7 Important Things to Discuss With Your Developer before Getting Started

important things to discuss with developer
Developers have a different mindset. Thus they follow different rules. But this does not mean that such developers do not prefer the traditional marketing strategy. They look forward to working in synchronous but they have set their own thoughts by considering various aspects.

Therefore make sure to understand your developer and discuss with them that what they will develop.

The main role of the developer would be

Now a day’s digital markers, developers, engineers, and programmers are more in depends to get professional work done because from the last few years cloud services are more in demand than traditional stores.

Developers are the most important aspect in growing your business because whenever you want to create a website you hire a developer. Again if you need any type of help or any modification, you take the help of developers even if you want to add some functionality you seek help from them.

Therefore it is very important to discuss with them before starting the project because they are only the major aspect which can help you to drive more sales plus with the wrong decision they can make your project fall.

Because of a lack of communication with developers you might be facing so many issues that will directly affect your projects.

There are some more general issues that you might face such as missed deadlines, false claims, no communications, under delivers, over promises, sometimes the developer will disappear and you will lose the connection between developer and you.

So what do you think? What you should do to ignore such type of issues. The good option is to discuss your project with your developer before starting the project. But the question is how you will discuss and what you will discuss?

Important things to discuss with developer are

1. The mode of communication

This is the most important point. Before starting the project make sure that at which platform they are available and will be able to connect with you whenever you have an issue with the website.

There are so many ways that you can connect with developers such as emails, text communication, calls, chats, social media, and so on. Remember one thing lots of ways will increase so much confusion where and how to communicate.

Plus make sure to ask questions like when they will update you with each development stuff weekly, daily or monthly? Because you cannot handle every stuff to them and wait for the result.

There are possibilities that you are waiting for the results but there are some delays in development. Communication is the basic key to be updated therefore makes sure you are able to connect with developers on both preferences.

How it will help you?

Proper communication will enhance your business relationship you will be able to convey your message properly to the developer. The actual result will depend on how you communicated how many times and did you deliver correct information to your developer or not.

2. How the developer will manage the projects?

This all depends on the developer. You need to discuss with developers how they will manage the project and which platform they will prefer to develop a website. The software, Google docs, spreadsheets should be shared before starting the projects and each and every point should be discussed.
web developer
This will provide you access to every stuff related to your projects.

How it will help you

If all files and documents are shared with you it will save you time. Suppose you hired another person for doing the same task you don’t need to ask each and everything to your past developer because it will be time and effort wastage rather than you just have to share those files and documents with the new one. it will also help you to sort things and make small notes.

3. Who will play the role of the final decision maker?

The things on the cloud need a team. No one can rule all the things but need a team leader or a decision-maker to deliver the exact project. The final decision-maker can be the UX team, UI team, or you.

Even if all decision is taken be yourself still you need someone that will take a final call. And all these are the important factor that your developer should be informed.

Developers should be known to the stuff that the approval of you is not sufficient. Thus they need to confirm from the head of the office. Unless you didn’t get the approval from the head the developer should not proceed to the next step.

How this will help you?

This step will be very helpful because it is fast and quick communication. This has its own disadvantage and advantages. If a developer is alerted to the final decision maker, then they will have lesser chances of communication gap.

4. Timeline of a project completion

Timeline is a very important things to discuss with developer. You need to provide clear information on the project to the developer as soon as possible so that developer can take their own time to complete the project as much as quickly possible.
project management
If your project needs to be completed in a tight deadline that you should aware of your developer about this. if you are waiting for your developer to provide a date to finish the project can be irritating at some level but it will save your time and efforts from future aspects. All you just have to do is ask your developer how and why it would take that much time to complete the projects.

How it will help you

There are two types of deadlines i.e. soft and hard deadlines. If you have discussed these deadlines with your developer then you will have lesser chances of getting your website affected due to lack of communication. If a developer requires some more time to give the best quality results then they can discuss it with the customer.

5. How the developer will manage the small decisions and expectations

A developer or designer has the freedom to choose or interprets the design. This is one type of handling small decisions. The decision can be handled by setting a small pixel size, check whether the size is perfect or not, etc.

Again they can check if the responsiveness of a website is maintained or developer can suggest some more things that will make your project outstanding.

How it will help

The designer will not be satisfied if the design is not matched with the website. So it is possible to gain that specific design a designer might need some more time. So you need to compromise on the timeline of projects. This situation also depends on the requirements provided by you.

There are only two ways to get rid of this problem whether you might need to launch your website on the time given or you are ready to compromise the time to get quality work.

6. Identify the total cost or charges need to complete project

Some projects have hidden expenses. Charges is very important things to discuss with developer. Developer should be able to inform you about the primary expenses but in some cases, developers think that you are aware of some hidden expenses so they will do not show up the hidden expenses.

It depends on which basis you are hiring a developer either it is fixed cost or hourly rate. After this, it is important how you will pay to your developer? In the contract, it would be essential to mention the mode of payments and payment schedules.

How it will help you?

This will ensure your business relationship is not going to spoil because each and everything is transparent and now you can trust your developer.

7. What things should be included in the contract?

The contract is actually a written document that will be prepared in correspondence to you and your developer. It seems like you both agree to the terms and conditions.

How it will help you?

There will be a time where the project will get delayed and will face some issues. You need to know and understand the bond has been written between your developer and you.

There are no perfect tools or article that will suggest you a conversation between two people. But we are discussing the communication between the developer and you that has a similar motto to complete the project. The points mentioned above are the important things to discuss with developer to minimize the conflict between you and your developer to get your project successfully deploy.

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