How Managed Cloud Hosting Helps Design Agencies Improve their Workflow

Managed Cloud Hosting

Every design agency or company want to increase the size of their company to earn more revenue, get more clients, augment workflow and likewise.

But if they increase there size problem will arise in managing clients projects and websites adequately. Design agencies management mostly hookup with providing updates and hosting.

So, they think that if they adopt shared hosting then it will solve their problem. But, this is not the effective solution. The better way is shifting to managed cloud hosting solutions as it is more resilient.

Obligatory features which design agencies want:

1. Convenient server management
2. Optimum page speed
3. Low downtime
4. Enhanced customer support
5. Multisite facility
6. Free of cost SSL certificates
7. Lower package price
8. Add team members
9. Fast page speed
10. Team member support

So, what is the solution for getting all these things at a place? We have an impeccable solution which is managed Cloud Hosting service. So, let us take a look at how it can solve the issues of a digital design agency.

How Managed Cloud Hosting aid to a Design Agency:

Most of the time web developers spend their time managing servers of their clients. And, some of the services like updating WordPress versions, adding a few blog posts, changing plugins, and others.

They would have done something creative at this time which they have given to all these work. Sometimes, design agencies have to hire a separate team for all these managing tasks and it adds to their finances.

They don’t have to do these things with the managed cloud hosting at all because the process is automated. And, they have to do selection to set the things automatically. All these tasks would be at its impeccable place and secure as well.

As a result, websites will remain encoded always. Without going to the tumult of server setup and management, cloud hosting makes it easy for non-tech users to host their websites on cloud hosts.

With this services, they can buy storage, bandwidth, and speed with just a single click. Also, developers can upgrade servers or take backups whenever they want. It makes it easier for them to manage their websites, apps, and online software.

Cloud Hosting

Some of the merits of Managed Cloud Hosting services:

There are many advantages of cloud hosting but we are going through some of the benefits.

Server and application replication:

Consider, a design agency have to design a new server on demand of a client. How much time it usually takes? It takes a couple of hours to do that task. But, can it be done in a few minutes?

The answer to this question is yes, it can with managed cloud host. Within a few minutes, server applications can be cloned and deployed in new servers with the help of managed cloud host.

Single server can hold multiple applications:

Users have to manually install all the applications whatever they want like Magento, Joomla, and others. This is one of the baffling issues with another cloud host. But, this is not the scenario with managed cloud host.

It offers all the prominent e-commerce platforms and CMS’s from the start of the server. So, all the applications come along with it pre-configured. One can install it in just a few clicks.

Server setup convenience:

If you want to set up a server on a typical host such as Digital Ocean. As it does not come along with a pre-configured stack. You need a system admin and this task take a lot of time.

Except for time you have to pay attention with all your brain power for accomplishing this task. You could use your brain power in some other instead of doing this. With the use of managed host service, this can be done in few minutes only.

Project management:

In order to enhance revenue, design agencies have to augment their workflow. If you opt for a reliable host then it can solve your problem to an extent. But, there is one issue, you are not privileged to manage multiple client apps at a time.

Managed host are the topnotch solution to solve this complication. It offers folder-like structures and projects to manage apps and websites effortlessly.

Multiple Data Centers:

This is one such aspect of managed hosting that will be most liked by design agencies. They can set up specific servers for clients with multiple data center facility.

Consider, design agency can get the server in the Australian region if a client has an E-Commerce store in Australia.

In a similar way, if a client has a blogging website for US audience then, without changing the host he/she can get a server in the USA. As a result, things become convenient for design agencies.

Automated backup:

Managed host services makes one more factor convenient for design agencies. They made available automated backups for all servers on a daily or weekly basis.

With the use of automated plugins, design agencies also schedule app-level backups. This way, design agencies need not worry about their data loss.

24×7 Live Chat support:

If design agencies are facing any qualm then, they are provided with all time support. Managed host services provide expeditious support no matter whatever the issue is they will solve it within a short span.

For example, the servers are not working, the website is down or SSL is not getting integrated. All your issues will be solved in minutes.

Assimilation of Git:

Are You aware of Git? It is a version control system which allows instant tweaking to any of your websites. You can roll-back the version if it is not the right one, this can be done using Git. With the Git assimilation, the entire development process becomes hassle-free.

Staging Areas:

Design agencies can test the sites of their clients with the use of hosting services. Availability of staging area, let their clients see their websites on dummy domains. And, the moment they are satisfied they can make their website live.

Wrap Up:
This way Managed cloud hosting services are more advantageous as compare to other shared hosting services. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

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