5 Common Workplace Challenges of Working Remotely

The idea of working from home is considered to be more effective and popular. Most of the companies give freedom to their employees to work from home whenever needed.

As compared to the year 1996 nowadays companies are straightforward and look for the output it does not matter if you prefer to work from home, office, or elsewhere.

As per research done by Gallup, 43% of employees prefer to work from home at least some days when they are not able to show physical presence in their workspace.

Work from home or remote work is very common to all but some common workplace challenges need to face.

Especially if you are only a single person who is working from home for some reason and the rest of your colleagues are working from offices. Some of the most common workplace challenges are listed below.

common workplace challenges

Challenge 1: You Will Face Issues While Managing Time

You will face a lot of problems and various distractions while working from home such as the noise of dishes, unmoved lawn, spouse, children’s sound, laundry, etc.

But if you want to ignore this entire problem and want to work dedicatedly then you must use some time tracking software such as TimeCamp or Toggl. By installing this software to your computer you will make sure that you are giving more effort and categorizing work accordingly. This software will work as a diet chart that will track your time and tasks.

It does not matter how you are managing your own time. It will be a good move if you schedule your work as per priority.

For example, if you are working in the Australian time zone and your boss works in the Indian time zone then manage your time according to your boss as well so that you can easily communicate with him whenever needed.

Challenge 2: You cannot Stop While Working

Another common workplace challenge is that while working remotely you can separate your personal life and professional way to some extent.

You can work anytime remotely for example to avoid such disturbance it is better to work at night and finish it up earlier. In some cases, your boss might think that you are not working dedicatedly you have not been online for some time.

To avoid this type of problem you should tell your friend to ping you back whenever you disappear this will make you consistent in your work.

Challenge 3: Team Communication

When you are not working at your office workspace you might miss some important conversations with your team, the unprepared lunches, talks on tea time, etc. So you might miss all this stuff while working alone and away from the office staff.

The boss expects a quick yes or no whenever they ask a question but it is not possible to respond to them back quickly because you might be working very seriously and don’t want to make any disturbance.

To fill out the communication gap employees prefer to install the messaging platform some use Slack. Slack is a software that connects people in offices and remote employees plus they can chat in real-time the pop-up window appears whenever they get any messages in this way no one can miss any communication.

Video call is also the best solution to stay connected with people because the boss or manager can see your face and they can check whether you are working or not. We have used Skype and Zoom so many times for group video chat that you can also give them a try once.

Challenge 4: Tips for Technology

There is no doubt that the office setup is the best to work professionally as it is reliable and the internet speed is too high. But if we work at home the major problem is an internet connection which is not reliable at all and results in more problems.

Therefore before getting to remote work check if you have extra routers and the right technology to work more accurately.

The problem may seem too small but it is the biggest problem that most of the employees face and result in unsuccessful and unproductive work. Therefore check the complete setup and check whether you are using good service providers.

At the same time, if you need to work with your team on a project then check if you can click on file hosting provider so that you can work effectively with your team members.

Challenge 5: You are Invisible

If you are forcing yourself to do a work in which you do not feel interested will bore you and will make you sleep. Therefore you need to work on some topic that you never get bored with.

Some company owner thinks and state that they do not permit their employees to do work from home because they do not do work but it must be a false statement because employees are too productive as compared to the work done in the office.

Always try to attend the conferences and meet up with your colleagues and project team plus try to go to the office sometime.

Try to show your presence by attending various events with your team. Events may include parties, monthly meetings, office lunches with your boss, etc.

Regular Meetups will fill the communication gap and the coworker and the boss will be able to trust in you and your work. Therefore try to chat with them on messages or a call.

You should provide a daily report of the work you have done. So that they will know how much product you have plus you will get the golden chance to showcase your new skills and talent in front of your boss that might be required in the future.

There are so many common workplace challenges while working from home but trust the most effective and productive work your employees can give is by working from remote locations because they feel happier and comfortable in their place. Sometimes working remotely can feel you like you are far away from your circle.

Therefore it is said that there is no other replacement for office work but homework or remote work is also needed for a person who is not able to travel or away from the company location. Therefore all bosses should trust their employees and allow work from home when required.

Deepika Sharma

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