Marketing Fundamentals to Optimize Your Email Campaign

Marketing Fundamentals

Email marketing doesn’t seem to be shining so much these days since new ways of marketing has entered the market space. It is still a classic way to communicate with your consumers, spread information and advertise in a fraction of the cost of other advertising media.

Email marketing is here to stay as long as the email communication system itself is relevant. Sales and information broadcasting is still effective with the traditional tool of email marketing campaigns.

Although email marketing may seem on a slow decline in today’s day and age, there are several tools and tricks to inspire email marketers to engage in email marketing fundamentals.

Let’s have a look at the important email marketing fundamentals through which email marketing campaigns of your business stay ever effective and result oriented.

Marketing Fundamentals to Optimize Your Email Campaign

1. Personalization and humanization of email content

Personalisation and humanization of your email content is a great way to create a bond with your customers. Your customers are normal humans who are not thinking things in the way the business world thinks. They buy a product or service based on their very personal and private needs that are not just a necessity in a practical sense but also sometimes based on emotional desires.

This makes it important for businesses to draft emails with the right amount of personalization so that your customers can see how much you care about them. With a successful bond-building effort like this, your customers are sure to stay loyal to you and even act as your biggest brand ambassadors.

2. Segmentation of email list

There are several reasons why you mail your subscribers. It includes messages about a product, event information, personal greeting messages, etc. All this information is not necessarily sent to the same people or at the same time.

For this reason, segmentation of your email subscriber list into small sections as per your need and convenience is a better option. This will help you keep your subscribers free from unnecessary emails and thus keep them happy with your company.

3. Increase the length of subject lines

Research shows that keeping your subject line length to average (50 characters) or minimum result in less click-to-open rates than those above70 characters. This marketing fundamental is highly effective for your email campaigns.

4. Keeping subject line interesting

Keeping the subject line interesting for your segmented subscriber list as per their preference, can result in the high success rate of your email campaigns.

5. Keeping content short and to the point

Your emails can’t be a large chunk of text hard to read. If your email subscribers are not served with the right segmentation of text, they’ll soon lose interest and skip reading the mail entirely. Keeping your email content short and to the point is thus important and preferable.

6. Mobile friendly emails

Mobile devices are completely mobile and goes with your customer not just to work but also to remote places while they are on vacation. Almost everything that can be done on a computer is available on mobile phones too.

This has made people happily depend on their mobile devices. To harness the power of email campaigns via marketing fundamental, one must make their emails mobile friendly so that they have a great reach to their customers.

7. Visual detailing

An email not visually appealing is easy to discard or skip by your email subscribers. So it is important to add visual detailing like images and videos to your email content for best subscriber experience. You can opt for professional service providers for designing email content with proper detailing.

8. Great content writing

Content writing of your mail should be well researched and targeted towards attaining maximum of your marketing goals using marketing fundamentals. It is preferable to get your emails curated by skilled professionals.

9. Designing request for link share

Your emails can serve as a link building platform too. For this, you will need to design your email content in a way where you can easily request your subscribers to share your links with their contacts as well as their social media account, without making it look strange.

10. Adding benefits for readers

Benefits, contests and offers to keep your subscribers happy and loyal can be added to your mails for better marketing campaigns. This can reap results in a quicker way.

11. Consider Call-to-action Placement

Call-to-action buttons should remain above the fold and not at the bottom. Having multiple call-to-action buttons is alright until one button is above the fold. This helps target better and thus is the newly added marketing fundamental in the list.

12. Making call-to-action copy interesting

Use of resonating benefit based content in your call-to-action button can prove effective for your campaign. Phrases like “join the fun”, ” Enjoy the benefits ” etc work much better than generic words like download, subscribe, click or submit. Adding interesting call-to-action copy is another marketing fundamental that can enhance the chances of success of your marketing campaign.

13. Keeping information accurate

The information you provide in your email campaigns must be sound and accurate. Deceiving your subscribers with wrong information is never ethical. Accuracy of information is an important aspect of the marketing fundamentals and should be thoroughly followed by all businesses.

14. Keeping legible layout

The design layouts, fonts, color, etc in your email content should be understandable and readable for the subscribers. There is no point exercising a marketing campaign if the information doesn’t ultimately go across the subscribers.

Thus it is an essential part of marketing fundamental for your business’ email campaign and can help you better achieve those email marketing goals set up by your company’s marketing department.


Keeping in mind these marketing fundamentals, any email campaign in your business’ marketing plans will turn out effective and result oriented. The steps are easy to follow by even the interns in your company and are focused to increase benefits for your business information broadcast about your products and services as well as sales. You just have to follow these marketing fundamentals for your email campaigns and it will surely reap you benefits as desired.

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