Top 12 Famous Indian Big Brands Websites Using WordPress

Websites Using WordPress

At the point when WordPress was first launched in back 2003, it was viewed as only a blogging instrument. Quickly it took off, turning into a completely fledged CMS utilized on a huge number of destinations over the world.

Also, innovative experts have been pushing the CMS’ limits to make mind boggling and wonderful WordPress sites from that point forward.

WordPress has a 60% piece of the pie among substance the board frameworks, powers 25% of all sites on the web, 22k of the best 100k sites on the web keep running on WordPress.

In this rundown, we talk about highlights of the best ten world-acclaimed WordPress Websites and why we think they are exceptional. WordPress is simple.

Any expert with functional presence of mind can utilize the site for the everyday work. WordPress is likewise for everybody. Here is the List of Websites Using WordPress.

Sony, PM India, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Reader’s Digest and Samsung Camera are among the enormous brands that keep running on WordPress controlled sites.

We needed to take a gander at prevalent WordPress site in India to demonstrate how WordPress can scale and power high traffic sites. They uses awesome WordPress themes while creating their websites.

For those of you who still consider it an apparatus for novices and specialists, we’ve picked the absolute best WordPress sites around to indicate you exactly what this mind blowing content administration framework is able to do.


PM India

The official website of Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India.
WordPress Websites are light, quick, adaptable, versatile.

For a little to medium enterprise no other stage offers such an ideal proportion of expenses to esteem and afterward for the rest, well we examined them here.

What one gets from WordPress sites is huge when we think about that with the space, WordPress themes come at an ostensible cost for each month. Enjoy WordPress the basic man’s web specialist.

The site is planned, created and facilitated by National Informatics Center with Prime Minister’s Office dealing with the substance. The site is accessible in 9 Indian dialects separated from English.

Alongside all the most recent updates about PMO and the started projects, there is a choice accessible to interface with PM. One can do as such by sharing thoughts, bits of knowledge, insights and contemplations, or by keeping in touch with PM.

Sony Music:

sony Music

Sony Music Entertainment is a United States music enterprise claimed and worked by Sony Corporation of America, a backup of the Japanese aggregate Sony Corporation, and incorporates such music names as Columbia Records, Epic Records, RCA Records, and various Sony Music national organizations.

Sony Music speaks to famous music specialists, for example, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Paul Simon, and Michael Jackson.


BYJU’S is an Indian educational technology (edtech) company that provides online learning programs for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. The company was founded in 2011 by Byju Raveendran, a teacher and entrepreneur who wanted to create a personalized learning experience for students.

BYJU’S offers a range of learning programs, including interactive video lessons, live online classes, practice quizzes, and personalized feedback. The company’s courses cover a variety of subjects, including math, science, social studies, and English, and are designed to help students learn at their own pace.

Vogue India:

vogue India

Vogue India is the Indian release of the universally known brand, presenting to the best worldwide and Indian form, excellence, individuals, gatherings and culture, fashion, beauty. The sections, they look like screens of changed motion pictures.

As though an individual is playing diverse characters at various occasions. What’s more, they are not genuine. Before we comprehend what the Vouge WordPress Websites is about, we get the dramatization. The motion picture or stage like the development of the landing page.

The other part is the spotless lines of the best white pennant to hold the brand, in enormous, classy letters. The shading differentiation of the high banner is an old world appeal.

As we look down a similar story or stage like fragments, keep, disclosing to us that their motion pictures are ceaseless, however they change the plot, area. And afterward abruptly the scene changes.

From being next to each other, the edges, stream in a genuine motion picture like start to finish scroll. With a spotless plan to reach anyplace on the site with a tick, the site has a genuine easy to use structure. Portability will win our hearts.

Global News:

Global News

Worldwide global news is the news and current undertakingof the global television network in Canada, administering all nearby and national news programming on the system’s twelve possessed and-worked stations.

Angry Birds:

Angry Birds

WordPress Websites also showcase the game angry bird. This game took the world by storm in 2009. A worldwide versatile mobile game that rapidly turned into the most downloaded round ever. Throughout the years, Angry Birds has seen quick development and advanced into a stimulation mark that covers versatile recreations as well as activity, books and then some.

Times News

Time is an American week by week news magazine distributed in New York City, and the leader production of Time Inc.

Indian Express

Indian Express is one of the main English day by day in North India. The site gives an assortment of news and presents it in an easy to understand way. In contrast to other paper sites, there are only a couple of advertisements on the website page.

book my show

Bookmyshow is India’s greatest online motion picture and occasions ticketing brand. The site takes into account ticket deals for films, plays, shows and donning occasions from its online stage. It was propelled in 2007, it is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Propelled in August 2006, is one of the main supplier of purchaser coordinate travel benefits in India. Throughout the years, it has won significant honors at the India Tourism Awards like ‘Extraordinary execution as a Domestic Tour Operator (Rest of India)’ and ‘Exceptional execution as an Inbound Tour Operator-Cat C’.

The Financial Express
financial express

The Financial Express is an English-language financial daily newspaper published in India. It was first published in 1961 and is owned by Indian Express Group. The newspaper covers a wide range of topics related to business, finance, politics, and economics, with a particular focus on developments in the Indian economy.

The Financial Express has a strong reputation for providing in-depth coverage of economic policies and business trends, and is widely read by business leaders, policymakers, and investors in India. Its editorial team includes experienced journalists and industry experts who provide insightful analysis and commentary on the latest business news and trends.

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