Best Reasons To Choose WordPress To Build Your Website

Reasons To Choose WordPress

According to a survey published by Netcraft, the total number of WordPress powered website is estimated at over 172 million. Some of the large organizations like TechCrunch and CNN also using WordPress.

A majority of professionals are recommending their clients and colleagues to use WordPress. As it has a plethora of benefits. What are the benefits of WordPress?

Some are premium and free themes and plugins, a proficient community of developers, Search engine friendly design and much more.

So, in this post, we are going to take a glimpse at the top reasons to choose WordPress. There are immense features which makes WordPress an exemplary platform for website development.

Open source platform: What do you exactly meant by open source platform? It means that anyone can add plugins and themes in WordPress.

And, the building code is accessible to all. Without any hassle, you can easily download and modify WordPress code if in case needed. But it is not like that all the changes you are doing will be accepted by the WordPress community.

WordPress is made available to you just free of cost. You need not invest even a penny for developing your website. But are you aware of the fact that

What is the main purpose of WordPress? As you all know that WordPress is having its root as a blogging platform. But, now it is renowned and one of the topnotch content management system.

Its main purpose is to provide convenience to all users in developing elegant websites. As there are a lot of features provided by it.

And, one of the most vital aspects is it is available to you free of cost. So, it has been designed keeping on mind small to large-scale organizations and industries.

Existence for many years: It was launched so many years ago that is in 2003 when no one was much tech-savvy. And, no one has any idea about blogging and Content management system.

So, after some time of its initial launch, it becomes the best platform for bloggers. Slowly with the passage of time, it becomes a renowned platform which is now used by a wider range of people from common people to a professional web designer.

Do you have any idea how many websites are created using WordPress each day? On an average, 500 websites are developed by using WordPress every day.

Is theme WordPress Reliable?
From its launch till now it is only gaining popularity. No one has found any demerits in WordPress. As you have read earlier, it is now used by many large organizations like TechCrunch and CNN.

Therefore, it is nothing there to doubt on its reliability. In the current scenario also it is estimated that WordPress will gain more popularity in the near future with the addition of more and more features.

Websites developed by WordPress do not need an update soon as it is exquisite for a long run.

Community Support:
It is one of the best top reasons to choose WordPress. It is now used by a majority of people. No matter they have a technical background or not. As there are many people who want to develop their website on their own.

With the use of WordPress themes, it is much hassle free to develop a palatial website. When it comes to using premium themes, then it is more convenient as you are provided with support.

WordPress is a platform with a hefty community forum that is managed by employees and WordPress maniac people.

Is WordPress easy to use for a beginner?
WordPress is designed with a user-friendly approach. Anyone without possessing coding knowledge can develop websites with the use of ready-made themes.

Any of the beginners can start by taking help from blogs or articles. Since WordPress is much popular so you can find a surfeit of posts related to it on every minuscule topic.

And, if in between you may get stuck while developing your website then forums are there to help you out. However, as mentioned above community support are also provided.

WordPress themes for beginners

Themes and plugins:
As of now, there are thousands of WordPress themes and plugins available in WordPress. For a specific category itself, you can find various options.

Like if you want to design a website for an education institute then just you have to type education and you are provided with a profusion of themes.

From the variety of options, you can choose one which is best suited as per your requirements. If you are confused which theme to choose then you can take help from reviews and then decide. You can also see when it was last updated.

A similar scenario is with plugins also in order to provide the specific functionality you can quest for plugins. Consider, you want to make loading speed of your website faster, and then you can search for cache plugins.

Likewise, whatever functionality you want to provide you can search for that specific WordPress plugin. It is a saying that power of WordPress lies in its plugins and yes, it is absolutely true.

Themes and plugins both are made available to you in two types. That is premium and free of cost. Depends on your budget you can decide which one you want to opt.

Search engine affable:
It is one of the essential features required by any contemporary website. It is the dream of any website owner to see their website in higher search rankings.

And, it is only possible with the use of SEO optimized coding which WordPress used in all its themes. Highly logical design and responsive layout make search engines to give preference to WordPress powered website.

Along with this, you can use SEO plugins in order to have higher search rankings. This is one of the top reasons to choose WordPress. As without good search rankings, your website may be lost in the crowd of variety of websites.

Is WordPress a good platform? After reading this post obviously, no one has doubt that WordPress is one of the topnotch and meritorious platforms.

All its features and functionality make it stand out from the crowd of various website designing platforms. Now you have a clear notion of why to use WordPress for designing your balletic website.

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