Top 9 Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes & Templates

Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes & Templates

The Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes for anyone looking to raise money online for their charity, non-profit, or start-up businesses.

These days, crowdfunding seems to be all the rage and nearly everyone’s either heard of it or participated in one.

The logic is simple, let’s say that you want to get married and do not have the requisite finances for the same – the next best thing that you can do is to set up a crowd funding drive, get the message out, populate your website with requisite high resolution images, media files and get the money rolling in.

A crowd funding request is something that everyone takes seriously and if you want to have the right sort of impact, you need to ensure that the crowdfunding WordPress themes you had selected comes loaded with enough advanced functionality.

Check out some of the top ranking crowdfunding WordPress themes listed below


skt trust

When it comes to crowdfunding WordPress themes, this one certainly manages to get your attention. For starters, it comes loaded with SKT donation plugin which should make it easy for others to donate to your current crowd funding drive.

Moreover, it happens to be 100% responsive and comes with cross browser and device compatibility. In simple terms, your audience should be able to check out your website from any device, any browser without any loss of functionality. This is one theme that comes pre-built with all the functionality you require and more.



Even though this crowdfunding WordPress theme was developed mainly for donation, you can use it for various crowd funding campaigns, as it happens to be quite effective.

The overall design is simple and easy on the eye; it comes with a clean, design with drop down menus, easy navigation and the works. It also happens to come with compatibility to third party plugins that should enable you to introduce several user centric features to your website.



This crowdfunding WordPress theme is aptly named; it certainly comes with an interesting design and with drop down menus, easy navigation options along with header and footers that you can tweak.

It is designed in such a way that you can navigate the same with ease and moreover, this theme also comes with both browser and device compatibility.

Your users should be able to access your website with any device as well as any browser. What makes this theme stand out is that it comes integrated with SKT donation plugin which should make it easier for your users to donate for your cause.



if you are on the lookout for simple crowdfunding WordPress themes, then this is the one that you need to check out. It comes with a minimalistic design with drop down features, a robust and intuitive design with ease of navigation built in.

This theme is a multipurpose theme but one that can be readily used for any crowd funding campaigns and what’s more, it comes with built in compatibility with all third party plugins.


holy church

Granted that this theme may seem a tad religious but that being said, it is a multipurpose theme and one that can be used for crowd funding drives as well.

It comes loaded with all the advanced functionality that you require, from being responsive to the fact that you can customize it as you see fit.

You can even use the layout options as well; incidentally it also comes with default slider which allows you to display 10 slides but apart from this, it is also compatible to 3rd party plugins. You can use the same to beef up the functionality of your website.

Complete Pro


This is a color changing, responsive theme that comes pre-loaded with all the advanced functionality that you would ever need. The theme is compatible to third party plugins like woo commerce, contact form 7, as well as various social media plugins.

Moreover, your users can use these social media plugins to share your content in real time, across various social media platforms and in the process, get your crowd funding drive the publicity that you deserve.


political candidate

This responsive theme is perfect for charity drives, crowd funding drives, charity drives etc. It comes loaded with all the functionality that you would ever require – from social media buttons to woo commerce compatibility. Just check out the theme and you are bound to be pleasantly surprised.

Elderly Care

Elderly Care

This is a multipurpose theme, and even though it had been specifically developed for care giving, it can be used for charity drives, crowd funding drives, etc. It is 100% responsive and also happens to be compatible to third party plugins, from woo commerce to next gen gallery. You need to take a closer look at the same.

SKT charity pro


This responsive theme certainly packs quite a punch and more; It comes with built in gallery and features a color changing theme. Apart from this, it also happens to come with compatibility to third party plugins like woo commerce and the rest.

It comes with a nice design and a minimalist style; moreover it is also 100% responsive and your users can check out your website from any device such as a smart phone with zero loss of functionality.

It also comes with 650+ Google fonts integrated as well as over 580+ icons pack which you can use to make your website stand out for the right reason; so check out this theme today.

These are some of the top Crowdfunding WordPress Themes that you can use, among others. Just make a point of shopping around and researching each theme in detail before opting to demo the same.

You may want to check and see if the theme in question is 100% responsive and comes loaded with advanced functionality or not.

It makes sense to opt for a theme that does rather than get stuck with one that’s pretty basic. So make sure that you choose the right theme for your crowd funding website.

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