7 Web Development Trends You Can Expect in 2023

Web Development Trends

As we all know that web development technologies are changing day by day. Obviously, 2023 would not be different from other. New technologies keep on evolving not only in the development of website but also in every field.

In turn, the expectation of the users are also escalating and hence it is crucial to building great digital experiences which are engaging, fun and perceiving. One has to design such websites or apps which can be easily accessible from any of the device, anywhere or in real-time.

If you want to achieve all these features in your websites or apps then you can use new programming languages and frameworks which are on a hike these days.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss top seven web development trends.

Website Development Trends

1. More compatibility of extensions:

Now, what is exactly mean by browser extension? They are the bits of codes which are written in the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. By making use of browser extension one can change appearance, new features can be added, functionality can be improved and content can be changed.

Specific browsers use their specific extensions. But this is kept on changing with time. As chrome extension can also be used by Firefox.

If we go into the detail of Firefox extension then we came to know that in past Firefox were using three ways for the development of extensions and now it’s only using one, that is, web extension APIs and it also makes it available for other browsers as well.

2. Functional Programming benefits from Javascript improvements

Functional programming is one of the most used features of programming that is used by most of the developers and is a most convenient way of programming.

In this, software is developed by keeping various functional modules or different library or user-defined functions. It is easier as compared to object-oriented code. Also, testing of functional programming is easier.

If one is using JavaScript for a long time, then they are definitely more familiar with functional programming in which the whole program is being divided into several smaller functions.

3. Vue JS Popularity:

Most of you have not know about this framework as it was not much popular. It was developed in 2014 but is gaining popularity in 2018. It is one of the most lightweight and fastest frameworks.

Vue Js was not being developed by the corporate giants like Google or any other it was backed by a person named Evan You. Now, Vue is being used by many of the large organizations like Alibaba, Expedia, Nintendo, and GitLab.

4. Progressive Web Apps:

These are the special web apps which comprised of the design and functionality of the mobile apps. There is always a question arises here that how to imitate web content for mobile.

But today’s websites are designed to be responsive so that it fits well with any of the devices especially mobile and gives the user a positive experience.

The main aim behind this is to develop an app-like experience on websites or web pages. It is one of the latest and most preferable technologies of web development.

Here some advantages are listed on why to use Progressive web apps:

A. Conversions have improved: If you provide your customers a positive user experience then definitely they will turn out to be your potential customers.
B. Engagement with your site will be increased: Extra electronics have improved the engagement by four times with the help of web push notifications and the users are spending just as twice the time as compared to before.
C. Worthy of being on the home screen: If your website fulfills the criteria of progressive web app then users are prompted by chrome to add the progressive web app to their home screen.

5. Increasing Demand for real-time web apps:

Have you heard about web-sockets? Real-time web apps are based on the web-sockets. Real-time web apps are used for a long time but are gaining more popularity these days.

One of the main reason for its popularity is its effectiveness to do fast transactions. As these days people are always in a hurry and wants everything to be in impeccable timings.

The main concept behind real-time web apps is an open connection between the client and the server, this way whenever new data is being detected by the server it pushes that data to the client.

6. Material Design:

Material design was an effort by Google to combine visual motion and material. Was basically developed by Google which has now become one of the popular trends in web development.

Provides different components such as Toast and Parallax and is based on the material design language of Google. It is basically based on the modern materialize CSS framework which comprised of two categories: Materialize and SAAS.

It is also compatible with various modern browsers. We can say that if we give a score to all of the trends and compare all this we get the score of this to be highest.

7. Mobile web development:

If one will check the ratio of people who are using mobile devices for searching purpose then obviously ratio will be higher then that of using any other device. These days it becomes mandatory for your websites to be responsive otherwise it will not succeed.

If one going to frame question regarding mobile responsive website then the question will not be like, “Is your website responsive”? now question would be like, “How best your website work on mobile”?

If one calculates the average time that is spent by people in using mobile then it is approx five hours a day and continuously keeps on increasing. So, any of the websites you develop it must be responsive it is the foremost requirement of modern websites.


Emerging technologies, New frameworks and mobile development are changing the development trends of websites every day.

Based on these technological advancements users are expecting more user-friendly and interactive website design. Developers are doing their best in designing advance websites with more features.

Deepika Sharma

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