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WP Theme Features

Features of Graphic Designer WordPress Theme:

  • In case you own a web designing business, a web designing agency, or a web designing coaching center, SKT Web Designer is the best graphic designer WordPress theme for you.
  • Including top-quality images and videos is easy without sacrificing your business website’s speed.
  • You can access over 1300 Google fonts while making use of this WordPress theme.
  • Every code put to use in this theme has been optimized for commercial and personal use.
  • SKT Web Designer has passed all the security tests and has qualified with GPL License.
  • This WordPress theme is compatible with all the well-reputed widgets.
  • This theme is compatible with countless plugins, such as WPML, for supporting the translation-ready feature.
  • This is a translation-ready and multilingual WordPress theme, and your target customers can go through your site in any language they are comfortable with.
  • This WordPress theme is compatible with all the latest WordPress versions and almost with every latest plugin.
  • This theme comes with step-by-step documentation so you can easily access every theme feature.
  • You can easily create different websites by making use of this WordPress theme.
  • Google Map has been integrated with this WordPress theme and helps your customers to find you in the real world easily/
  • The contact page consists of the location, timing hours, and contact details.
  • The crucial services can be easily highlighted when you make use of the SKT Web Designer theme.
  • This graphic designer WordPress theme is compatible with almost every famous slider, such as Crelly, accordion, cyclone, meta, and smart slider.
  • Nivo-Slider has been incorporated into this WordPress theme.
  • Shortcodes have been made available for all users to facilitate easy and smooth customization.
  • This WordPress theme header has been crafted uniquely.
  • Every feature that facilitates WooCommerce can be accessed when you make use of this WordPress theme.
  • The contact number can be replaced effortlessly.
  • This WordPress theme consists of about us, pricing, services, contact us, and a homepage.
  • Every menu has been combined in a single navigation button.
  • Every image included on this WordPress website will look amazing.
  • The entire layout can be reproduced with a single click of a button.
  • This SKT Designer WordPress theme comes with some of the best ready-made homepage templates.
  • It offers you multiple web page templates associated with the web designing industry.
  • This theme supports 3rd-party plugins, thus facilitating flexibility.
  • This WordPress theme offers you a custom header style option and a slideshow banner effect.
  • This theme offers you the retina-ready feature.
  • Multiple inner pages and 4 amazing homepages have been made available for every menu option.
  • Every feature included in this theme promotes maximum user experience.
  • It makes customization time effortless, thus cutting off tons of time.
  • As it is a fundamental WordPress theme, even a newbie can fluently make use of this WordPress theme.
  • Uncountable useful options are available; thus, you can create a website yourself.
  • Being a multipurpose theme, SKT Web Designer supports almost every business niche.

Do you own a graphic designing agency? Or are you offering graphic design coaching? Or are you into the graphic designing industry? If your answer is yes, SKT Web Designer is the best graphic designer WordPress theme for your business niche.

There is a high chance that the products and services you want to offer already exist in the market. Thus, you need to do something out of the box to survive in this highly competitive market and attract the maximum number of customers to your business.

So, it is necessary to arm yourself with the best WordPress theme to fulfill your online business’s needs. When you are dealing with Graphic design, nothing matches the power of this web design WordPress theme.

Several businesses emerge daily, but not everyone makes it to the end. One of the most common reasons is the lack of online presence.

Mobile phone users are increasing, and more people are looking for services and products online. Thus, maintaining an online presence is necessary. And when you make use of this theme, you can operate your graphic designing business 24/7 from any location.

It has become necessary to establish a buzz about your business. And using the SKT Web Designer WordPress theme will fulfill this need of yours.

This theme is a perfect blend of professionalism and simplicity. It offers you everything that you need to expand your business. This is an SEO-friendly WordPress theme.

This means whenever a visitor searches a search engine with the correct keyword, the name of your website will pop up at the top position of the results page.

This graphic designer WordPress theme is compatible with popular widgets and contributes to making things extremely user-convenient. Up to 5-level dropdown menus are supported by this WordPress theme. It is usable with almost every plugin. It comes with some of the best sliders so that you can easily showcase your offerings.

This WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce. In short, now you can sell online products with ease. Also, it makes online transactions smooth and secure. Now, your customers can book your products or opt for your services right from the comfort of their homes.

This WordPress theme is extremely spacious. You can portray everything that you have easily to the world. Google Maps have been integrated with this WordPress theme. This means your customers can find you easily in the real world.

This theme is compatible with popular email plugins such as Newsletter and Mailchimp. It means you can now keep your customers aware of your latest offerings, discounts, openings, and more ease.

Also, it is compatible with some of the popular security plugins so that you can avoid hackers and other cyber-attacks. This is a translation-ready WordPress theme, and your website visitors can go through your offerings in the language they like.

SKT Web Designer theme is your business’s best graphic designer WordPress theme. It offers you everything under one roof. Also, it is a multipurpose theme, and you can put this theme to use for other business needs as well.

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