Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Blog

Top 10 must have WordPress plugins for blog

Wordfence Security:

wordfence security

Wordfence security plugin is one of the top class security plugin which helps to secure your blog from damages and crack links.

We often do make use of many social media while handling our blog so many simultaneous deadlocks, errors and virus full of bugs can harm our blog at that time from protecting our blog we use the Wordfence security blog plugin. Use neat and clean WordPress blog themes to secure you website or blog.

Contact form 7:

Contact form 7

You often had seen our blog with contact form which provides all the necessary details related to contact and inquiry purpose, so the contact form 7 is also an in built form which perform multiple functions to customize the form.

This plugin helps you to get in touch with expert advice in any problem occurred place.

It is very naive and basal WordPress plugin for creating antithetic types of contact form.

WP Super Cache:

WP Super Cache

One of the reasons why we use this plugin is because each and every online entrepreneur wants that there website should run smoothly and easily.

By having this super plugin we are much more towards the faster running of the website. No need to wait for the next process or waiting in a queue, just have this plugin installed and then your work becomes much more simple and easy to run.

Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO plugin

By having Yoast SEO plugin, the content creation become easy. When we use to create content a thought might come in mind many times that is this content created correctly or not?

By having Yoast SEO services becomes much easy and simple to use. Yoast take care of the optimized content correctly thus can avoid extra XML sitemap plugins.


WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce is a omnipotent and long eCommerce plugin that helps to sell anything attractively.

WooCommerce give both the store owners and developers a complete control with its flexibility and endless access to hundreds of free and premium WordPress extensions.

JetPack by

Jetpack by

JetPack is a trouble free design plugin for marketing and security, all in one place.

Also by having this plugin from start t finish JetPack plugin gives some dynamic features of it while using, they are:

Hundreds of professional themes for any kind of site

Image loading for a faster mobile device

Integration with mobile application

Bottomless and high-speed of video, audio, and image bringing content network.



 Akismet plugin helps to remove all junk files and spam mails which irritates a lot while handling a blog for any website. But by having Akismet there is no worry of spam and junk mails problem.

When visitor submit any comment to our blog then Akismet tells our blog whether it is ham or spam, because our blog runs through each Aksimet. Akismet plugin self-acting checks all the comments and strain out the ones that look like junk e-mail.

Google XML Sitemaps:

Google XML Sitemaps

 Having use of this plugin greatly improves the SEO to create the XML sitemaps which helps the search engine like Yahoo, Mail, Bing etc., to run smoothly. This plugin send word the major search engine all time when you make over a post about the new content.

Google XML sitemaps provide help to the crawlers to see the downright structure of the site and retrieve it more efficiently.

Hence by having this plugin our blog become much more accessible.

Regenerated thumbnails:

Regenerate Thumbnails

One or more, any number of images which is attached with your media gallery, Regenerate thumbnail allows you to regenerate all thumbnail sizes.

Allows you to change your thumbnail directory for example, settings-media.

Also allows you to delete the old, unused thumbnails in order to free up server space.

Google Analytics by Yoast:

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress

It happens most of the time that while using any browser we want to open the other browser tab to continuously check a lot of things that were happening by keeping oneself update and online.

Thanks to Google Analytics plugin because this plugin provide us with such great feature of accessing more than one tab at a time.

Easy to install the setup of the plugin, and one able to view the analytic of site in there WP dashboard.

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