Different Ways for Making a Good First Impression with Your Website

Different Ways for Making a Good First Impression with Your Website

If you are aware of that it does not take more than 15 seconds to build the website first impression.

You will have less than 10 seconds to showcase the flow of your business that what your business is about and what the user will get from your website.

It hardly takes 50 milliseconds according to the research group. If any visitor coming to your website, viewing the homepage and going elsewhere, this must be because a user had a bad impression while visiting your website.

To avoid this type of bad impression you should design a homepage i.e. landing page in such a way that users should not leave your website.

So you need some tactics to make a website more attractive so that users will love your website experience and increase the brand presence and brand reach.

Some different ways for making a good first impression with your website are given below.

  1. Make a Use of Video

While doing research it shows that 90 percent of end-users use video to prominence the buying preference. Therefore video plays an important role in today’s life for website makers.

Videos gain more attention as compared to blog images and contents. According to the research team, 60 percent of leads are generated via Videos on the website homepage other than the content forms.

You can use video for giving more information about the business but testimonial videos give better results as it helps to build the user trust.

Also, Experts figures that 80 percent of all online traffic is generated by videos per year.

  1. Limit Wait Times

Website loading time should not take more than 2 to 5 seconds. The website results in higher bounce rates if the website loads below 2 seconds .

40 percent of the user leaves the website if it takes more than 3 seconds. 47 percent of desktop-user predicts that the website should not take loading time for more than 2 seconds.

How you can reduce the website load time.

  • Delete unnecessary WordPress plugins from website

More plugins will slow down the loading time.

  • Enable caching

Enabling the Caching will highly polish the user experience and page speed

  • Optimize the images

Optimizing images for the website can reduce your total page size by 80 percent because it removes all the necessary data from images.

  • Keep your database always clean.

Your WordPress database saves all the data that you are using and the data that aren’t in use.

You should always keep a database clean like remove all data from the draft, remove an old post, draft posts, posts in the trash, and spammy comments.

  • Always Turn off Pingbacks and Trackbacks.

WordPress has the feature of Pingback and Trackback which is always turn on by default. This is heavily used by spammer which slows down your website speed. To turn off pingback and trackbacks you can follow this step WP Admin->Setting->Discussion.

  • Need a Good hosting provider.

The last and important thing is Good Hosting Provider. Always check and reports of your website loading speed and server performance by these 2 tools GTMetrix or Bycheck.

Use these 2 simple steps to analyze your website speed performance.

step 1:Copy and Paste the URL you want to check.

step 2:Click “Analyze” button.

  1. Tidy and Simplify

Website designs are an important factor. The website should always tidy and simple so that any user can easily understand the flow of business. The biggest problem of a website is that it becomes outdated quickly.

If your website is not updated it will seem like you have no interest left in your business that’s why your website is boring. This is the reason tidy and Simple website is timeless.

  1. Spotlight Your Brand

A well-branded website leaves a better impression on your targeted audience. Branding is a unique technique that is applied in every business strategies. Unique identity and image are important for a product in the costumer’s mind business. With the help of SEO tactics and social media, promotions branding is done over the world.

Other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc help to brand your product. To maintain strong personal interaction promotion and networking will help you.

  1. Provide High-Value Content

As mentioned above that the research shows 94 percent of users get attracted to your website with the help of images, but in the same way content is also important.

Useless content but it should be high-value content that should be easy to read and understand.

Keep in mind that the content you are posting is the answer to the customer’s questions. Write content in such a way that you are explaining something to the client.

  1. Utilize Directional Scroll

When users scroll the website it means that the user is performing some action to your website this is good for your website performance. Directional scrolling means scrolling the website downwards for getting more useful information.

Highlight all the important points while scrolling the website like social media accounts, high useful video, a call-to-action. They will be engaged to your website when you add a proper element on the website while scrolling down.

  1. Avoid in-your-face design.

It’s true that pop-up windows can increase your website sales. But it can be a reason for not getting sales also. Because when a user enters your website if suddenly pop-up window occurs the user will get irritated.

Therefore the pop-up window timing should be perfect. Take time to show pop-up before the user leaves the websites. Try to display some offers on the pop-up window to get more attention to your website products.

Hence making a good first impression with your website is important. At first sight, the user will either hate your website or will love your website depends on you.

How you represent your website well. This content will help you more to loving your website at first sight.

Deepika Sharma

Writer and WordPress blogger at SKT Themes. Handling content partnerships, doing outreach, and making sure sktthemes.in is up to date.