Why Small and Medium Enterprises Should Trust on WordPress

Why Agencies Should Trust WordPress

The must to be known WordPress Trust factors is that it is the largest content management platform. WordPress was introduced first in 2003 as a blogging platform, and it has full-fledged since then in popularity and in usages worldwide.

From blogging platforms, it is fully expanded content management system (CMS) in existence today. At the present time WordPress is one of the top choices for creating websites for business in all industry verticals and other web-based solutions.

The major reason for this popularity, it’s the ability to deliver website and also an online application of any nature.

Any business will exist or die it totally depends on the success of its online presence. Client interactions are determined increasingly by the variation of online touch points and decreases by the physical in-store or in-branch conversations.

Websites are at the core of a customer’s business and the motor which controls all client facing online interaction, just as the system through which digital advertisers assemble information and knowledge about their client’s practices and habits. Now days modern sites need to adjust great designs, UX, speed, security thus so much more.

The opportunities for digital organizations are enormous, however the weight is about to get it right for the customers the first time, without fail. Websites should be adaptable, simple to-utilize and should work as an engaging platform for facilitating organization content. Thus, getting the CMS right is very important.

WordPress is the kind of platform that helps your business to include the value to their improvement task and also preserve the online journey of your website cost effective. There are many reasons why WordPress is a quality platform for building sites for your business.

But if you still do not trust WordPress then read the given below are the WordPress trust factor point for you to know that you can trust this free and open source platform.

• Popular:
WordPress powers almost 17 percent of the web. There are nearly 22 domains running on WordPress in U.S, for every 100 new domains.

• Fortune500:
Various Fortune 500 organizations are utilizing this WordPress platform for their several blogs and websites. So, it is sufficient for Fortune 500 companies.

• Backing:
WordPress has the backing of various companies, that is the WordPress foundation and Automattic. A not for profit WordPress foundation that is devoted to protecting WordPress and other open source projects.

The same man who began WordPress has founded this automattic not profit company. There are well funded groups that are having WordPress back, as they continue to making open source projects and also contributing to WordPress.

• No Legalese:
In this there is no legalese or terms of utilization whenever one downloads WordPress. Its redemptive that being restrictive as there is only a basic license agreement. Not to hinder the utilization of WordPress, as it is there to make sure that WordPress remains free.

• Ecosystem:
There are numerous of hundreds and thousands of people that make money from using WordPress. Thus, WordPress has its own economy. This is one of the most WordPress trust factors.

There are many programmers and small businesses, freelancers and also designers and even business people that are helping one another to utilize WordPress. As it being an open source platform, it has helped many people find work.

Developers, designers, bloggers, hosting companies, WordPress themes shops and plugin makers, all of them utilizes WordPress for searching new customers and also using it for their client’s needs as well.

The entire system is getting rich and benefiting and just one company. Hence, using WordPress is healthy, supportable and powered by the people.

• History:
It has a long history; WordPress was launched in 2003 as a free and open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It was mostly connected with blogging, but now it is the most popular website management system.

• Open Source:
As WordPress is open source you can explode. There are many developers working on WordPress today than any other major software release. Most of the competition has gone away with the growth of WordPress.

Programmers have mostly chosen to go to the platforms, but in this fast-growing sector, there is no space for any satisfaction and a regular re-evaluation is necessary. So below we discuss why WordPress is the go-to CMS of choice.

WordPress has proven success for big business:
There are millions of websites built from WordPress, that is total of thirty-three percentage of the entire websites that have built on the WordPress platform till now.

It is steadily becoming a solution that demands attention from even larger firms. All of the site that utilizes a content management system, WordPress powers just about 60 percent of those websites.The enterprises that run on WordPress are UBER, Hallmark, National geographic and Siemens.

WordPress is scalable, flexible and secure:
Managing multiple website of clients and building portfolio is not an easy task. For maintaining and managing all websites needs the three factors that are flexibility, scalability and security.

Every agency has to make sure that they are providing their customers a site that is flexible and easy to adjust.

The best reason for one to utilize WordPress is that it is extremely flexible. It has a wide range of features, plugins and templates; WordPress makes it easier for one to build their dream website.

It is also secure as WordPress has automatic feature update for preventing your website from cyber-attacks. Also, when building site with a great web hosting for your WordPress website can provide even more security.

Brands as publishers:
The most important feature of any website is to advertise and display all the great data and the content organizations have to offer. Nowadays, many business and brands are taking publishing critically and are looking forward to have a direct relationship with their stakeholders.

Also, agencies inspire business for bringing their site into the hands of their brand marketers and managers. Thus, the WordPress flexibility and the ease of use makes it perfect choice for motivating the brand to publisher’s revolution.

WordPress is flexible, scalable, easy to utilize and also gives a platform that is engaging; thus, agencies must utilize WordPress as it provides the best CMS for clients. We hope that the information given above about the WordPress Trust Factor is useful to you.

Deepika Sharma

Writer and WordPress blogger at SKT Themes. Handling content partnerships, doing outreach, and making sure sktthemes.in is up to date.