7 Must-Have SEO Plugins And Tools For WordPress In 2023

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WordPress is one of the topnotch SEO affable content management system. Using WordPress themes you can design amazing websites and you can also incorporate a plethora of plugins and tools in a user-friendly way.

If you are on a quest for the best must-have SEO plugins then you are contemplated to optimize your WordPress website. Yes, it is indispensable to optimize your website as it attracts more traffic to your website.

To accomplish this task one of the crucial ways is to select one of the impeccable SEO themes to spawn your website.

Premium and free plugins and tools are made available by WordPress using which you can design highly-functional website. Depend on your requirement you can use those plugins and tools in order to optimize your website.

To augment your website performance, besides available plugins you also have to adopt recommended SEO practices.

But, whenever you are installing any plugin or tool, always make an astute decision. Otherwise, it can adversely affect your website like slow down performance or can cause any other error. Keep in mind, always to use plugins from credible developers.

You have to carefully read the features and advantages of the respective plugin, then it will be convenient for you to make the right selection. So, here in this post, we are going to discuss top 7 must-have SEO plugins and tools for WordPress in 2021.

1. WP Meta SEO:

In other tools, you have to manually edit each post. But, in this you need not edit each post manually. You can edit all the posts of your website in just a click. That is, with this use of this plugin you can process bulk SEO tasks at a time.

It is one of the best SEO that will maintain your website with top search rankings. You can also resize your image based on your content by using this tool.

Perchance it is one of the fastest meta edition tools available for WordPress. Advanced redirect features can also be accessed with the help of this tool.

2. Yoast SEO:

By using this plugin you can add custom posts to your website. It is one of the most prominent WordPress plugins. You can see Google result snippet preview of your website using this plugin.

It is plausible to edit meta keywords, meta descriptions for individual posts, pages, and categories. You can inflate your website traffic as it assimilates social media with it.

Ancillary, it helps to spawn XML sitemap. It gives you access to advanced configurations like removing a page or a post from the sitemap. You can also add custom RSS footer with the use of this effective SEO plugin.

3. Premium SEO pack:

Premium SEO pack will optimize images based on your content. With the use of this plugin, you can design effective internal links that will be helpful in SEO rankings. And, one important aspect is that it is available for free.

You can manage various errors like 404-page error and 301 redirects. Enhance your website search ranking by handling rich snippet functions with efficacy. For your website optimization, it is consolidated with Google Analytics.

You can track page insights, sitemaps, robot.txt, and .htaccess effectively. You can also decide how your website pages will appear on search engine results. We can call it an omnipresent SEO tool with diverse features embodiment.

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4. SEO Squirrly:

You can optimize five keywords in a page with this plugin. It is made available in the free and paid version. Provides entire blogging aid along with backlink support.

It is made available with advanced options for on-demand audits, keyword rankings, real-time content analysis. Integration of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So, you can take advantage of social media also.

If you are a fresher in SEO then also you need not worry as it is made available with step by step process. Free coaching sessions are also provided.

You can do your work in a smart and in an efficient way as top automation features are provided. From your dashboard directly, you can find long-tail keyword suggestions. Therefore, it augments the chances of increasing Google ranking of your website.

5. SEO Ultimate:

With this amazing SEO tool, you can keep an eye on auto-linking, meta titles, descriptions, 404 monitoring, and meta tags. It is one of the best free plugins which provides the common SEO options.

Your website can result in good rankings by adding an exclusive code snippet with the use of this plugin. You can edit content, images, open graph titles, and attachments also.

For a particular post, you can also edit the meta description. Inflate your website traffic rate by augmenting the click-through rate in search results by Google. It incarnates assistance for both single-author and multi-author site setups.

6. SEO Framework:

It assists to drive traffic to your website as it accustoms your SEO through global ranking. For all your WordPress websites it provides tremendous SEO solutions. You can optimize graphic images for your website by doing editing with this SEO tool.

It is congenial with third party apps and plugins and also supports customized posts. Impede canonical errors with categories, pages, subdomains, and multisite domain mapping.

It extends pages and categories relationship support in Google Search by providing structured data for Breadcrumbs.

7. Rankie:

You can track your website Google ranking with the use of this plugin. It is also known as WordPress rank checker plugin as it’s name suggests. Directly from the dashboard, you can view the rank of your website.

You can keep an eye on stats and ranking of your website as using it, you can access a detailed activity log. Can also do keyword research with the help of this tool. It will generate a daily report of your website Google rankings.

Wrap Up:
Here is a list of top seven must-have SEO plugins with varied features. You can select from them based on your requirement. All are best at its own place.

I hope this list will help you out in selecting plugin for your WordPress website. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

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