How to Get Your WordPress Website on Google

How to Get Your WordPress Site on Google

Every website owner has this dream that his website is shown as the first link when a search is made. There will be no website owners who have not dream of this. You have made so many efforts to create a site of your choice and now is the time you are looking for a reward.

There are so many websites that are available online and most of them do not even make it to Google let aside enjoying a higher rank on it.

If you are picked by any search engine then it is a disaster for any website. This directly means that you are invisible to 99.99% of the online population.

Now, this is a constant source of worry for the website owners and they are looking for ways and means to avoid such a situation.

Luckily there are many small steps that one can take to ensure that they get the traffic they desire in the most organic way possible.

Before you go any further it is important to know what Google does to find a particular site. If you are aware of these requirements then you can include them on your site making it a preferred Google choice.

Google uses something called ‘search-spiders’ to locate the content they have searched for. These are automated programs that scan the internet and report the finding back to Google.

The search engine used by Google is called Google-bot and for other search engines, they have their own. ‘Crawling’ is the process in which the internet is explored in search of the content.

The Google-bot does crawling of the internet to know what the posts and ages are about. The next step or stage is called indexing which means that the particular content is found relevant which is added to the index created by Google. This is the steps which provide the search results the outcomes.

Now you need to check whether your site is indexed by Google or not. The simplest way of doing it by typing the domain in the Google search bar.

This will show the pages from your sites that are indexed by Google. If the results do not show any result then you should realize that none of your website content is found worthy of Google results.

Now, this could also be because of certain standing instruction on the site that is causing a hindrance to the website being located on Google.

The reason for these could be:-

  1. The website violated rules set by Google search and that’s why the site is being penalized.
  2. There are technical issues by the server or a faulty configuration that is stopping the site to show results.
  3. The website settings or the SEO setting are creating trouble
  4. Your measure of indexing is either missing or incomplete.
  5. The site is new and Google had not had enough time to locate it and add it to the index.


There could be any other issue than the one mentioned and since every case is different the onus of finding out what is wrong is on the website owners.

Now you can use any of these tips that will help the website to get in the preferred choices of Google.

Use a Good Hosting Provider

The hardware that the site runs on is one of the most common barriers in most cases. If the site is not up and available how will Google be able to find it when a search is made?

Slow server speed, downtime, and frequent disconnections the reason why search spiders are not able to locate the sites.

The google hosting will not have you face such problems and thus investing in a quality hosting server is a great option for getting the site on Google.

Use High-Quality Content

There is no substitute to this, Google ensures that they connect the visitors with the right kind of content and thus search visibility of your WordPress website with quality content find a place in Google index way faster.

If the website has any crappy content or does not have any content then the indexing is a far-off dream for you.

The Quality of the content is one of the top priorities of Google and thus it should be one of the tops for you as well. Use original content which is relevant to the readers and in consensus on the topic being placed.

Check for the’ Discourage Search Engine’ Command

It is very common that during the development phase the website owners stay away from the Google indexing. Every effort is made to keep it as far as possible from indexing as the incomplete content will create a negative image for Google which will be very difficult to change in long run.

The problem arises when the owners forget to undo this change.

One needs to track back all features that were made when the site was under construction. One of the most common mistakes here is leaving the ‘discourage search engine from indexing this site’ active in the WordPress.

This is a strong command that will hamper Google from ever reaching the site. If you have this one ticked for your site, uncheck it with immediate effect.

Use Google Analytics

Know about the performance of your website. Many website owners use Google analytics which is a free option created by Google. For details read about how to add Google Analytics in WordPress website.

It comes with a comprehensive guide and every necessary information about it is available for the users in just a simple search.

This is also a great way to inform Google that you exist, as while configuring the suite you sign up at Google and Google is directed towards a new website which is looking for indexing.

Look for Crawl Errors

Google webmaster is a great tool to check for any technical errors on the website. One can manually check in the dashboard for crawl errors under sub-head crawl. All the big and small errors can be seen here and rectification steps should be taken to remove these errors.

The Website will take time to get onto Google ranking and patience along with suitable steps will take you there.

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