Tips for Marketing Your First WordPress Product

Tips for Marketing Your First WordPress Product

WordPress is a Free and Open source content management system i.e. CMS that is based on PHP and MYSQL. Different types of plugins and templates are available in WordPress.

Most of the users use WordPress for creating a blog. User doesn’t need any prior authorization to make the changes on the theme as WordPress’s main feature is Customization.

I personality prefer to use WordPress for creating a product based website. Hence I come across that there are many ways for marketing you first WordPress product. Let us see all these ways in detail.

Top 10 different ways of marketing your first WordPress Product is

a. Offer freemium model.
b. Offer a demo or trial for your product.
c. Pitch the premium version of your product inside the free one.
d. Build connected products.
e. Boost your SEO with Link Building.
f. Advertise & Feature your blog articles within existing WordPress related newsletters.
g. Scale your content marketing and social media efforts with existing tools
h. Talk about other people’s products
i. Connect with the WordPress community
j. Grow Your Product Beyond Online

1. Offer freemium model and a free trial

If you are looking for marketing your first WordPress product you should give a free trial offer. The new users are afraid of purchasing a new product as they are not known to the product and there features.

It usually happens that the user purchase the product and the specification which where mentioned are not exactly same as it should be.

By giving a free trial is the best way to attract your customers to your website . When users visit your website, Highlight the point that your website is giving a free trial by creating a pop-up window . Or you can add some floating text on the homepage with a blinking effect.

Once they have started using a free version then you can show the comparison of the premium version. So that they will be clear about the free version features and premium version features.

There is a 90% of chances that this strategy will bring more conversion rate to your website.
This Will definitely bring your user attention. Hence they will at least try your product.

2. Try Split Testing

Split testing is one type of testing where the different product is been tested in different ways.
Split testing refers to AB testing which is used to test the performance of a website such as clicks, form completions, or purchases. Incoming traffic, etc.

This approach is usually used to check that all parts of the website are working properly or not. Different website parts like signup forms, registration pages, calls to action, or any other parts of a website. Tester checks if all parts working properly like

a. Visual elements like pictures, videos, and colors are working or not
b. The text which includes headlines, calls to action, and descriptions are working properly or not.
c. Layout arrangement which includes the size of buttons, menus, and forms are working properly or not.
d. Visitor flow which includes how a website user will get from point A to B

The cycle to do split testing
Compare result – Figure Out conversion to improve -Guess change – determine the variables and create variations – Run Experiment – Compare Result

3. Use SEO And Link-Building Techniques

SEO means search engine optimization which is used to rank your website to the top of the search engines like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc. You should perform SEO on-page and off-page both the techniques but only organic SEO.

There are different types to perform SEO
1. Organic SEO
2. Paid SEO

Organic SEO is time-consuming process as compare to the paid one but it is more effective at it only gives you the result in an organic way.

Paid SEO is not time-consuming the process. paid SEO is very fast but the result which you will get it will be paid one.

As per the Google updates your website can get rank faster if you are doing proper quality link building. Link building is a process of getting links to different websites. All business users should use link building services to gain more traffic to your website business.

A simple strategy for online promotion

Unique Content Creation
You need to create a unique and quality content so that Google can crawl your content easily and it will help-to get ranked on Google quickly.

Bloggers Reviews
Always get reviews from your past client it will help to build trust among your new clients. and try to mention the influence in your industry like popular bloggers or people who have a large number of social media followings.

Links from Friends and Partners websites
Request people who know you and your website to get link on your website. Be careful to not get paid link because it is against the Google SEO rules. Hence Google will mark your website as a fraud. Be patience you will get started getting quality leads if you follow each and every step carefully.

These are the different ways of Marketing Your First WordPress Product

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