Is SEO Success Affected If We Change The WordPress Themes?

Change The WordPress Themes

WordPress offers amazing benefits as it is one of the most preferred content management system that is based on PHP and MySQL. It is a free and open source and also offers great features and tools to the developers.

Getting the ranking for your WordPress website is a difficult task. You have invested your time, efforts to rank your site on various search engines by doing SEO methodologies such as off page SEO, on page SEO, content marketing, bookmarking, guest posting and others.

The response to the questions “does changing WordPress Themes Affect Your SEO Results” stays dynamic and is entirely on the circumstances that it goes through.

Changing WordPress site theme can influence the SEO results of your WordPress site just as WordPress blog, regardless of whether it changes SEO positively or negatively relies upon the process.

When dealing with a WordPress themes, you need check whether the SEO of your site is dealt with by a plugin or a specific WordPress template.

There are different sorts of WordPress themes and plugins for SEO. It depends completely on the SEO plugin if it helps or restrict your SEO.

While changing your WordPress theme, there are sure things that you have to remember for your site. One essential thing, is that you cannot simply expect that it should give extraordinary SEO results to your WordPress site, yet you have to do some examination of your new picked theme.

While changing the WordPress theme, your website may come up with various issues. Read and find out those changes in the custom settings.

How Changing WordPress Theme can Affect Your SEO Success

Changes in the Heading tags

While changing the WordPress theme, you should check the heading tags for the post titles utilized in the theme you are choosing.

The tags for which your post titles are utilized or hyperlinked will influence the overall SEO of your WordPress site. While changing the theme of your WordPress site, you ought to have studied this part of the theme.

Loss of Custom theme Settings

When you switch your theme and you are not aware of the performance of your new, you may finish up losing all your custom topic settings. Your new theme may or may not contain the highlights from your old theme.

The explanation for this might be the distinctive methods for coding utilized in the theme, so you get different functionality and design.

You will discover the difference in the way your site gets loaded. For example, one of them will first load the sidebars and after that post the body. While, the other will load the body first and afterward will go for the sidebars.

On off the chance if you have not checked the functionality of the theme, while changing the template of your site, then you may suffer such changes on your site which, thus will result you with changes in the loading time of your site.

For what reason does this make a difference? On the off chance that the loading time is expanded, you will at last end up getting negative effects on your SEO results. Try and make sure that you first check the performance before switching to the new WordPress template.

SEO Friendly WordPress Themes should be preferred

SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

WordPress has a vast variety of excellent WordPress themes, not all of them appear to show positive results when it comes to SEO friendly WordPress templates. Some of them come with awesome features, but also lack in clean and SEO friendly coding.

One should always select the SEO Friendly WordPress Themes which has certain inbuilt features for making a good SEO friendly website and to also increase the SEO ranking of the site

Once if are done with the changing, always make sure that you have previewed the WordPress template before it goes live on your site.
Also, you can look for the bugs and errors in the latest version of the WordPress theme. For detecting error or bugs happening to the latest website theme, there are certain tools available that one can use.

Change in template influences your SEO results, however whether to get all those changes in positive or a negative way is absolutely conditional on the purpose of the WordPress theme.

Whenever picked cleverly, it will have exceptional have positive outcomes on your SEO, and if not, it can likewise ruin the ongoing positioning of your WordPress Website. All of it relies upon the choice of your WordPress template.

It is Always a great Option to have your Data Backup

One of the most important things that one needs to do while changing the WordPress themes is to take a backup of all the site’s themes and database, before migrating it to SEO plugin.

When you have saved the backup of your website, if the working of the new theme does not go right then you can make utilization of your last template. It happens sometimes that you do not like to work with the new template after changing the theme.

As of now, you can make utilization of the backup that has been saved from the last website.This shouldn’t influence your SEO results, however you may see a few variances in the SEO positioning of your site.

After the initial changes, it will come back to your unique SEO results. Thus, it is a great option of having a backup of your ongoing theme to have a perfect website working with the WordPress platform.

Confused Consult a Professional

On the off chance that you don’t have enough resources to make the changes in your new WordPress themes, it is best to hire the right experts who can help you out in changing the theme. You can look for SEO experts on the web.

There are numerous associations that hire online experts away from locations. You can contract an in-house professional or out-source the job as well. It exclusively relies upon your organization policies and different strategies.


If you want to change your theme it is best to choose a theme that is the most identical to your existing one. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the theme you are choosing is SEO friendly too.

There are numerous SEO friendly free WordPress themes available that can the best replacements to your ongoing theme.

If the theme is not changed in an appropriate manner, then there will be a few changes in your SEO ranking going down. Make sure that you choose a theme that suits your business the best in the most possible way and for a longer period of time.

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