9 Types of Questions to Ask On Your FaceBook Page to Get More Comments

FaceBook Page to Get More Comments

When it comes to getting more views on Facebook, it is often easier said than done. There are millions of Facebook users posting comments and links but not all of them get the required number of views, likes.

In fact, if you are planning on using Facebook to connect with a ready-made audience, then you need to know that there is a lot more to it than just posting the first thing that comes to your mind.

If you are planning to increase your Facebook user engagement in 2021, then you may want to check out the questions posted below.

Provocative questions: One of the best ways to send the user engagement through the roof is to post thought provoking questions and even post provocative ones at that.

Some of the types of provocative questions that you can ask can range from “what will your response be, if you are asked to sacrifice yourself for the greater good of the planet?” Or here’s another example, “what will your response be if the taxes are being hiked up again for no reason at all”. These are the sort of questions that generally jump starts a discussion.

Post challenges: You can also post challenges in the form of questions. You can post a general post, asking users to behave in a certain way and to share their experiences as a follow up to the main post. This should go some way to increasing the user engagement on your FB posts.

But remember to keep the posts simple, and nothing too embarrassing. “If you are a smoker, then try quitting today” “How long can you go without saying the words no, yes or maybe” Use images with text: You can also post questions with an image or a video.

Recent studies have indicated how images and videos get more traction online. Naturally, posting pics or videos with your question is bound to drive up the user engagement in your FB account.

Use info graphics: While this is not exactly a question, an info graphic can make online uses think and even participate in a discussion of sorts.

You would need to do a bit of research as regards the info graphic and make sure that it is both factual and relevant and more to the point, that the topic is trendy.

Ask character questions: Everyone loves these types of questions for not many can resist responding to the same. The fact remains that we are all human, some more than others and to that end, we tend to respond to character questions more often than we do to others.

These type of questions often asks the user to imagine themselves in particular situations or circumstances and how they would react under the same.

It is a neat way to boost the user engagement on your FB account but it should also be pointed out that asking too many character questions can quickly result in the audience waking away.

Here are a few examples to get you started, “what will you do first if you are the last human being on the planet?” or you can go ahead with this one, “do you have what it takes to kill another human being?”.

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Open ended questions: Again, one of the best ways to get other users to engage with you is to post open ended questions and get them to contribute to the discussion.

For example, you can kick start a discussion on global warming and as to whether we are at the start of the next ice age by asking questions regarding the current global warming trend.

The trick lies in making the questions relevant and by posting open ended ones that invites other users to respond with their views. For example, you can ask “do you think that humans are naturally destructive?” or “ do you think that evolution is real?”

Personal choices: You can always post questions regarding about the various personal choices that people often make. You can discuss the fact that some make these choices under pressure where as others tend to make them on their own.

These questions often turn out to be controversial which is why you need to take care when posting them to your FB account. You need to make the questions as provocative as you possibly can but make sure that they do not court unnecessary controversy.

Here are a few examples, “ do you believe in sex after the third date?” or “ what if the actor/actresses you fantasized about for so long, moved into the next door apartment?” or “do you give money to the poor?”

Habits: You can always post questions asking users to share their experiences in overcoming an addiction. These are the sort of questions that’s sure to generate a healthy debate and the responses would vary all over the place.

You can ask users to contribute with their own experiences and to share the same with others. In a way, these type of questions can also help with getting others to quit the habit and to seek inspiration for the same. E.g. “Have you tried to quit smoking? Were you successful? Do you have any tips for others?”

Politics: Granted that when you post questions regarding politics, the discussion can soon turn into a slanging match of sorts. These types of questions often turn out to be controversial for one reason or the other.

But there is one indisputable fact that these questions can certainly help boost your post and get more users to engage on the topic. The challenge lies in making the post with the question, current and trending.

For example, two of the most popular topics debated today revolve around Donald Trump and the other around Modi. You can even post questions regarding his apparent election and the fact that controversy is yet to go away with the Russian connections taking place.

These are the sort of questions that you may want to post on your website, as a way to ramp up user engagement.

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