a great extent.

7. Amazon Product in a post plugin:

You can add an item to your post from the Amazon Store page by using only product code. Can create an eye-catching content around the product you want to push for sales.

This plugin will makes this possible for you to sell products to your visitors in an effective way. You will have access to numerous shortcodes and displaying options of your content.

Along with the products you can add custom reviews and descriptions. This way you can monetize your blog with much convenience.

8. OptinMonster:

With just few clicks you can build effective subscription form with a user-friendly form builder. You can get back customer’s attention even when they decide to leave your page.

This is possible with the help of pop-ups. This way you can convert your website visitors to your customers and subscribers with ease.

One of the best facets about this WordPress affiliate plugin is that you can measure results and check statistics. And that too with much convenience. This way, you can check that your current strategy or approach is working fine or not.

9. Rel Nofollow Checkbox:

With the use of this plugin you can add a simple checkbox. With Checkbox you can add a ‘nofollow’ attribute in one click. It is quite useful if you want to hide some links from keyword that Google will see while scanning your website.

10. Adsanity:

It is one of the best ad management plugin. It allows you to manage your affiliate campaigns and ads within the dashboard area. You can also schedule ads or banners displaying time as per your requirement.

This plugin made available affiliate marketers a convenient way to insert banners in videos, graphics, posts and other elements. You can also see the results of your website performance. Hence, you can see how each unit of your website has performed.

11. WP RSS Aggregator:

The main task of this plugin is to fetch content from affiliate networks into your WordPress site. You can even setup auto blogs with your affiliate networks with its effective Add-ons.

This plugin will automatically fetch products when you posts into your WordPress blog. When you combine this with your original content then you can easily boost your affiliate rankings.

There are many WordPress affiliate plugins. You can use any of them based on your requirements. Although, it totally depends on the type of program you choose.

Once after selection of your affiliate program, you can quest for a specific plugin that is designed for the program specifically. This way you can sell your products effectively with the use of affiliate plugins.

Here, I have listed some of the best WordPress affiliate plugins. You can select from them based on your prerequisite. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Deepika Sharma

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