12 Tips for Building an Effective Business Website With WordPress

building an effective business website
No business is successful these days without a good business website of their company working online efficiently and effectively. In this age of technology, having a website for your business is inevitable for success.

Businessmen today are aware that they must have a website but somehow, they can’t comprehend the process of building an effective business website.

Having a website not effectively built can lead your online visitors to your shop or your phone but the true accomplishment of building a business website is in converting sales on the website itself.

Building such a website is not easy and requires some expertise. Generally, a good website designer and developer can help you in building an effective business website. However, you can yourself be updated about some basic details that every businessman must incorporate in his website.

This blog is thus going to help you enlighten with those details and achieve the result that you seek in your website’s effectiveness.

Here are the 12 tips for building an effective business website

1. Make your website optimized for a mobile experience

In order to build a highly effective business website, you need to optimize the site fit for a good mobile experience. In the ratio between mobile and desktop website traffic, mobile wins by a margin. This shows how much the current success rate of any website depends on its feature of mobile optimisation.

In 2016, it was revealed that 60% of a website user shops through a smartphone while 90% of users in a retail shop uses mobile to compare prices. This shows how important mobile optimization is for the success of your business website. Optimization of a mobile app is highly recommended for e-commerce websites.

2. Make your website easy to locate

It is important to choose a domain name that matches your business. A relevant domain name makes it easier for your users to locate you on the web. A thorough research and analysis must be conducted to determine what is the best domain name for your business website.
website easy to locate
It highly affects if your target audience will be able to find you on the search engines. Thus, this point is crucial in building an effective business website for your company.

3. Update your contact information on your website

An update of your business address or addresses, email ID and office telephone number on your website’s contact page is highly recommended. It is important to connect with your customers as often as possible.

Besides, your customers should also always have the option to contact you. It is a very basic feature of a business website yet a very important one which one can’t ignore. Thus an important element in the effectiveness of your website.

4. Make your website easy to navigate

Website design and development is the foundation of any website. The design of your website must be smooth and fluent. Which means that your website developer must build your website in a way that every page on your website is easy to navigate for the users.

Users must understand where they are on the website and what should they do in order to get to a certain point on your website. The functionality of your website highly depends on your website’s navigation. The user experience also depends highly on the ease and convenience in the site navigation.

5. Keep your website content clean

The content of your website must be easy to read. Web content being in the right font, size and color makes it easy for the user to read. The cleanliness of the content doesn’t only depend upon the symmetry of the text on your website.

It also includes the length of the text as well as how much is the text relevant and to the point. This means that you must have highly curated content. If you find trouble managing multiple pages worth of content then you can also hire a professional content writer for your rescue.

6. Only share accurate content

One thing that you must keep in mind is to always serve your users with 100% accurate content on your website. Serving them with inaccurate content doesn’t just misinform them but also diminishes your credibility in the entire user base.

This is equal to cheating your customers. So you must always be mindful of what content you put up on your website as it is a determinant of how effective your business website is.

7. Monitor your website speed

It is important to monitor what is the speed of your website. If your web pages don’t load in time then it means that your website is not functionally effective. In a survey, 83% of the users said that they develop a negative brand image if a website takes too long to load.
website speed
28% users said that they immediately switch from the current site to a competitors site if the website takes too long to respond. This makes it highly important for website managers to monitor the speed of their website and counter problems, if any, with effective solutions.

8. Have a calls-to-action

The job of your website is to call your users to take an action closer to sales by placing calls-to-action markers and links on each page. Such calling markers are tabs like Download, buy now, subscribe, call now, etc.

You must also be mindful where you put these tabs on the website. Such calling tabs are ideally suited to be placed somewhere on the top of each page as putting it on the bottom requires scrolling by the user which in turn cuts the chances of conversion to half.

9. Keep your website design relevant

The design of your website should be relevant to what your brand stands for. The brand image and message should reflect from the design of the website. You must also use the right images or videos for your business website depending on the brand the website belongs to.

It puts a high amount of psychological impression on the user base creating an image of your website in their minds.

10. Give space for user interaction

There must be a space on your website dedicated to your users. Whether it is virtual assistance on your website, a review column or a feedback from, your website must incorporate the element of user interaction for better user experience and thus stand out among its competitors.

11. Link social media profiles

There should be links to different social media accounts that you hold in your company’s name, on your website.

This helps the user connect to you on several different mediums. It has become a key factor in building trust between a seller and his customers online as the space between buyer and seller decreases.

12. Add blogs to your website

Adding blogs to your website describing your products and services to your customers or giving tutorials or tips on how to use your products can help you not just help pre existing customers but also gain new as it can help increase your SEO ranking.

Your website should not just end up being an online footprint of your business. It must act as a fully functional extension of your business. Your business website must convert the leads and close sales in order to be a functionally effective website.

On the proper use of these tips on building an effective business website, your business will witness tremendous growth and success with just a few clicks online.

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