10 Best WordPress Facebook Plugins to Level Up Your Social Strategy

WordPress Facebook Plugins
For your business, you have been heard many times that “you need to get on Facebook”. It must be irritating for you to hear but you can’t neglect the fact that Facebook is a very important part of marketing.

With Facebook, you can connect with your targeted users and the audiences to get more traffic for your business website.

It does not matter how many people follow you on this account, it most important thing is to get the Facebook WordPress plugin to promote your brand and increase the followers.

Why you should use the Facebook plugin?

Facebook plugins give you a variety of options to share your content, increase follow count, showcase pictures, marketing, promoting the brand, etc. Read about Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies. Some advantages of Facebook plugin are given below

* By creating a Facebook page your customer will be aware of your social media presence.
* You can post some articles and blog that will act as a guideline for customer’s query.
* Your customer can share your pages and posts to their social media accounts.
* You need to adjust the size of images and the content that is on shared posts.
* You can add small widgets for a like button on your page.
* With the help of Facebook, you can boost SEO.
* Customer service can be provided via Facebook.
* Some awesome WordPress Facebook Plugins will enhance your website visual with the help of a picture gallery plugin.

The thing that should be taken care of while working with Facebook plugin

Facebook is the third party plugin, therefore there are chances of getting your plugin deactivated automatically when it violates the Facebook policy. Therefore make sure that you are taking proper action on Facebook.

Moreover, Facebook has a server issue that is the main reason that your website gets slow down and gets unexpected errors.

What you should do to neglect this?

Facebook is the best platform for marketing hence you have only one option left that is ‘take a risk and move forward’. Smash Ballon usually create a blog that will help you to understand more about Facebook.

Steps to add a Facebook page plugin to your WordPress

* Facebook has an inbuilt option where you can add widgets to your WordPress website.
* Visit this link https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin
* Add your Facebook page URL
* Now make your choice that which widgets will be visible to the users
* Now specify the height, weight or widgets.
* Now specify the size of the cover photo, header, etc.
* Press the ‘get code’ button.

Now Facebook will generate two small codes that you need to add to your WordPress website.

Now copy and paste the first one to the header.php file of your regular theme. Check where tag is located and add the code there. The second code can be added anywhere on your website where you want to display your plugin. The best choice is to postcode in the post or a page’s sidebar or footer.

What are the best WordPress Facebook Plugins

1. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed
2. Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat
3. Widget for Social Page Feeds
4. Simple Like Page Plugin
5. Shared Counts – Social Media Share Buttons
6. WP2Social Auto Publish
7. Nextend Social Login and Register
8. Yoast SEO
9. WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare
10. Thumb Fixer for Social Media

1. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed
This plugin is the best to start promoting your business if your website is created on WordPress platform. The WordPress Facebook Plugins will help you out to reach maximum users does not matter if your company is big or small this will showcase your content in the best possible way.

With this plugin, you will be able to showcase your Facebook post to your WordPress website. This is a good move for your new users as they will be aware that you have a good presence on social media channels too. And these visitors will be able to follow you your business profile to read more content.

Because the Smash Ballon plugin is very easy to use. it has many ratings and reviews. Within a few minutes, your blog or any content will be directly posted to your Facebook profile.

This plugin is best for designers, photographers, artist, interior designer to showcase their portfolio on their website,

2. Widget for Social Page Feeds

Widget for Social Page Feeds
The second most helpful WordPress Facebook Plugins is a Widget for social page feeds. It works same as Smash Ballon does. It will display your Facebook feeds to your WordPress website.

If your website consists of lots of widgets then this plugin will be the best solution. You can also make use of shortcodes that are accessible on the Facebook widget plugin.

This plugin will display all the content on Facebook to your WordPress website because of a lightweighted widget. With the help of a shortcode, you can place a Facebook gallery anywhere you want.

3. Nextend Social Login and Register

Nextend Social Login and Register
This plugin will create a seperate area on your website so that new visitors will be able to create their profiles along with their old profile. An existing customer is also able to login with the past credential details.

You will be able to access a Facebook profile on the section where other social media networks are there. So the user just needs to click on ‘login with Facebook’ and they will be logged in to their profiles.

The free version is also available Nextend Social Login and Register plugin. With this plugin, you will get the features of LinkedIn, WooCommerce integration, etc.

Forum, community, membership website, a gated content website, etc can enhance their subscriber with this plugin.

4. Shared Counts – Social Media Share Buttons

Shared Counts
Social media share button plugin is the fastest method to get information out from your WordPress website or a blog.

Users will read your blog or a post and if they link that particular blog they can share it to their connections with the help of social media share plugin.

They can share content with their Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social account that your clients prefer. This plugin can be used on any WordPress theme because it works faster.

The plugin will work best on product pages, blog posts, pages, etc. the buttons are very fast to load because of lightweight features.

5. WP2Social Auto Publish

add follow button

WP2Social Auto Publish
The blog you publish on your website will be posted to your social media accounts automatically if you integrate the WP2Social Auto Publish.

The plugin comes with outstanding features, for example, it allows customizable features and options for content. Along with this, you can customize the title, description of your Facebook post.

You have a complete authority to select the website post to showcase on Facebook. This can be done by using a filter item. WP2Social plugin is also available for free.

6. Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat

This plugin will connect your WordPress website with the live char of Facebook. The company is working hard to provide the proper customer support with the chat plugins so this is a perfect solution.

You can quickly share information, review. Social buttons etc in the chatbox. The plugin is available at some specific cost. Different plans are available you can check it out.

If your website is like full suit tools that utilize the features of Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat plugin.

7. Yoast SEO

Yoast Seo
Yoast SEO is not properly a WordPress Facebook Plugins but it is useful for search engine optimization. It gives you options in abundance to improve the Facebook post.

The main use of Yoast SEO is to drive more traffic to your website or a blog. For a small based company, you can use a free version else you need to work with the paid plugin. Yoast SEO is best for ranking your website to the top of Google searches.

8. Thumb Fixer for Social Media

The most common problem arises when the image gets out from Facebook to the WordPress website is that when any one of the images or nothing gets to appear on Facebook. The image thumbnail that gets display seems too small or distorted.

At this time Thumb Fixer for social media plugin gets involved. This plugin makes sure that only your featured image will be taken out from the WordPress website to the Facebook page.

This plugin will ensure that every content looks great on the website along with the feature images.

9. Simple Like Page Plugin

Simple Like Page Plugin
Simple like page plugin is something that will tell your visitors to like your brand or follow you on Facebook.

This plugin has a very user-friendly interface. the plugin is also available for free but with limited functionality. It utilized a small space on your website. a plugin is most useful if you are using widgets.

10. WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare

If you are looking for some advance features than the sharing plugin then WordPress social sharing plugin which is from social warfare is the best choice.

This plugin has a very appealing frontend design where you can add social share buttons. Free and premium both versions are available for this plugin.

Before deciding any plugin for your website it is best to check all plugins features that are suitable for your website business or not.

For trial you can start with free plugin if you like then move to the paid one. Personally we suggest you to use Yoast SEO and social media share plugin.

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