The Complete Guide To Starting Your First WordPress Website

WordPress Website

You may be looking for developing any kind of website there are high chances that WordPress will be able to help you out with it.

The platform is inclined towards creating a strong support; it provides the developer to choose from a wide range of simple to complex products suiting their needs.

The process is easy and when the owner is acquainted with the step by step process then it becomes fun. The platform is created to cater to the needs of a novice or an expert both. The website will be available for a visit in no time.

How to Start First WordPress Website?

When you are just starting off with a new website then you will know that there are many steps that need to be undertaken, they may not consume a lot of your time but all of them are necessary.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to make a WordPress website and start your website today without hiring a developer.

1) Start with Installation:- This is the most important part of the whole process. You will start with WordPress installation.

The process will take less than 5 minutes and if you feel that you have stuck somewhere then there is support available to you at all stages.

The WordPress installation starts with a simple download of the package from the official site. Set up the database now which is done by logging on to the administration interface or control panel.

There is step by step instruction provided and mostly there will be one step installation that will be done automatically.

2) Log in to WordPress Dashboard:- Use your set username and password to log in to the WordPress. Use the URL which was chosen during the first step for the login.

The admin page will ask for password and username for login. This takes no time make sure that you remember the password and also keep it protected.

Post login you will you will reach the dashboard which will the place from where you can control how your website will look. This is a place from where you can operate all functions and edit and control the site’s content.

3) Choose the Suitable WordPress Theme:- For starting WordPress provides a very simple theme. This basic theme is not bad to start with but when you are looking to set up your own website working the same with the theme is more fun.

Customize the WordPress theme with your requirements to make the website look attractive. There are a lot of themes available for the users.

Choose the category that best describes your website and then pick from a large list of the themes. Install the chosen theme on to your WordPress website platform so that you can start working on it.

4) Installation of the WordPress Theme:- This is simple, once the theme is chosen the zip file should be downloaded and saved on the system. Now reach the dashboard of the WordPress websit and from appearance choose a theme.

You will see an install option click on upload and browse to the file that you have just downloaded. The zip file should be uploaded as is and no changes should be made.

It will not take much time and once the zip file has been uploaded then click on activate. The website will now move to this newly acquired theme.

You can now start customizing this new theme to look the way you want and start publishing the content. The users can use the forum available online if they are facing any difficulty setting up the theme.

Even when the process is simple there could be some system issues that stop the file to be uploaded. The forum has experts who can solve the problem.

5) Create Your First Post:- It depends on the type of website that you are creating, if it is a corporate website then the content will depend on that and if it is a blog then you will have to proceed in a different manner.Start setting up the page with what you think is appropriate and relevant.

How to start adding content is simple.

Go to the posts in the left sidebar of the dashboard and click on Add New.

Fill all the required information like title, body, conclusion etc.

Click on publish to see how the content looks on the actual theme.

You have a fair option of editing this content if you feel changes are required. Adding ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact’ information is easy using the following steps.

For writing, a blog started in the same manner and add new from the left sidebar. Write the whole content and add a title and click on publish to see how the blog looks.

For the editing and managing the content use simple plug-ins. The content should be easy to read and attractive to ensure that the visitors are inclined towards reading it.

6) Customize the WordPress Theme: – It depends on personal preference and end use. Some themes are great just as they are and might not require changes. On the other hand, there would be some which will require customization.

There are so many options available that the users should definitely check them all and apply the features that might suit the end results. It might be overwhelming for many but not at all difficult to operate.

There are simple buttons that apply the particular setting and one does not have to understand the whole mechanism behind it.

You can add a number of plug-ins, headers, images, posts and pages to make the site more interesting. One does not have to choose them all also these are not final versions; the addition can be made while the website is live so one should start with minimal features and add as and when required.

Creating a website becomes easy when one has simple guidelines to follow. The important point to know is that there are many options.

One should access their needs and requirements carefully. When they are aware of what they need then they can easily create a website they want.

For any query or problem there are support communities of WordPress and thus a lot of help can be acquired from there.

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