What is the Benefits of using a Premium WordPress Theme?

If you opt for the premium WordPress theme, it comes at a cost but with innumerable advantages. One of the specific reasons is that such WordPress themes undergo a genuine process of development keeping all the WordPress parameters in mind. Secondly, they are made for long-term reliability, unlike free themes with no post-usable connectivity in case of multiple tech and other issues.

Although premium WordPress themes come with an investment, it is a win-win situation for you as a businessman in the long run. You get multiple aspects to make an excellent business-oriented website putting you in a safe zone for reliable customer support anytime and anywhere. This blog will tell you many things about premium WordPress themes for your know-how.

The Importance  of Premium WordPress Themes

There is an availability of free WordPress themes. Then you may wonder why I should go for premium WordPress themes. But there are reasons as to why you should prefer a premium one despite the cost factor associated with it. For your WordPress site, you are at an advantage as you select the premium one.

Premium themes are important because they are built by professional web designers. They carry a specific aim to focus on the market. When you buy the premium one, you expect something unique. With the premium WordPress theme, you expect a responsive design. Apart from that, you have the functionality, security, and updates. Above all, you have the support. The truth is that why should a free designer be obliged to help you? He will not help you with implementation and customization.

Importance of Premium WordPress Themes

Benefits of Premium WordPress Themes

1. Professional Design

Premium WordPress themes are designed by professional designers who have an understanding of the current design trends as well as practices. This means that the website will have a distinct and professional look to stand with competitors.

2. Advanced Features

Quality WordPress themes and plugins offer advanced features not available in free options. These features include custom page templates, drag-and-drop builders, custom widgets, and much more. These modern features create engaging websites.

3. Extra Security

Premium WP themes are generally designed by developers who value security. They are generally regularly updated and can face security vulnerabilities. This protects your website from hackers and malware.

4. Better Support

Premium WordPress Themes generally come with fine support from the support team. In case you have questions, you get prompt and trustworthy assistance.

5. Customization

Class WordPress Themes and plugins provide wide customization options. This allows you to make a website as per your brand and requirements. This includes customized fonts, colors, layouts, and much more.

6. Regular updates

Another benefit of Premium WordPress Plugins and Themes is that they get frequent version updates. Such updates are important for enhancing functionality, fixing bugs, and giving new features. Premium options provide more frequent and in-time updates compared to free options. It ensures that your site remains safe and updated.

7. Version updates

Version updates help in maintaining compatibility with site components like web hosting platforms, other plugins, and WordPress themes. This is important to ensure that the website operates smoothly. You do not face conflicts and compatibility issues.

8. Ongoing Development

Another important advantage of premium WordPress themes is that they generally undergo ongoing development. The developers at the back of these products work continually to improve the functionality. They also add new features. It is important if you operate a website for business. An approach to improved functionality helps you be ahead of the competition.

Ongoing development ensures that premium themes are compatible with future updates and other technologies empowering the website. By this, you future-proof your site. You do not encounter problems down the road with the evolution of technology.

9. Extra Power With Features

As far as software is concerned, features play a prominent role. By these, the program becomes versatile. You have the edge over competitors. Select software programs with extra features.

A program with many features is in a position to tackle multiple tasks. It also accommodates a wide range of users. It adapts to the changing requirements making it extra versatile and precious in the long run.

Some crucial features in a software program are customization options, automation tools, reporting and analytics, collaboration tools, and integrations with various software programs. The more features a program comprises, the more power it provides you to get things accomplished.

Customer Support in Premium WordPress Themes

Fine customer service is to make the customers feel part of the exclusive community. Calling the previous customers of premium WordPress themes special makes them feel wonderful.  Customer service is about showing the value for customers.

The theme-making companies also host important events for the associated customers. You carry the option to host exclusive customer support rather than providing support publicly on the social media platform. You can generate specific discount codes for particular customers.

Amazing customer service provides the customers first access to the premier WordPress themes and they can choose online. As your following increases in popularity, things will work in the direction of business increase.

As part of the exclusive customer support for high-quality WordPress themes with exclusive features, you will specifically respond to their exact question. It could be a bit of extra work but there will be a personal element as far as customer inquiries related to the premier WP themes are concerned.

Free VS Premium WordPress Themes

You have the option to select between free vs premium WordPress themes. What are the positive and negative sides? When we talk of free themes,  these are listed in the WP directory. You do not have to download and install free themes from unreliable sources.

The biggest advantage of a free WordPress theme is the cost. You can start a blog for free. When you hear the word free, it makes people cautious. Why would someone provide a free WordPress theme when many are selling premium themes? Understand the reason. Generally, people think that free themes have poor quality. But it is not the truth.

Strict process of review

Free WordPress themes do carry a higher quality standard. All themes listed in the WordPress theme directory have a strict process of review. Experts test these themes before adding them to the directory. Free WordPress themes face the test for standard compliant code, support for genuine WordPress features, quality HTML apart from CSS, security, privacy, etc. It takes developers to make free WordPress themes and these are approved later.

But why free?

There are many benefits to giving and sharing. The theme developers quicken their skills because the theme review team audits the code and talks about improvements. By doing this, the theme becomes available to a bigger user base. The users give feedback and give improvement suggestions.

Other benefits are building a reputation as an apt developer, making a portfolio, getting paid jobs for customization of these free themes, or even developing custom WP themes for clients. So while the free themes are good, there are certain disadvantages.

Lacking of free or premium WordPress themes could be subjective. What one individual considers a disadvantage, could not be a concern for various others.

These are common failings of using a free WordPress theme:

  1. Restricted support options: Free WordPress theme developers provide support by way of WordPress forums, but they do not carry an obligation to reply to support queries.
  2. Limited Features and Functionality:  Even though free themes support standard WordPress features, many of these do not provide added features like generating buttons, using shortcodes, creating landing pages, etc.
  3. Not distinct: Many websites and blogs use free WP themes. The website does not have a unique design. Also, there are limited options to customize the appearance of free themes.
  4. No Obligation:  Free WP themes do not carry warranties. You are responsible for anything wrong.

The biggest benefit of a premium theme is that you get extra features as well as customization options. Because of competition in the theme industry, theme shops try to provide features at lower prices. As a buyer, you get premium themes having options like drag-and-drop builders, shortcodes, multiple layouts, and templates, apart from unlimited color choices.

Support and Updates: Premium WordPress themes have regular updates and support. It is part of money making.

 Unique: Because there is a cost linked to premium themes, you use these less frequently. With the customization options, you can personalize your theme. When you fuse the two, the website looks distinct. Not all premium themes have perfection.

Here are certain common issues that could be an obstacle

  1. Poor Code:  Sometimes you end up buying a premium theme that looks beautiful but carries poor coding standards. It becomes incompatible with certain plugins. Mainly because these themes do not undergo a hard review process.
  2. Extra features: To sell many themes, theme developers add extra unnecessary features to the themes. You may never use all these features, but the website becomes slow.
  3. Crossing over into Plugins domain: Sometimes WordPress themes cross over into the plugin domain, providing functionality that they are not meant to offer. Shortcodes and other items could disappear the moment you switch themes.


Understanding Pricing Structures of Premium WordPress Themes

 Premium WordPress themes and plugins play an important role in increasing the functionality of websites. Whether you are an established developer or just beginning in the WordPress ecosystem, formulating the right pricing strategy for themes is important to your success.

1. Market Strategy

Before you set the price for WordPress themes, you need to do a thorough market research. Analyze the pricing structures of the competitors to know the prevailing market rates. Avoid undercutting or matching prices associated with them. Emphasize giving distinct value to justify the pricing decisions that you make. Take the customer feedback and trace the features and benefits they want from premium WordPress themes and plugins.

2. Analysis of Cost

A specific cost analysis is important in determining the cost of WP themes. Consider the cost incurred at the time of development. This includes design, coding, as well as testing. Look at the factors like ongoing maintenance, updates, and cost of customer support. Make an equilibrium between pricing and the coverage of expenses. You need to ensure profitability.

3. Planning Related to Pricing

You have pricing models for premium WordPress themes. The premium Pricing Model includes high-quality themes at a higher price. It is specifically for customers who want premium support as well as exclusive features. If you go for the Freemium Model, it provides the basic version without cost. The users can upgrade to the premium version for increased functionality. You also have the pricing model based on subscription. It ensures recurring revenue by providing access to updates and support for a fee on a monthly or annual basis.

4. Customer Feedback and Surveys

Gathering feedback from the customers is important in understanding their concept about your pricing. Do surveys and supervise customer interactions to see if your themes and plugins are reasonably priced. If you get feedback about high prices, you can make data-driven adjustments. At the same time, you can keep the goals related to costs and revenue in mind.

5. Discounts/ Promotions

Using promotions and discounts boosts sales and attracts new customers. Give limited-time discounts to create urgency for potential buyers. Bundle multiple themes or plugins together at a discount to increase the value. These promotions help in expanding the customer base. These increase revenue at the time of promotional periods.

6. Long and Short-Term Revenue

When you determine the price, consider short-term revenue as well as long-term customer retention. While higher prices may give immediate profits, these can deter potential customers. Alternatively, lower prices may get you more customers but cannot be sustained in the long run. Go for the pricing structure that provides a balance between immediate gains as well as customer loyalty.

7. Upsells and Cross-Sells

Upselling and cross-selling can impact your revenue. Consider giving Add-ons or extensions to complement the themes or plugins. You can convince customers to buy additional products. Making product bundles with a discount encourages customers to purchase more. This increases the average order value.

8. Trials and Money-Back Guarantee

To get the trust and confidence of the customer, you can provide trials of the premium WordPress themes or plugins. Free trials permit potential customers to test the complete capabilities of the products before deciding on purchase. Giving a money-back guarantee decreases the potential risk for customers. It could lead to extra sales.

9. Marketing and Branding

Your pricing needs to align with the brand identity and the value you give to customers. Develop a marketing strategy that communicates the advantages of your premium WordPress themes and plugins effectively. Showcase distinct features, testimonials, and case studies to motivate potential customers to select your products over the competitors.

10. Adjustments Related to Future Price

The digital market is evolving continually. You can adopt pricing strategies according to that. Monitor market trends, competition, and customer feedback to trace opportunities for adjustments related to pricing. Be flexible to reshape your pricing to stay in competition and meet altering customer demands.

Pricing your premium WordPress themes and plugins requires proper consideration and analysis. By researching the market, conducting cost analysis, and exploring pricing models, you can reach a strategy. Such a strategy will optimize your revenue and satisfy your customers.  Seek feedback continually, offer promotions, and leverage opportunities of upselling to increase your sales. The correct pricing sweet spot leads to long-term success in premium WordPress themes.

Conclusion : 

If you own premium WordPress themes, these are assets for you. It is important to follow all parameters before buying one.



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