Tips for Finding Reliable Blog Hosting

Tips for Finding Reliable Blog Hosting

If you are looking to start a new blog it’s interesting but before posting any blogs think that you are writing blog for your audience so that they can read easily.

Creating a new blog is difficult to work. Which consist of many problems especially when it’s your first time.

While starting a new blog you need to keep some points in your mind.

  • a. Find a domain name and register there.
  • b. Choose a blogging platform- ( I recommended WordPress)
  • c. Sign-up for a web hosting account.
  • d. Install the WordPress
  • e. Pick a WordPress theme as per your choice.
  • f. Install WordPress plugins.
  • g. Customize your site
  • h. Write and publish your first blog.

After these steps, few questions arise for Finding Reliable Hosting service.
Blog hosting is actually web hosting.

Blog hosting is all about the features that permit you to install and use blog/web software such as WordPress, Typepad, b2evolution, Nucleus, etc.

In market, there are many hosting provider companies that provide the hosting services but you should note that different hosting services provide different features so you need to choose the top WordPress hosting companies as per your business need.
Best hosting providers are:

  1. Bluehost
  2. InMotion Hosting
  3. WP Engine
  4. HostGator
  5. Liquid Web
  6. iPage
  7. CloudWays
  8. GoDaddy

In Blog hosting basic features includes

  • i. Scripting support
  • ii. Database Support
  • iii. A large amount of storage space
  • iv. Easy one-click install

While Finding Reliable Hosting services you should consider these points.

1. Check server reliability and security

Weak servers and unreliable network connections can get your site offline. This will not only slow down your work but also it will lead to low ranking on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

If any companies report an annual uptime score is below 90 percent avoid using this type of company.

Plus, make sure that your website and data are accessible all time, it is essential to make sure you have a trusted and secure hosting provider.

2. Customer Services

The second most important point is how you have been supported by the hosting provider that you are using.

A hosting provider should give you support for 24/7. If you have any type of queries at any time they should be available to reply immediately.

Also, check if they provide chat support with social media visibility as incompatible to email and support ticket.

Always give the first priority to those companies with a remote customer support department. They have the best embrace of companies’ operation as compared to the outsourced customer support service.

3. Access to take website backup

Check if the companies offer website backup. There are a number of possibilities where you may need a backup of your WordPress website.

You may require service in case your software related issue has occurred, upgrades problem, host failures or simple human-made errors. even if your site crashes you will need to restore the backup.

Most of the hosting providers offer added functionality or feature services like free backups to their customers for free of cost. Whereas some quantity of backups is good then no backups at all.

When it comes to performing a complete, reliable backup task it doesn’t check all the blocks.

All web hosting backup provides should include these features availability, coverage, frequency, storage. These features should be present while Finding Reliable Hosting services.

4. Registration And Maintenance Costs

Web hosting or blog hosting companies provide attractive hosting offers during sign-up and even at your first payment. Despite, the renewal charges are usually more than triple.

To avoid a surprise bill at the end of the discount time you should always check the renewal charges for your package.

There are many companies that offer the best deal on WordPress website hosting.

Basic WordPress hosting plans offer a single-click installation for the software, unlimited disk storage and traffic allowances for your WordPress site or blog. They also offers free domain name registration to get you started with their plan.

Most of the WordPress hosting companies provide bonus features such as Free software installations, Wp-optimized caching tools, Staging environments, and updates for core plugins.

5. Access to Add Domains

To make some growth for your website you will need multiple websites, domains and subdomain to promote your website.

Addon Domain is the feature that allows you to handle different domain from a single hosting account. you can create additional sub-accounts for your addon domain like email addresses, etc.

While having a feature of the Addon domain it helps you to save money. with addon domains, you dint need to purchase an additional hosting account for every single domain you operate.

you just need to simply create addon domain and divide your existing account’s resources.

Therefore before purchasing or signing up any service provider check their packages, and keep attention whether they are allowing to run multiple websites on a single web hosting account.

List out the cost of unlimited website and subdomain packages and compare them to other companies. Take the action for signup after you completed the proper research of all services providers and there features.

6. Account Limitations

Every hosting company has a set of terms and conditions for extra charges, temporary or permanent discontinuation of your hosting services.
Therefore ignore that companies which do not have proper terms and conditions.

7. E-Commerce and Email Options

Finding reliable hosting is not enough you also make sure that, in the future you should be able to start an eCommerce store to sell the product online.

Many companies provide the best features but they don’t provide an e-commerce hosting solution. To make your life simpler you will need the feature of e-commerce hosting service.

Make sure that your best choice for an eCommerce web host will have a strong reaction for your store’s lifetime. Your hosting provider is the reason for your website performance which depends on its security and quality support.

These 3 hosting providers are the best for e-commerce stores.

  • a. InMotion Hosting
  • b. SiteGround
  • c. A2 Hosting

These 3 listed above are the best and topmost quality and cheapest blog hosting providers.
With these 3 providers, you can host your blog easily and can start creating blogs in a minute.

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