Why Making the WordPress Website Multilingual is Good for SEO

For SEO why WordPress Website Should be Multilingual
Multilingual means a feature that allows you to convey your messages and thoughts in different languages.

Multilingual friendly means the website which allows you to translate the website in a different language it can be English, French, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, etc.

And multilingual SEO means which performs with optimized content for multiple languages according to their multiple locations. For example, if you sell the product online in Germany and they don’t know the English language.

If you have not created a website multilingual then how German customers will translate their website to the German language? How they will understand the specification of the product?

Unfortunately, your website will not get traffic from Germany because your website performance is low due to the website is not multilingual.

Most of the website’s default language is English. But still, 40% of people don’t know the English language they are not able to read as well as write.

If you want to target a location like France, Germany then you needs a French and German Language website to target the international market.

Examples that how you can target an audience with German and English content

  • German User will need German site
  • Swiss user, Speaker of German will need German(CH) site.
  • Swiss user, speaker of french will need English site.
  • American user will need an English site.

Because of this reason we have decided to get your right website ranking in the right market area. Multilingual WordPress SEO will help you to resolve this problem.

If you are using the WordPress website then you should feel lucky as WordPress provides an easy and simple way to create a website multilingual Friendly.

Just you need to go on the ‘Languages’ tab in the dashboard. Add the default languages that you want on the website and select all other languages that users can choose on your website.

A multilingual WordPress SEO website will help you to get more and more traffic from other countries as well.

Some Advantages of Multilingual Language

  1. The multilingual site will improve your SEO ranking

It helps Search Engines to understand your site. This will help SEO to boost multilingual sites that you can offer. So it is important that you go further with the help of Google’s multilingual SEO best standards.

You need to create a different domain for different countries for examples ABC.com is used for the worldwide area but if you want to show website in France you will need separate domain i.e. ABC.fr for fresh language speaker, or in the same way you can add subdomain or subdirectory like ABC.com/fr/ and ABC.com/en.

Different Domain for Different countries like ABC.fr for France website is called as ccTLDs Strategy(Country Code top-Level Domains). According to SEMRush search engines result of ccTLDs is more accurate than any other option

Where ccTLDs gives 80% user traffic

Sub-Directories gives 65% of user traffic

And Sub-Domains Gives only 60% of user traffic

Try to avoid simple website translation solutions because this approach will reject the SEO boost then a Multilingual site can provide. So be careful that you should use the correct version for translation as per Google’s Multilingual SEO approaches.

  1. You can target specific countries more exactly.

With the help of multilingual WordPress SEO, you will able to target the audience international i.e. all over the world. You need to perform the keyword research for the targeted country.

To getting traffic from a specific country you can use strategies i.e. Geo-Targeting to reach exact clients from the exact country.

  1. More visitors and engagement means more ranking

The search engine needs quality content and user engagement once you got quality content on your website definitely your website will get more visitors and engagement hence you will start getting more ranking with more user traffic.

  1. Multilingual WordPress Website save the cost

Creating the website multilingual friendly saves the cost when you want to advertise your product all over the world then you will need to do expenditure to create different materials that are custom based for each country.

But once you made the website multilingual you can communicate with any clients for the product they want.

The main goal of multilingual Friendly is that we need to cover most of the countries so that we can get more user traffic.

Hence, the website will be user-friendly because clients will understand that you are making some efforts to creating content as per their languages.

Some Important points that you should keep in mind to create a WordPress website multilingual for SEO

  1. Create a Sitemap

To improve the SEO using multilingual you need to create a sitemap

The sitemap will help search engine to find correct content and page for a particular country.

For WordPress Multilingual SEO you can use Yoast SEO or Google XML sitemaps which will help you to setup sitemap.

  1. Make use of hreflang and alternate tag

For example, if you have created a different website for different languages but the content is the same. like images, videos can be same for all version of the website at this time multilingual WordPress SEO will mark one of the websites as a plagiarized means SEO will indicate that the website you have created is duplicated hence your website will get penalized. To ignore this type of stuff you need to create hreflang and alternate tag on the website.

After creating hreflang and alternate tags on the website it will indicate to Google that this website is another version of your original website with a different domain and different language.

Hence, your website will not get penalized and will not affect your SEO ranking.

By mentioning rel=“alternate” and hreflang=“fr-en” (French and English), Google will not count these two different domain websites as “duplicate” content against you.

  1. Prevent Websites from duplicate content

Duplicate Content means having the same content on your website. Google search the content in two ways. Same content in the same domain ‘or’ same content in the different domain.

If Google finds the same content from a different website to yours they will mark as a flag that you have simply copied the content from a different website and pasted to your website.

While creating the content keep on checking that the content should not be duplicated.


With the help of Multilingual WordPress SEO, you can target most of the countries all over the world to achieve more and more traffic and leads internationally.

Deepika Sharma

Writer and WordPress blogger at SKT Themes. Handling content partnerships, doing outreach, and making sure sktthemes.in is up to date.