Payoneer Vs PayPal – Which is the Best Payment System?

A few years before sending and receiving money was very difficult and time-consuming. You need to visit your bank personally to transfer the money from one account to another. You had to mess with a bank wire transfer that might charge you for the exchange of fees and rates.

But nowadays sending or receiving money is possible in the easiest way because both the sender and receiver have an internet connection. Because of online payment services provided by Payoneer and PayPal, people can transfer money from any location anywhere. This process is very easy to use and it is very cost-effective, which means you can now make payments locally or internationally too.

Payoneer Vs PayPal

Some other digital payment services are Stripe, Skrill, Transferwise, and Neteller. But Payoneer and PayPal are considered to be the best and most popular online processors for huge market share. These two platforms provide services to more than 200 countries all around the world.

Google Trends from 2004 shows that while both saw a sharp increase in popularity, they are currently on a downward trend. It’s crucial to remember that these are just trends, while.

Payoneer vs PayPal


If you are searching for the best payment processing services from Payoneer Vs PayPal then you found the right blog. In this blog, we will learn more about Payoneer and PayPal and which platform is the best among them.

Payoneer Vs PayPal

In many aspects, both services are the best in some aspects. Even if they are the best they also have some disadvantages. Therefore make sure to choose payment services as per your requirements and make sure to check its services.

Fees and exchange rates
Fees and exchange rates
When it comes to exchange and fee rates, both services have different extents. You should choose services as per your personal situation and what type of transaction you are looking to proceed. The transaction fees in PayPal will depend on which country you have signed up for your account.

Consider an example in the US, if you are transferring money from a PayPal account it will charge you zero fees. But if you are looking to pay with your PayPal credit card, debit card, or credit card then fees will differ. For every transaction, the fee might be 2.9% + $0.30.

If you are making transaction from one country to another country the fees can be varied for international transactions, payment method, destination, and the total amount you are sending.

For example, if you are transferring money from a PayPal account or bank account that is linked to your account then the total amount that will apply per transaction will be 5%. That means in total you will need to pay $0.99 and $4.99 anywhere.

Whereas Payoneer will not charge you any fee for receiving or sending money from any of the Payoneer customers. But if you are getting money from the local accounts in EUR, CAD, AUD, USD, and MXN then the fee will vary from 0-1% depending on which country the funds are generated from. You will incur a 3$ fee if you select to receive funds from your customer by credit card or debit card.

In USD if you use eCheck you will need to pay the amount of 1% fee. fee can vary from Payoneer for sending money via networks such as Fiverr, Upwork, Airbnb, etc. 2% will be the currency conversion rate over the mid-market exchange rate.

Whenever you are looking to transfer payment online. Security is the most important thing that you need to consider. You need to make sure that your funds and personal information is secure in every aspect. The good news is that Payoneer and PayPal both follow a high encryption level to make sure your client’s information and funds are safer. This means without your permission no other person can view your information or can’t manipulate anything in your account.

In comparison of Payoneer Vs PayPal, Payoneer makes sure that your transaction is protected with high encryptions to ensure your data is protected with secured firewalls. Also, Payoneer will keep track of each transaction to make sure no theft is controlling your account or there are no chances of attacks. For any unusual activity, you will get an email notification.

To ensure your transaction is protected PayPal will provide a level of encryption and to secure your data strongly. To prevent fraud and identity theft PayPal will monitor each transaction. The center is also provided for the seller and buyer protection.

Speed is a major aspect when we talk about Payoneer vs. PayPal. Payoneer has a good speed in processing global mass payouts as compared to PayPal. If you require cash in your account you will need to withdraw. This process is time-consuming and unwieldy.

This process will require more than 3 days for getting transfer money to your account.
Whereas the Payoneer would need much time to transfer money to your account. The process will be less consuming. Within 24 hours you will be able to receive your cash via global bank transfer because the whole process is automated.

As compared to PayPal, Payoneer has high withdrawal limits up to $5000 whereas PayPal has just $500/month for unverified accounts. By linking your account with your bank you will be able to lift PayPal withdrawal limits. You need to verify your credit card, and debit card by providing a social security number.

Travel card or debit card
travel cards
The card is offered to customers by both the companies i.e. Payoneer and PayPal so that they can get access to the funds in a more convenient and faster way. The availability of PayPal Cash MasterCard and other cards will depend on location.

Mobile applications
In this technology world, most of the financial service companies do not provide mobile apps for their users. Payoneer and PayPal do not follow this strategy. They advise their users to access their services online plus they provide services for both Android and iOS via mobile applications so that they can provide services to every type of user and they can make secure and safe payments.

Payoneer or PayPal or won the race?
* Payoneer vs. PayPal both provide secure and easy online payment.
* The fee of Payoneer is less than compared to PayPal.
* Using both platforms, one can send professional invoices.
* Both services are easy to add to eCommerce websites.
* Payoneer is faster as compared to PayPal and makes the payment process simpler.

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