5 Best WordPress Search Plugins to Improve Your Site Search

WordPress search plugins

Without any doubt, we can say that WordPress is the best CMS available on the internet but still, there are facts that WordPress is not complete or perfect. There are some aspects where improvements are needed and one of the important aspects is the Search area.

The default search functionality in WordPress works well but to some extent only. With some search scenario, this plugin does not work faster and do not display the desired results.

Website visitors are unable to navigate properly with keywords. Thus this functionality does not provide support for custom fields, post types, and taxonomies.

But you don’t need to worry if you love working with WordPress, because WordPress provides you extended functionality i.e. plugin integration that will help you to enhance your website functionality the way you want.

By integrating WordPress search plugins your customers will have better searching experience it will also guide your visitors to find blog posts, articles, and other content very quickly and effectively. This process will minimize the bounce rate and will enhance user traffic organically.

But with the number of WordPress plugins available on the web, it is very difficult to find out perfect tools that will match your requirements.

You will be able to find more than 10 plugins for setting a single function on your website. Thus we come up with the best 5 WordPress plugin for enhancing your website search.



The most globally used WordPress plugin is Relevanssi which helps you to improve the complete search experience. The standard search feature will be replaced with a robust engine that will enhance the search results.

Users can search with sentences or keywords. The search results will get appear not on the basis of date but on relevance. The person searching for evergreen content will find this plugin more helpful.

You can search for anything with the help of Boolean expression this is the biggest benefit of using this plugin. For example, you are searching for ‘tennis and badminton’, the result will get appear by considering both the words. This plugin will search for the content related to badminton and tennis too. You can also use phrases to search for sentences for example ‘best WordPress search plugins’.

Some of the highlighted features of Relevanssi are

  • Popular search terms will be listed due to the query log.
  • To display where search results are, this plugin will highlight the search term.
  • The search result will be appearing that consists of categories, comments, and tags.
  • The weighting will be adjusted automatically for comments, titles, tags, and keywords.
  • This plugin can be used in more than a single website because it is a multisite friendly tool.
  • ‘Did you mean’ suggestion will be shown just like Google search engine does.
  • Index custom shortcodes, taxonomies, post types, and so on.
  • This plugin is supported by multi-languages.

The features listed above are the free plugin features if you need more then you have to switch to a premium version.

Ivory Search

ivory search

The most flexible and customizable search plugin is the Ivory Search plugin available for WordPress users. It will permit a number of search forms for your website and a blog. You might get more than a hundred customizable an option which is easy to perform is just one click.

Therefore this plugin is considered a highly user-friendly user interface. This is a free plugin which has countless features that are hardly found on any other WordPress search plugins. it will protect your pot and contents with a password.

Features of Ivory Search are

  • Easy to perform fuzzy matching.
  • The plugin is easy to test on a live website.
  • Search for terms, post types, categories, keywords, etc.
  • Permits to exclude specific content.
  • Perform keyword stemming

Ajax Search Lite

ajax search lite

Ajax search lite is one of the best WordPress search plugins available for WordPress users because it is more powerful than others and has some highly customizable features.

This plugin will add a live search to your WordPress website and a blog. It will enhance the searching experience by providing a live search bar. Keyword suggestions and auto-complete are also included with this plugin.

The plugin also works best with mobile devices. Very smooth animations are provided by this plugin for mobile users along with regular updates. Rather than utilizing the features of the default WordPress search, you can make use of Ajax search lite to get a better-searching experience.

This plugin is supported by custom fields and custom post types. With custom made search engines you can boost your website’s search engine.

Features of Ajax Search Lite are

  • Images in search results.
  • Custom filter boxes.
  • Search in tag, description title, category, excerpt, and other custom fields.
  • Search in pages and posts.
  • Search in custom post types for example events, WooCommerce products, portfolio items, and more.
  • Supportive with QtranslateX and WPML.
  • Automatic search replacement.
  • On the backend, more than 40 options are provided.
  • Category and post exclusions.
  • Completely Ajax powered.

Advanced Woo Search

advanced woo search

This is a powerful WordPress search plugins for woo-commerce. It is supported by Ajax search and search result pages.

Features of advanced woo search are

  • Search for any products in WooCommerce
  • Search category, content, title, excerpt, ID, tags, etc.
  • Smart ordering
  • Shortcodes and widgets are available.
  • Supported with search result pages.
  • Supported with WPML, WooCommerce multilingual, PolyLang, qTranslate.
  • Search exclude plugin support

Search Regex

search regex

To your WordPress posts, custom post types, pages, and other data sources, this plugin will add search and replace function effectively. Search Regex will not only provide a standard searching experience but also it will permit you to replace and search any type of data stored on your WordPress website.

This plugin can be used to perform site-wide changes, migration from one domain to another domain, update URL in images, and links.

Features of Search Regex are

  • Search in Metadata, users, post, pages, any custom post type, supported plugins, WordPress option, comments, and more.
  • You can catch data and use it in replacement.
  • Supported with 5 different languages including Dutch, English, Japanese, Italian, Dutch (Belgium).
  • Supported with 5.6 PHP versions and higher.
  • Migrate a site
  • Easy to manage large and small websites.

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